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Why NWA is the best rap group ever

Updated on September 12, 2012

How NWA still lives on today

Eazy,Dre,Yella,Ren, and Cube
Eazy,Dre,Yella,Ren, and Cube | Source

Straight Outta Compton

Dre Day

Good Day

Even 25 years later NWA still controls Hip Hop

In the late 80's while the rap game was still something new, a gangsta rap group came on the scenes and changed it forever. From their harsh language, gangsta get up, to their don't give a you no what attitude, they were what most inner city youth had been seeing for most of our lives. As we take a look back Nwa became the blue print to how some groups are formed today. They would become the god fathers of west coast rap. Even though the group has been separated for decades, they are still influential to the rap game.

Formed in the late 80's by a young drug dealer in the name of Eazy-E, Nwa had it'sown unique view of how they wanted to be viewed. While hip hop was primarily on the east coast, Eazy-E wanted the group to have a different approach on what they put out. They majority of hip hop music was based on story telling, black pride, and strong lyrical content. What Nwa wanted to share was the everyday experience of inner city life. The first big single named straight outta Compton gave an introduction to one of the most notorious parts of L.A. The group had solid foundation with Dre working the beats, Yella as the DJ, and mixing in lyrics about sex, money and drugs. The amazing thing is that the group had amazing success without much radio play. Most of their success came for their controversial songs like F##k the police, which drew lots of attention from law enforcement.

With their achievements came problems as both Ice Cube and Dr Dre later left the group because of contract disagreements, but what came from it were the chance for the group to embark on solo ventures. Ice Cube who went on to Lynch Mobb had great success as a solo artist. Songs such as check yo self and good day gave fans a chance to hear a different side of Cube. He has also become a force in the movie industry with his friday films, and his role in Boyz N Da Hood. He did what most artist these days are trying to do, which is crossover to the movie business.

Dr Dre after leaving the group and Ruthless records landed in death row. While the move was slow at first, he uncovered a hit and a hot new talent in the form of Snoop Dogg for the sound track of deep cover. The two had a great sound, and followed it up with The Chronic album that introduced the world to death row.Their G funk sound became anthems that inspired the entire west coast. Dre will always be remembered for his great beats which still to this day are playing somewhere on the radio. He also has a thing for finding talent like Snoop, Eminem, and 50 Cent he is what keeps hip hop moving forward.

Eazy-E went on to find a certain rap from Cleveland named Bone Thugs In Harmony which had great success under his watch. Before his death from AIDS Ice Cube and Dr Dre were by his side putting away their differences ending things on peaceful terms.

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