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Top 3 Reality TV Series For 2015. Best Reality Television Shows!

Updated on January 12, 2017
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Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...

Reality TV's Top 3 Series On Amazon

Best Reality TV Shows 2015

When I think of the Best Reality TV Shows the first thought that comes to mind is boring. I am one of those people who hate reality TV. However until recently I did not even realize that some of my favorite shows were reality shows. When I hear about reality television I think of shows like MTV's the Real World, or Americas next top model on the CW. These shows give reality television a bad name in my opinion. Reality TV has had it rough because the reality shows presented early on. However reality TV has made a comeback of late.

Now reality television is moving away from the pointless mindless nonsense of the past, into something that has meaning and the ability to teach us something new. Reality shows teach us something new? You might ask. Yes, reality TV now has the ability to shed some light on various areas of expertise we may not be familiar with in our daily lives. Whenever someone is in front of a camera they tend to act a little bit different, that could be an understatement for some. However we all realize this fact. Just remember what I stated reality TV has the ability to shed some light on various areas of expertise we may not be familiar with in our everyday life. Reality shows even can shed some light on unique social settings we may never see in our daily lives. This is what makes reality television unique and different, even down right exciting at times. So sit back and watch, as reality TV subjects us to a unique view of society and social situations that before reality television we might never be fortunate enough to watch. We now have the ability to see things that our social situation may have never enabled us to ever see. For example if you live in the city you now have the ability to see what life is life for loggers in Oregon. This changes everything for those of us who follow the few decent reality TV shows on television nowadays. The big question millions of television viewers are wondering right now. What are the best reality TV shows in 2014?

So which Reality Television shows have the ability to change our personal perspectives on life and even death? Just tune into the following paragraphs to find out now. What you will find, may just blow your mind!

Ghost Adventures


#1 Reality TV Show Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel is the best reality TV Show out to date. Ghost Adventures? You might ask. Yes Ghost Adventures, once you get past the name of the show and watch it you will see what I am talking about. The show features Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. They set out for some of the most electrically charged, magnetically energized, haunted locations on Earth. Now you may not believe in ghost per say, however we all know about energy. There are some things that we do not quite understand about energy and how it is passed on and transferred. As we all know we are energy, and energy can be transformed into various states. When you dig deep into physics you see that there are many ghostly things about the world, and greater universe in which we exist. Ghost Adventures goal is to show us that yes there are anomalies within the natural world in which we exist. The Ghost Adventures crew consist only of three people, this is because they do not want to contaminate the scene with to many people. As well they do not bring in any fancy camera crews that have the ability to hoax, or add in frivolous film footage. The creators of this show Zac and Nick are very genuine and will not do anything that will throw their analysis into doubt. This is why I like and respect them as valid ghost hunters.

The typical ghost show has some very common themes. Hysterical women screaming and running around like chickens with their head cut off. A very shaky camera, as the camera person never holds the camera in any good position to see what the others are screaming about. More fear and hysteria created to boost their ratings of the scariest shows on television. These are the common themes of the typical ghost television programs. These shows throw science out the window and insist on scaring the pants off us all. These shows prove nothing about the supernatural world, the only thing they are good for is to show how ignorant human beings really can be. This is not the case with Ghost Adventures, as they use science.

The Ghost Adventures crew typically uses a variety of high tech measuring instruments. Things like static night vision cameras, digital voice recorders, emf detectors, motion detectors, digital thermostats, infrared camera's and more. I know you could have all the equipment in the world and still be pretty full of it. That is where my trust must come in for the users of this equipment. I trust the Ghost Adventures crew for a few reasons. For one Zac was a skeptic as was I before I had my experience with a ghost cat. As well Zac, Nick, and Aaron take a scientific approach to the ghost phenomenal. They truly come off as competent unbiased paranormal researchers. Who will debunk any anomaly that may appear ghostly but is really not. For example if a dust particle looks like an orb, they will not start screaming and yelling, they will scrutinize the object before claiming anything. This is real ghost hunting with no biases coming into the hunt, just straight in your face scientific evidence. If you do not believe it see the show for yourself.

Ghost Hunters Flying Brick! Best Evidence Ever Captured on Television!

Ghost Hunters Ghostly Evidence! Best Evidence To Date!

