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Traveling the Ellen DeGeneres Road with The Human Puppet

Updated on December 3, 2012

Forest and the Cincinnati Cyclones Crowd does The Ellen

Forest Never Gives Up 11 - 18 - 2010

It's been a while since the last Ellen Road update. Forest has run up against a few obstacles, but he's still going strong.

Ellen's legal staff requested he take her face, colors and any Ellen logos from his website. They threatened legal action if he didn't. That was like an Ellen slap in the face, but he complied with their request.

It still wasn't enough to stop Forest. The Human Puppet has a goal and he intends to reach it.

Dancing Everywhere

He's danced at the Red's rally on the Square. He's danced on a local news broadcast. He's danced with the Zombies marching in Florence, Kentucky.He just keeps dancing.

The video above shows Forest's most recent, and biggest dance at the Cincinnati Cyclones game at the U S Bank Arena. Even under threat of Legal action, he just doesn't give up and that's why we love him!

August, 18 - 96 Rock Helps Forest Stage Giant Ellen Dance

August 18, 2010 - Kiss 96 Joins the Ellen Quest

Check out the video. The crowd was fabulous doing the Ellen at Party in the Park. Thanks to Bobby Mackey, there were plenty of full color Ellen masks to go around.

August 13, 2010

Channel 9, the local ABC affiliate, interviewed Forest on the noon news. He's doing what he can to bring out a big crowd for his giant Ellen dance.

August 8, 2010 - Kiss 96 Joins the Ellen Quest

Kiss 96 Cincinnati Radio is now walking the Ellen Road with the Human Puppet.The local rock radio station will stage an Ellen Dance at this season's final party in the park, August 18, 2010.

For his previous mass Ellen dance, Forest had about 100 folks moving and shaking along with him. The party in the park crowd promises to be loose, laid back and willing to dance, so the Ellen dancers are bound to create a scene worthy of any dance movie.

That's Yeatman's cove in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wednesday August 18, 2010.

Also check out to upload your own Ellen dance.

The Human Puppet - "The Ellen Guy" In Chicago

July 22 , 2010

Never Give Up!

Despite a few minor setbacks, Forest The Human Puppet Thomer refuses to give up. And isn't that the American Way?

He's established a new website and he's inviting you to learn the dance and upload your own video version.

He's shooting for a million Ellen dancers, a lofty goal; but He'll do it!

Do The Ellen!!

June 18, 2010 - The Human Puppet (Now aka The Ellen Guy) in Chicago?

Forest the Human Puppet Thomer and Greg Reese, his Camera Guy, are back in Cincinnati safe and sound. True to his goal, The Human Puppet made the trip to Chicago because Ellen DeGeneres was making a personal appearance. Remember, The Human Puppet is a man on a mission.

So did he get to dance with Ellen DeGeneres?


As a matter of fact an enthusiastic security guard asked the Human Puppet and his camera guy to leave 'his' property and ushered them off the grounds. He didn't like the way Forest got the crowd all worked up, smiling and dancing while a camera man captured it on digital video. It's possible smiling and dancing on the streets of Chicago is a crime of sorts...

Not one to be discouraged, The Human Puppet did get to dance with lots of Ellen fans. He also got to meet Roger Ebert and shake his hand. Not a bad trip at all.

So Is this the end of it?

Of course not. Forest Thomer has a dream.... He wants to dance with Ellen DeGeneres and will not be judged, cast aside or discouraged.... not even by an enthusiastic security guard outside a theater in Chicago.

Besides, people are starting to call him "The Ellen Guy," which has to mean something in the big Ellen scheme of things..... and that's not bad at all.

We'll see what's next.

Forest Auditions for Big Brother

June 16, 2010 - Road to Ellen Update

Forest, The Human Puppet, made up his mind that he was going to Chicago this morning. Why... .well, of course it's because Ellen De Generes is there for the day. She's taping a special for TBS and Forest was determined to make the journey.

Some of his fans donated money to fund his trip, not enough to fly, but enough for the Human Puppet and his camera man to catch the Mega Bus... you know, one of those big blue buses with the picture of the funny little guy on the side.

They hopped on board a Mega Bus early this morning, made it to Chicago....and to the theater where The Human Puppet taught a group to do The Ellen Dance. Forest even met Roger Ebert in the crowd and shook his hand... What next?

The Human Puppet is tweeting the whole trip. Check his twitter feed below and you can follow along.

June 10, 2010

Forest Thomer, The Human Puppet, is out there every day talking to people, dancing for them and getting them to dance his 'Ellen Dance' too. He's driven. He's on a quest. He's determined to dance with Ellen Degeneres; and this Hub will follow his journey along the Ellen Road.

So he's really going to dance with Ellen?

Forest certainly believes it will happen. At the very least he hopes to be named Official General in Ellen DeGeneres' quest for world domination.

Explain It Again Please. Who is This Guy Anyway?

You may have read about Forest Thomer, The Human Puppet, in a previous Hub Page. Forest enjoys helping people fulfill their dreams. He still does that; but the goal getting the lion's share of his attention these days is his very personal Ellen Quest. To recap that for you in case you don't recall, Forest wants to dance with Ellen DeGeneres on her show.

Forest lives in the Greater Cincinnati area.... well Northern Kentucky actually; but many Cincinnatians believe Northern Kentucky is simply its other-side-of-the-river bluegrass suburb. He's been walking the streets with his videographer, Greg, (the Son from Mom & Son), coaxing whomever he can to dance the "Ellen" and give a shout out on his behalf. Greg is having fun documenting those efforts via Youtube video.

In his most recent Youtube offering, Forest is surrounded by cast members from "The Finkles' Theater Show,' a production of Cincinnati's Know Theater tribe as part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival weekend.

After an on-the-job lesson, the actors do a stellar 'Ellen' dance performance. They even offered a rousing "Ellen please dance with Forest" at the end.

Forest Thomer, The Human Puppet, displays his sign outside the Sarah Palin Book signing in Cincinnati.
Forest Thomer, The Human Puppet, displays his sign outside the Sarah Palin Book signing in Cincinnati.

How is This Journey Progressing?

Already Forest has received a great deal of encouragement from well wishers on Facebook and twitter. Some have offered to help pay his way to Chicago where Ellen is scheduled to appear in the near future. He's also doing radio appearances, street dancing.... whatever it takes to make his presence known to the world at large.... and Ellen DeGeneres in particular, of course.

Forest has thrown a few other irons in the fire, as well, including an audition for an upcoming Big Brother reality show. Check out the audition.

Will Ellen invite Forest Thomer The Human Puppet to dance with her on her show? Who knows, but If drive and energy and single-minded determination have anything to do with it, she most certainly will some day.

And you can follow every step of his journey along the way.

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