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True Blood: You Smell Like Dinner

Updated on July 16, 2012

True Blood


You Smell Like Dinner SPOILER ALERT!!

True Blood has improved this season. With a bastion of new characters and cretaures to titilate your senses and make your spin tingle. Exactly whom is having who for Dinner is the theme.

While Layfayette and Jesus explore their black magic with Marnie's coven. Tara also explores her own gifts as a witch. Ironically, the coven bring a bird back from the dead for a breif moment. Then Marnie decides the coven will bring a person back from the dead. Tara leaves and announces she hates Bon Temp to her girld friend.

Mean while Crystal returns, Crystal is a panther shape shifter, who is all hoped up on Vampire blood. Apparently her and her cousin Felton were unable to conceive a child so they recruit Jason to Father Crystal child's but there is a catch...Jason must be turned int a shape shifter. The only way this can happen is if Crystal and Felton devour Jason.

Sookies house has been bought by Eric. Eric no longer needs an invitation from Sookie to enter the house. And he has built a cubby for himself to live with Sookie.

Bill is King now and Sookie almost walks in on him when he is with his head of Security Katarina. Things between Sookie and Bill are broken. And Eric has moved in to make Sookie his own. While Bill is King, Eric is Sheriff which leads to an interesting dynamic between these two characters. And Bill and Eric are busy doing public relations to smooth over their public relations problems with the humans. Bill has infiltrated the Witches coven and upon hearing they have brought the bird back to life he sends in Eric.

Hoyt and Jessica find barriers to thier love. Jessica still craves human blood.

Meanwhile Bill has a flashback to London in the 1980(s). It is a great sequence. In London he is recruited to infiltrate the Vampire Aristocracy and convert Vampires to drinking True Blood.

Eric attempts the end Marnie's Coven but the coven is too strong for him and wipes Eric memory.

Will Sookie Fall for Eric?

Will Sookie Fall for Eric?

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Will Jason Become a Panther Shape Shifter and Father Crystal's Child?

Will Jason become a Panther Shape Shifter and Father's Crystal's Child?

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