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Top Korean Dramas of 2014: Second Review

Updated on May 21, 2014

5. Beyond the Clouds / Full Sun

The opening scene itself informs you that you are in for a melodrama. Don't expect the laughter to last too long and as expected by the end of the first episode, the main character, Se Ro (acted by Yoon Kye Sang) is already in deep trouble. His live gets tangled with Young Won (acted by Han Ji Hye) due to a crime which leads to the death of her fiancé, Woo Jin (played by Song Jong Ho, well-known as the oppa in Reply 1997). Watching this definitely reminds me of Secret where the characters were also driven by revenge. On a special note, part of the drama is filmed in Thailand.

Whale by Zitten (Full Sun OST)

4. Three Days

Yoo Chun (of JYJ) is back again on Korean TV after his previous detective turn in Missing You. Here, he plays Han Tae Kyung, a bodyguard to Korea's president (acted by Son Hyun Joo). Although I expected this to be a thriller just like God's Gift, the pace was unfortunately just not there. At times, I felt the scenes to be boring and there is less urgency to the plot as well, despite it being time-constrained by three days rather than a longer fourteen days. Thankfully, the pace improves by episode 4 as we also get to see more of the backstory.

It's You By A-Pink Jung Eun Ji (Three Days OST)

3. Wonderful Days

Watching this weekend drama is something out of the norm for me, as I typically do not commit to watching such long dramas (about 50 episodes) with the last one I tried being Lee Soon Shin. Unfortunately, I gave up halfway through watching Soon Shin. For now, I am still hooked to this drama and watching to find out more about the complex four generation Kang family. Another reason to watch this is the charismatic Lee Seo Jin, who plays a prosecutor who returns to his hometown after 15 years, leading to renewed conflicts and renewed interest in his first love, Hae Won, played by Kim Hee Sun.

Beautiful Times by Seo Young Eun (Wonderful Days OST)

2. Emergency Couple

After a disappointing appearance in The Heirs, Choi Jin Hyuk is back in top form in this drama as an intern doctor (Oh Chang Min) who is assigned to the ER (Emergency Room) along with Oh Jin Hee (played by Song Ji Hyo). They play a divorced couple who is forced to work and learn together in the ER. Lee Pil Mo takes on the role of their senior in the ER, and shows interest in Jin Hee as well. Clara also adds on to the love triangle as a fellow intern doctor who falls for Chang Min.

Scent of a Flower by Lim Jeong Hee (Emergency Couple OST)

1. God's Gift - 14 Days

After winning an acting award for her stunning performance in I Hear Your Voice, Lee Bo Young is back in another amazing role. This time she plays a mother who tries her best to save her daughter from death when she gets a chance to go back in time 14 days before the incident. I am fully hooked to this drama from the start with the fast pace and interesting plot & characters. Although at times, Lee Bo Young's character (Kim Soo Hyun) comes on as over hysterical, you can't help but get pulled into her character's race against time to win against the murderer. Cho Seung Woo plays Ki Dong Chan, a former detective, whom Soo Hyun ropes in to assist with her chase. His role is another well-written one with an interesting background to play on. Other outstanding actors in this drama include Kim Yoo Bin (who plays Soo Hyun's daughter, Saet Byul) and Baro of B1A4

If Only I Can Go To You by SECRET Song Ji Eun (God's Gift - 14 Days OST)

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