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The Top Five Female Vocalists With Bohemian Style and Hollywood Pizazz

Updated on May 23, 2017

Lady Gaga

Becoming one of the world’s biggest pop icons simply isn’t an overnight process. “Queen Of Pop” Lady Gaga is proof that a diehard work ethic, being absolutely fearless and always remaining fashion-forward can get the press and public buzzing. Famously known for being an artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Gaga has also made her media presence a fashion event of its own. From dawning jaw dropping outfits at major galas to always making a splash with the press for her live shows (remember the meat dress??). Gaga knows fashion and dare we say she IS fashion! It doesn’t hurt that her friends and fashion collaborators have included Donatella Versace, Tom Ford Thierry Mugler and the late Alexander McQueen.


Rita Ora

Rita Ora is one of those artists that you either already love, or have at least heard the name and know she is making waves in the fashion and pop world. On the scene for many years, Ora’s mix of pop sensibility has blended well with her fashion-forward persona and collaborations with iconic brands such as adidas Original, Tezenis, Skullcandy and DKNY. The British born singer continues to churn out hit singles and can be found dipping her toes into other arenas such as acting (Fifty Shades Of Grey), reality television (The Voice/The X Factor) and participating in philanthropic events yearly to give back to those in need. When you see Ora in the news or on TMZ, it becomes obvious her style crosses many genres and is always impressive.


Demi Lovato

Though her style may not have been impactful as a child actress, Demi Lovato has managed to transition nicely into becoming a pop phenomenon and fashion icon as an adult. The award-winning Pop/R&B artist has been a noteworthy chart topper and is respected for championing causes including mental health issues, LGBT rights and marriage equality. Lovato is known for having attainable style, but always stays on the cusp of fashion when making live appearances and performing in concert. From bohemian style wrap dresses to studded leather jackets, her eclectic style is often copied by her contemporaries and idolized by fashion focused youth.


Betty Moon

Toronto born songstress Betty Moon knows a thing or two about fashion. With each release of an album or single, the now Hollywood based artist creates a complete brand and fashion movement around each closely followed milestone. From her carefully planned photography to her eclectic music video concepts, Moon always captures her fans by surprise and never settles for the status quo. From (brand name) designer dresses to (brand name) leather jackets and boots, fans will never know what statement she will make from album to album. Though music is the vehicle for her success, Moon is always focused on her overall art, fashion and presentation for the public eye to behold. With a blend of rock n’ roll, pop, and upcoming underground fashion trends, Moon is always on the forefront of what’s next.


Charli XCX

Since her first initial live appearances, British artist Charli XCX has been known for racy performances and a wardrobe that is mind-blowing, yet difficult to categorize. She rose to fame after notable #1 single collaborations with Icona Pop and Iggy Azalea, and since then has only had a growing presence worldwide. After 2014’s hit track “Boom Clap” from the ‘Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack’, her schedule has been packed with tours, appearances and with the production of her upcoming 2017 album. Her early style was as electric as the others on this list, and crosses influences ranging from goth, pop, punk grunge and as years gone on has been refined with a mainstream appeal. In 2016 Charli XCX announced a collaboration with online retailer BooHoo which dawns a variety of attainable clothing that defies typical fashion trends.

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