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HBO's A Game Of Thrones and George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Book review

Updated on January 21, 2014

Game Of Thrones

After watching Game of Thrones, which I think is easily one of the better shows I’ve seen in a long time on television. Of course thanks again to HBO which also other great shows like True Blood in its lineup. Game of Thrones was so good, that I had to go and buy the books right after season one was done. Yes, I admit that I didn’t even know there were books till I was already deep into the show and someone told me about the books. The HBO show which was created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss follows the multiple story lines of the A Song of Ice and Fire series which was written by George R. R. Martin.

Publisher Weekly wrote: "In a world where the approaching winter will last four decades, kings and queens, knights and renegades struggle for control of a throne. Some fight with sword and mace, others with magic and poison".

Game of Thrones Season 1

The show was picked up for a second season after only two days after the premier, due to its overwhelming response from fans and critics. The show is basically about how it seems everyone of the elite noble families struggle for control of the Iron Throne. During the first season they also mention all the other side problems and talk about the threats that are in the north which is watched over by brotherhood of the Night's Watch and introduces nicely all the characters such as Ed Stark and Robert Baratheon that you can tell are going to be playing a critical role in all the seasons that will follow. During the show I also found it interesting the mention of summer lengths and how when winter comes, it seems to come forever. There is a saying in the north and that you hear many times from the Stark family and its “winter is coming”. I love it and have even used it myself. I’m a nerd I known. I can only guess that this saying means either to prepare for the worst, or it means, united and prepared is the only way to survive the harshness when it comes.

This is a great show and a fantastic start to the first season. I’m not going to write about anything that could ruin it for you because that would be an injustice. I am going to end with telling you that I did not believe it myself when people told me the show is sticking to the books extremely well. It’s true so far, considering how much I’ve read.

The Books – A Song of Ice and Fire

Id would like to make it clear that at this time I have only read books 1 and 2. Or in other words, A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire, which is book one. The second book is called A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire. So far I am really impressed with both books. Once again I’m not going to talk too much or give anything away. This is just in case you happened to live on the moon for the last while and you’re hoping to read them or as mentioned above, watch the show. I did enjoy both books and found myself reading as much as I can when I had the time. I did however find sometimes the books contained a bit too much character development. Regardless the books where always good.

Game of Thrones or Song of Ice and Fire are great books, great series, and great show and for someone like me who can never get enough of fantasy stories or shows. I look forward to reading the rest of the books and cannot wait to watch season 2.

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Game Of Thrones Season 4 - Premiers April 2014


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