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Welcome To Torchwood

Updated on March 26, 2011


The Team Of Torchwood.
The Team Of Torchwood.

Torchwood: A Doctor Who Spin Off TV Program

When doctor who came back onto our TV screens the middle of 2005, it brought with it the possibility of adding new elements that could be part of the new doctor whos plotlines, Torchwood was created by Russell T Davies the then head writer on doctor who, it's an anagram of the two words that make up Doctor Who.

With the first series of torchwood, it brought with it an adult theme that wasn't really present in doctor who, plus with the swearing, which of course made the first series sit in an uncomfortable area of science fiction for the fans, as people saw doctor who and then to see the series of torchwood which was a direct spin off from the doctors adventures, to be darker it made sense to be on it's own out there, but for most of us the swearing didn't add anything to the overall impact of the new stories.

This first series slowly introduced us to the characters that would make up the Torchwood team, a team that would investigate alien encounters and stop them at all costs and any alien weaponry and other artefacts would be archived away and not for personal use (which of course some rookie Torchwood members happened to use some of the alien stuff for their own gains!)

Some of the characters in the first series came across rather selfish to say the least and were all out for themselves whilst trying to save the world from aliens and other extraterrestrial threats and the series ending had a great monster that killed people under it's shadow and there was a great character that appeared who apparently could shift through time called Billis, but we are unlikely to ever see him again, as he was an old actor anyway.

With the second series, it was good to see that the characters were more fleshed out, although there were some over characterization of the Owen character for example, when he got shot and died, the following two episodes were about him and his troubles which over clouded the initial arc that this series of torchwood was trying to build up, just like the first series the phrase something in the darkness always popped up and this was a clue to the series events ending.

I was impressed with the introduction of Captain John, played by James Marsters (Spike from Buffy), as he played it well, although I like it when they introduce certain story characters and elements, and they give subtle hints about future plotlines, I like many do not like them to dangle on and on, but at least we know that this mysterious gray character is Captain Jacks long lost brother and that he blames Jack for him being stranded and all that drama at the end of the second series of Torchwood, although it ended a bit predictably, it was still a good program to watch..

The future of torchwood looked good until budget cuts was the likely cause for the 3rd series which was just a 5 part series entitled Torchwood: Children Of Earth which actually was an exciting series which was broadcasted on the BBC over five consecutive nights and this gripping drama involved aliens coming back to the earth to claim about a tenth of the worlds population of children for their own selfish drug use of them. I believe this was a return to form fro Torchwood, it's a pity some of the remaining supporting cast died.

Although at the end of the series, you are left wondering, is there going to be an adventures of Captain Jack as he was beamed onto an orbiting space station right at the final episode, as you know from the Doctor Who series he is the Face of Bo that will live for many years seeing many things in the far reaches of the universe.

Torchwood has been confirmed to be back soon although the action takes place in America and from reports, all around the world in an international capacity and so we'll have to wait to see if it's any good, can't wait to see it.

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