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To Produce Your Own Music Recording

Updated on June 5, 2014

Producing Your Own Music

Producing Your Own Music
Producing Your Own Music | Source

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How to Mixdown in Pro Tools 8.0

Producing Your Own Music

In producing your own music there is a constant what if, question. Most likely you’re the entire band and the recording engineer and to make your own music, I find that if you don’t have fun with it as in writing it will definitely not sound good. The mix down is the end result of whatever song a musician records and possibly one of the most important parts of your production.

In producing music , especially in a home made into a small recording studio , sometimes you could use an instrument that you may not have.The software comes with virtual instruments and covers a broad spectrum when you really want to enhance your song. The Drum set is an obstacle to record in a room type instrument because of the bulk of a standard 5 piece Drum set.Most virtual instruments in Pro Tools provide a drum kit, so keep this in mind. I prefer the sound of a real drum in my music, but have had to adopt out for the virtual drummer because of my finances for one, and to put a microphone into each piece would be an expense and a hassle as well. Thus the Virtual Drummer is a must have in my case and usually you can’t tell the difference between the two types of drums, it’s evident that producing a drum solo or roll in the song makes this difficult.The fun of producing your own music is where it is all at , so some of the things mentioned are just ideas for you to consider.

If you read any of my hub pages or blogger writings, you will know I am high and mighty on the Pro Tools 8.0 M- Powered software setup for my studio recordings. I have been producing music for 8 months with this software am very impressed with the details this musical software can provide for me.. I still say this is one of the best software bundles for professional sounding and producing software for the home user that wants to record off onto an Mp3.The Pro Tools software has a mix down feature in that you have something like 48 stereo channels you can mix down with. I have recently been only recording eight to ten tracks for most of my songs. There are some musicians that really pack on the channels with sound FX and more garb than possibly needed , or I just take the quick way into the studio software and record what I think is needed to complete my songs. Keep it simple when producing your own music and enjoy it.

This brings us to the Mix down , you may have dual speakers or monitors you use in your mix down and that is keen because this is really the best way to get the audio in tune with the other instruments you have playing. The issues with my studio is I have no foam walls to deaden the sound so I just use a pair of Technica Headphones to do my mix down with and this seems to work just fine. The difference in using headphones can cause you to be weak in one channel though and too strong in others. I usually have to do like three or four mix downs before I get it right. I highly suggest you use monitors for playing back your music and mixing the sounds together for a finer production aspect.

The final product with a mix down in Pro Tools 8.0 M- Powered software is way cool, letting you save the mix as an Mp3 is really something great. I can save the music file as a .wav or practically any form I like, this is a high rating I give to this software, and at 96 kHz, you have a fine recording that will out do a FM channel or let’s be straight up the Mp3, you can’t get digital music any better. The idea of having a quality sounding MP3 of my work is really astounding and sounds so great there could be no other form or way I would choose another software package at this point. To produce you own music takes time and if you’re like me it just flows, the time when I am enjoying recording I do usually every night and there is a satisfaction of completion from making your own music I can’t tell you how that feels you must experience this for yourself.


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