Is there evidence of the other side you might ask? Well if you have not been fortunate enough to see a ghost cat as I have, then you might ask what evidence is there of ghost? Well I will tell you, however it would be better if you were to see for yourself. I will link some Youtube videos of the best moments in Ghost Adventures. Before you check that out though let me tell you what I have seen. I have witnessed a brick fly through a dark room, now I am a skeptic at heart but that really got me wondering. Is this show bogus, or is this real? Well after a lot of time and analysis the situation I feel that this is genuine video. As well if you look at the Youtube Video entitled "Ghost Hunters Flying Brick" you will see that this is not a hoax. I really would never question if the Ghost Adventures crew would even do that. They are serious about eliminating doubt, so they are constantly attempting to explain the paranormal with a normal answer. However sometimes there are none, as in the case with this flying brick.

Now what is the holy grail of ghost hunting? Well we all know to catch a real ghost on tape. While Ghost Adventures has many times caught orbs on tape, it is rare that they catch a full blown apparition. It has only happened a few times since the show has aired. The video of this event is labeled in the above paragraph entitled "Full Body Apparition Ghost Adventures". Not only has the Ghost Adventures crew captured full body apparitions they have captured many spirit voices. These voices tend to stay in a range just beyond human hearing. Human beings hear in the range of 300 to 3500 Hertz. Anything under the 300 range is not consciously picked up by the human ear. Notice how I said consciously heard, it now appears that it is possible to be influenced by energy. It is also apparent that this energy is now willing to reveal it'self to humankind. No matter what you think, this show is very interesting to say the least. So what are you waiting for, make sure you tune into the Travel Channel for the latest episodes of Ghost Adventures.

#2 Reality TV Show Ax Men

While I am a tree loving hippy so to speak. It may sound quite shocking that my second favorite show on TV would be Ax Men. There are many reasons why I like this show. For one the characters are a hoot. The characters of Ax Men are all unique and hard working men. Which in today's day in age is far and between. Loving the social sciences as I do you get a great insight into complex social settings. You also get insight into the complex dynamics of work and family units. This is true reality television. There are several crews that premiere in this reality television show. There are a few that I personally follow closely as they provide the most entertainment for us all to enjoy. They are as follows, my favorite S & S Aqua Logging, Collins River Logging, Rygaard Logging, J.M. Browning Logging, and my second favorite the notorious Shelby "Swamp Man" Stanga. They are all unique characters of their own, and watching them provides plenty of entertainment.

Ax Men Jimmy Smith & Son James

Ax Men Greatest Moments of Season 4

When you look back at some of the greatest moments of Ax Men history the majority are the blow ups from Jimmy of S & S Logging. Jimmy and son James are a great look into the average American father and son small business. Jimmy and James go up and down the Suwannee River, in Florida looking for sunken treasure. As you will see things never go right when it comes to the real world small business and Jimmy and James are great insights to the reality of working life. Jimmy and James are constantly going at it, and it kind of reminds me of many relationships I have witnessed over the years. The difference is we get to watch it live. What you see in this relationship is what lies at the heart of the American spirit. A rough tough attitude when it comes to getting things done, however the bond of love is still apparent amidst the chaos. Jimmy and James are always getting into it, and it also gives good insight into some domestic violence issues. As Jimmy and James really go at it at times, but this is the stress of hard working life. This is reality that you normally only get to see within your own family, so to see it on the television shows just how normal we really are.

My second favorite character being Shelby the Swamp Man Stanga. This man is a truly rugged man in every sense of the word. He has compiled a treasure trove of sunken logs in the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou. Shelby has had some rough times recently. In the last episode that aired he lost his "log dog" a very expensive piece of equipment. It was literally pulled under the water as he was attempting to pull up a sunken log. Like I said nothing ever seems to go right. I guess that is what happens when we fight nature, it tends to fight back. Although my two favorites are looking for logs that were logged back in the late 1800 and early 1900s. So I guess nature doesn't let things go. All in all Ax Men is a great show with so much going on it will get you sucked in and keep you sucked in for hours. Well the show last an hour, but you will be very entertained within that hour, trust me.

There are always plenty of side drama's going on as well. I barely got to talk about Rygaard Logging. Rygaard is another father and son logging crew. Just like Jimmy and James they are always going at it. Yelling and screaming about who is right and who is wrong. The thing about these fights is when you watch the show it often shows who is really right and who is really wrong. So talk about insight to family issues. There is a lot to be learned from this show. From the new ways of logging in the twenty first century, to the inner-workings of family dynamics. If you are looking for entertainment then look no further. As Ax Men brings it all to the table.

