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HBO Series T.V Show "True Blood" Is A Good Show, But Seriously?

Updated on June 26, 2014

I used to love True Blood but for awhile it was getting a bit out of hand. True blood incase you don't know is about a fictional town called Bon Temps that stars Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress, who discovers a new world of creatures when she falls in love with Bill Compton, a vampire that is played by Stephen Moyer.

The story was good, until it all started changing into something with a whole pile of creatures. However..... with that being said....

Is True Blood a Good Show?

I think so and I'm going to keep watching it. All shows have their ups and downs and season 5 and 6 will be better. Will I keep watching it you ask? You can bet I will!

Update For Season 6!

Currently Season 6 is way better than the previous two seasons. If you stopped watching it during those seasons I suggest you give it another try

True Blood Review From Season 1 to 5


Season 1 - The show started off pretty good in my opinion. Season 1 had a good story and really stuck with Sookie's gifts and the romance with Bill the vampire. This was done without being overly cheese as we see in this season 4. It also included missing ladies that our connected to Sookie's brother. Let us not forget the first time we see vampires doing it.

Season 2 - This season rocked. Beginning to end I could not stop watching it. I even watched some episodes again by selecting them on TV on demand. Yes it had the Maenad witch lady which was a great way to add some serious nakedness to it . The real enjoyment came from the story line about a 2000 year old Vampire named Godric who was Eric's maker. Best season yet.


Season 3 - The beginning to an end. Yes I know it's an HBO show so it's not like it's going to last for a very long time. (Usually) This was the season they added werewolves, and introduced werecats, or werepanthers. Lets not forget about the fairy godmother and Sookie as a faerie. I also felt this season there was a lot more waiting between episodes.

Season 4 - Nowhere near the same violence as before and not as much nudity or sexual scenes as well. I feel like it's one big season of hunting down witches and one really long drawn out love interests and dilemma torn between Eric and Sookie. Then Yay! Bill becomes King, werewolf's are introduced, a crazy baby toy, and Shape-changers. I should of known this was going to be a bad season when it started with a faerie world where they throw colored magic that never seemed to hit. But when they effected Eric, and turned him into a type of sissy pants annoying Sookie mate. It all makes me want to scream out "What where you thinking? Oh right it's based on the books that I will never read so that explains it.

True Blood - The Complete 6 Season

True Blood Season 5 - Well what can I say? They definitely made a comeback with this season. The plots were better, the violence made sense to go with the story, and it had a perfect amount of nudity to it. Might be a Spoiler below!

Although I feel there was a little bit of a let down with the death of a supreme vampire, I was however happy to see it come to an end. Felt like that part of the story was going on a bit too long with the rest. As well a huge change of power happens and the authority and followers of Lilith start to disappear but the damage to the outside world has begun with the mentioned coming of the rapture and the increased killings of humans. Meanwhile a loss for pack leader occurs due to the use of vampire blood and a wolf pup gets capture. With out letting any more of the story out just know that you there ends up being a great battle that occurs and with it comes the birth of what could be a serious threat.

I will finish this writing but just reiterating how good season 5 was and you will be glad you watched all the episodes. Now we wait for season 6. Which I think may be the final season for True Blood but I can't wait to see it.

True Blood Season 6

Are you waiting for season 6 as much as I am? It would seem the approximate date of release is going to be the summer of 2013 according to HBO, and one website review paper claimed around June.

Can't wait to watch season 6, and who do you think Warlow is? To help remind you watch the video just below and his name gets brought up.

What You Think of True Blood? Yay! or Nay!

See results

Season 5 ending and the name Warlow


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