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True Blood; Me & The Devil

Updated on May 31, 2013

Triangle of True Blood


Me & The Devil **SPOILER ALERT**

It would seem that Devil will have his due in Bon Temps.

Eric embraces his unnatural love for Sookie and rejects his true nature as a vampire. He believes his soul has been salvaged by Sookie's goodness. And Sookie seems quite seduced by her dangerous attraction to Eric's new found innocence and sensitivity.

Jason saves himself from Crystal by drinking Jessica's blood and subsequently Jason becomes a little bit confused about his feelings for Jessica and Hoyt. Full moon is the following night and Jason is worried he will turn into a panther.

Tommy murders his Mother and Father in self defense. He reconnects with his brother Sam who helps him dispose of the their bodies by throwing them into the swamp and feeding them to the gators.

Lafayette and Jesus travel to Mexico to a Jesus's Grandfather a Shae man to strengthen their powers as witches.

Tara comes out to Sookie and her girlfriend finds out Tara has been lying about her identify. While Sookie consoles Tara, Eric awakes and frightens Tara away.

Arlene has Reverend Daniels over to exercise the demons from Mikey and their home. But as fate would have it Mikey's pwers have only increased.

Sookie asks Marney for a psychic reading and hears her grandmother's voice who tells her to run and so Sookie runs. It is clear which side of the religious war between witches necromancy and vampires Sookie is on.

Bill rounds up Marnie and interrogates her. It is revealed the witch, Antonia, which guides Marnie in necromansey is part vampire and that vampires were Catholic Priests during the Spanish Inquisition. Bill asks Marnie to remove the rotting spell from Pam but Marnie can't recall it even when glamoured. Antonia has the abiltiy to control all of the vampires. Pam reveals Eric is at Sookies.

According to Sam, "In war killing is all right.". And it is clear that there is a civil war in Bon Temps. And even in war passions ignite.


This show is taunt, witty and sexy. The plots are more involved. The characters are dynamic and wonderfully complexed and flawed. The writers have made a morality point by having the characters pulled by fear into justifying murder. Bill and Eric fight for Sookie's love and therefore all is fair in both love and war.

Brilliant, fun show with lots of intrigue.


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