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The View on ABC, with Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar

Updated on February 3, 2013

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar & Barbara Walters

The Narrow View on ABC

What is this show, The View?... Its five cats Joy Behar, Whoppi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck discussing political Issues of which they know very little. There are four liberals and one conservative; Hasselbeck, all talking very superficially about politics and current events.

I say superficially because they are not bringing any news to the table, but stirring the propaganda pot. There should be a disclaimer at the beginning of the show that reads, this is purely entertainment and should not be taken to the bank.

Sadly, this is where many liberals gain their "knowledge" of political and social issues. I was subject to this show while working amongst a group of liberals. Not that I sat and watched the show, but I could hear it while I was working. Seriously, no matter what topic these uninformed wild cats were screeching about, the die hard Democrats ate it as though it were a factual lesson taught by Albert Einstein.

These women are Obama zombies who will defend just about anything he does, and are more than willing to say any negative things they can dream up against any conservative. That just about sums it up.

To be a accepted in the liberal cult it seems that you need these qualifications.

  • A hatred for Christians
  • A love for Muslims
  • Hatred for capitalism
  • An appreciation for socialism

There are many more bizarre liberal traits but without these four, you will not be accepted into the cult.

The reason I call this a cult is that the things said on this show are mindless and without fact. These women are not educated in any way that should qualify them to speak on national television about politics. They are not former Governors, or Senators, and their flimsy talk shows it. Their statements can easily be dismantled with a little common sense.

Think about that! Could you walk into any place of business and say, I don't have any education or experience in this field, but I am just as good as those who do and think you will be given any credibility? But, the people who watch this show repeat what they hear as though they have just witnessed an insightful discussion.

Traumatic Things I Have Seen On The View:

Joy Behar looked like the groveling fool she is when she looked into the audience and spotted a Muslim woman wrapped in her bondage sheets, and said, "oh, look at this lovely Muslim woman in her lovely Muslim outfit." That has got to be one of the most ignorant statements ever uttered on television. It is a fine example of the spoiled American woman displaying how open minded she is by complimenting someone's attractive ball and chain. She made the statement as though the woman looked into her closet and said, hmmm... should I wear my wonder woman outfit or my Muslim outfit!

Rosie O'Donnell made the brilliant and insightful comment, "Christians are more dangerous than terrorists", to a round of applause by the peanut gallery. "How can it be that people who go to church and basically want to live a clean life be more dangerous than terrorists who are blowing up masses of innocent people? Not one person asked the obvious question because they were too excited about screaming with the mindless mob to consider how ignorant the statement really was.

One of my family friends was attacked by a Muslim man a few years ago, and was blasted with acid for not doing what he wanted her to do. This took place in England, where Muslims are starting to march the streets chanting, "to heck with England. " I am not ashamed to say that I have no respect for Muslims, and see them as a threat to our freedom. I say that based on my experience, not on listening to people rant. Muslims make me nervous, I don't care how lovely their little Muslim outfits are.

Capitalism is another topic that these women on the View rant about in typical hypocritical liberal fashion. They are all capitalists who write books that "capitalize" on their talk show presence. They also have a lot to say about Mitt Romney right now, and how terrible it is that he made so much money as a CEO. They are not upset at all by all the money Obama has and how during his campaign, he used it to his advantage. John McCain was carrying his own things around and associating with the middle class, while Obama was mingling with the top dollars of Beverly Hills. But, when I mentioned this to my liberal friends who watch The View diligently, they just said, " that is good that Obama has a lot of money, all of us want to be like that." They have changed their tune now that the money is on the other foot.

One of the things I really did not like about Obama when he was campaigning was that he was planning to raise the capital gains tax and the death tax. I think these things are a major attack on the working class, because investing is the way for the workers to get ahead. The death tax absolutely disgusts me. I told some Obama zombies about this and they said, "he won't do that." They simply were caught up in the "love" that the Obama movement was giving them and when I told these women that they could view the FACTS of what Obama was going to do on his website, not one of them checked it out for fear they would see the facts. The feeling of being part of the mass was the pleasure of the time. If it was not presented on the View, they did not know about it.

After Obama was in office, I heard Whoppi rant, "when is someone going to stop the death tax?' She stated this as though no one ever thought of it before and she was the brilliant one to bring it to our attention. There I stood in front of the liberal cult and said, "that was part of the Bush tax cuts."

Oh the Narrow View!

Please View This Video Of What The "Peaceful Religion" Is Doing Now That They Have Strength In Numbers

Hillary Dodging Questions about Libya

Hillary Clinton

More recently on The View Whoopi Goldberg encouraged her live audience to give Hillary Clinton a round of applause for being a "B****", by taking responsibility away from herself in regards to the Libya scandal in which Hilary had some explaining to do to the American public.

After four Americans were killed in Libya, Hilary came out publicly blaming an American who made a video and posted in on youtube. Hillary not only told an untrue story, but she placed blame on an innocent man. The guy who made the movie was harassed, and publicly attacked, and the actors who were in the movie were being interviewed in shadow, stating how sorry they were.

Hillary had been indignant about any questions coming her way in regards to Libya from the beginning, and after dodging questions for five months, her attitude was to show outrage that she should have to answer any questions.


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