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Call of duty nuke town 2025

Updated on March 10, 2013

nuke town game play

Nuke town 2025

With the upcoming release of Black Ops 2, customers who pre-order will get the nuke town 2025 map for free. Anyone who played nuke town can remember this infamous map. Most who played nuke town either loved it or hated it, with no in between.

Nuke town always started and was was played the same way through out. Grenades, grenades, grenades. Nuke town was so small that you could pitch explosives from one side of the map to the other. Early reports say that while the campaign version and most of the multi-player will be set up in the future, the nuke town 2025 map will look pretty much the same as the last one. With nuke town 2025 there is sure to be lots of blood shed.

With the release of black ops 2 due in early November nuke town 2025 is sure to be the map to play. For anyone who loves excitement, close battles, and lots of explosives, you maybe much like those before you who love or hate nuke town 2025.

Black ops 2 game play

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