Phil Jordan


#3 Reality TV Show Psychic Detectives

Psychic Detectives is a great show if you are looking for insight into the psychic phenomenon. Psychic Detectives airs on truTV formerly known as Court TV. Well here we go already we have the words psychic and true in the same sentence. How is this you may ask? Well stick around and I will further explain the truth to you.

While the skeptic my ridicule my assertions about this show, the facts speak for themselves, and the facts are voluminous to say the least. As police departments around the world often call upon certain psychics during the most important investigations they work. The closed cases these psychics have been involved with speaks for itself. Here we have a television show that focuses only on cases where a psychics insight has helped close a case. Many of these cases may have never been solved without the invaluable effort on the psychics behalf. On one episode the women psychic literally saved another womens life. She not only warned police that a man who killed a womens roommate, was going to kill the women. She warned the Detective that he should be careful in the interview, and perhaps he should duck. Well the police rolled in and caught the killer stalking around the victims roommates apartment. When the detective was interviewing the killer, the man threw a punch at the detective. The punch missed as the detective was ready and "ducked". So skeptics take a seat, as I will now focus on the most renown psychics of the 21'st century.

Phil Jordan is one of the most respected and sought out psychics by law enforcement here in America. Phil is most know for his valiant efforts in 1975 for helping find six year old Tommy Kennedy. When Phil Jordan was recruited to help find the missing six year old Kennedy he helped locate the missing boy within an hour. After that the Tioga County Sheriff's office swore him in as a deputy in order to help solve other police cases. Since then Phil has helped police solve cases all over America. Some of truTV's best episodes of Psychic Detectives introduce Phil Jordan's unique psychic skills. When you watch Phil Jordan dissect a horrendous crime it is simply stunning. His psychic ability is simply uncanny in it's implications. These implications being that yes psychics exist, and yes psychics work to close cases.

Phil Jordan has now solved hundreds of cases, and there is no doubt whatsoever Phil Jordan is an angel to the human race. As his dedication to putting away the most vile criminals of our time will not simply go unnoticed. Phil continues to help police solve cases where there are no eye witnesses, and without his effort there would be simply no way to close these cases. Phil Jordan is a modern day hero, and if you want to see him in action just tune into truTV Wednesdays at 10 PM on truTV.

Noreen Renier

Only psychic to ever lecture at the FBI Academy.
Only psychic to ever lecture at the FBI Academy. | Source

Psychic Detectives Best Reality Show On The Planet!

Psychic Detectives will simply blow your mind, especially if you have a skeptical mentality. As there are no ways to explain this phenomenon. Unless you are to say that the psychics themselves are implicated and have advanced knowledge in thousands of crimes. Obviously this is not the case, however there have been cases where the psychic has been arrested. I do believe it was Rosemarie Kerr from California, do not quote me on this. If you saw the episode and know the name of that psychic please comment and tell me. Either way it has happened and she was released and helped police close the case. Why did they arrest her? Well she kept telling them where she thought the body was, so when she was witnessed driving around where police later found the body, they picked her up. I do believe it as a police officer who committed the crime. If you do not want to watch this show after hearing this then you are a skeptic, either that or you just do not care. If you are looking to expand your understanding of how the human mind works, and what it is capable of, then you cannot miss Psychic Detectives on truTV.

Psychic Detectives Preview

Top 3 Reality TV Shows

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© 2011 Steven Miller


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    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      7 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Ghost Adventures is an awesome show and it is real. Like Zac I too did not believe and was a skeptic. It was not until I witnessed a ghost cat that I started to wonder what was really out there.

      Now I know that everything that we think does not exist, most likely does in some shape form or fashion in same point of space time.

      Space is vast, and time is endless. Given the parameters everything is possible in some distant region of space during some point of time.

      I actually wrote a hub called "Energy & Ghostly appearances" Check them all out, I write a lot about the supernatural and the things that go bump in the night.

    • bwhite062007 profile image

      Brianna W 

      7 years ago from East Coast

      Love Ghost Adventures! Great hub.

    • 2005Fleet profile image


      8 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Great Hub 2 thumbs up



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