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Villu Movie Review

Updated on January 12, 2014

Villu review


Villu review starring Vijay and Nayantara, one of the big releases this pongal. Spoiler alert - Do not read if you do not want to know the movie details. I have given Villu movie review with base storyline, comments on Vadivelu comedy and sexy Nayantara. Post your review and thoughts on the movie in the comments section below. Happy Pongal!

Villu Vijay poster

Villu movie review picture
Villu movie review picture

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Villu Review

I expected this to be just an average movie as it is directed by Prabhu Deva, the mediocre director who puts more emphasis on individual scenes and minute details and misses the big picture. Scenes do not flow smoothly and you usually see jerkiness in the screenplay. I really hoped he would have corrected his mistakes and give us a fulfilling movie this time and I am let down once again.

Villu movie is worse than I expected and worse than Vijay's "Kuruvi" and I was totally disappointed to say the least. I sat through the entire movie even though I thought of leaving the theater right after the interval and at many times after the interval. There is nothing new in this movie that has to be mentioned in this Villu review.

Here is the story line of movie Villu:

Vijay (plays Pugazh) works for the Tamilnadu police and the movie is about how he takes revenge on 4 villains (prakashraj, anandraj and two others) for killing his father (played by another Vijay as Military officer Major Saravanan) 20 years ago. The flashback is shown in 10 minutes towards the end of the movie. He kills all four villains one by one. The last one is Prakashraj who gets killed in front of Vijay's distressed mom (Ranjitha). Yeah... I summarized it in just a few lines and there is nothing more to write. How original...and trendsetting...huh?

Perhaps director Prabhu deva thought he could make the movie interesting by making a tight screenplay and new situations and interesting scenes, but too bad, he missed it by a mile. Damn!

Villu review
Villu review

Villu Review Continued...

Even the comedy done by Vadivelu in Villu does not work out as there is nothing new. Well, there is a comedy scene where he fights with a cow and another scene where he dances for many kuthu songs like "Kaathaza kannala" and" naaka mukka". Too bad it does not fit well as it does not flow with the story. Both these scenes happen in Munich Germany, you have no idea why Vadivelu ends up in Munich. Some of the earlier scenes in the village back drop work okay as it is typical comedy, but again, I cannot understand why this movie needed those 30 minutes in the village.

The first scene in movie Villu starts off with Vijay single handedly capturing one of the four villains. Then abruptly story moves to a no-name village. Nayanthara (from "foreign" land) is visiting the village to attend someone's marriage. Just like Superstar Rajini's "Arunachalam", there are many scenes typical in a wedding environment followed by some bad guys making a problem right before tying the knot and how the hero Vijay beats 'em all up flying in the air and making way into Nayantara's heart. Vijay makes Nayantara fall in love with him only to meet her father (Prakashraj). She takes Vijay to Munich, Germany to meet her criminal father Prakashraj. Interval - so far okay... but right here is your chance to leave the theater. After this, it is literally, fight-song-fight-song-sentiment-climax fight- routine - maybe entertaining for someone who has not seen a lot of such movies but not for a typical movie buff who has seen thousands of same crap in all Indian languages.

Nayantara looks sexy... she has been given plenty of opportunity to show her tight abs, ass and a lot of cleavage show. I am sure her fans will go crazy. I cannot believe a big hero like actor Vijay will sort to cheap jokes which fit lesser actors like Silambarasan and Danush. For example, some double meaning scenes with Nayantara (dialogues like Nenju valicha massage..., how to pull a rope one stroke at a time, etc.).

My personal feeling is people have so much talent and all their hard work is wasted. Great acting, sincere effort, excellent camera work, superb stunts, lively dance numbers in fabulous costumes, exciting music - all for nothing. The movie is a total disappointment just because of the non existent story and pathetic screenplay. I wonder whose fault is that. Is this because directors really believe audience want to see an item song and a mind boggling fight sequence every 20 minutes of the movie? I think a gripping screenplay with or without a strong story will keep people in the theater. Or is it just the directors cannot see that?

Looks like I am mentioning only the negative things in this movie Villu review...probably because I am so disappointed with the execution and I am missing the good points in the movie. This is my personal opinion only and if you have good things to say or even other comments, feel free to post in the comments section below.

Villu vijay nayanthara
Villu vijay nayanthara

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    • profile image

      michael sundaraj 5 years ago

      all stupid surya fan ,vijay is the only actor giving the flop movie ahh? What about surya's ratha sarithiram!

    • profile image

      zzzzzzzzzz 7 years ago

      such a borin muvy .i have never seen nayanthara is the worst actress yaar she thinks herself as very pretty and beautiful it seems.her expressions are very worst she is ready to act without dress also it seems nonsense

    • profile image

      stttttttttt 7 years ago

      stpd film yaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • profile image

      kavi 7 years ago

      Villu..........One of the most STUpiD FILM

    • profile image

      arjun 8 years ago

      awesome movie....nayan sexy..

    • profile image

      pulikutty 8 years ago

      villu, just like ATM and kuruvi, is a STUPID movie..

      it will be the same for vetaikaran which will be released this week..

    • profile image

      kandasamy 8 years ago

      vijay is not ilaya thalapathi. he is flop thalapathi. his movies sucks to the core. nayanthara is working hard to become the best whore of india. prabhu deva is an idiotic director. all three should be thrown into the sea.

    • profile image

      arulokk 8 years ago

      I LIKE IT I'YA THALABATHI D'R VIJAY...................

    • profile image

      gillirahul 8 years ago

      The bastards who talk badly about villu do not have rights to critizise vijay,just go'n see rajni's fantasy film or surya's body show,don't become oversmart by putting blame on vijay

    • profile image

      Ganesh 9 years ago

      Villu is the Worst Movie.. I have Ever Seen in Life time... I had Much Respect on prabu Deva.. I. Prabudeva is Someone Who has Acted In Great Movies Like Minasara Kanavu/Kaadalan... But i am Not Sure Wats Wrong with him Now...The Combination of Vijay+Prabudeva Have Ensured that There is No Quality Even Inj One Scene of The Movie... GOD SAVE TAMIL CINEMA

    • profile image

      cartic 9 years ago

      This movie was a total bore! same Old masalaa...

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 9 years ago from India

      Villu is a superflop movie.. which will give rethink for vijay to select his next movies..

      more review about the movie Villu here also..

    • profile image

      P.R.KARTHICK 9 years ago


    • profile image

      mohan 9 years ago

      hello getha,

      you are also not god or good actor to judge our vijay's picture.

    • profile image

      alphaguy 9 years ago

      villu movies sucks to the max..yeah its showered with mind blowing scenes frm munich..but still its a disaster, luckily i didnt spend my money to watch it. Do Germanians speak english or germany??? i suggest movies like varanam ayiram & naan kadavul are worthy of watching...

    • profile image

      Getha 9 years ago

      Vijay's movies suck. I broke one of my new year's resolution of " never to watch a Vijay movie again in my life" to watch this worst movie of all time "Villu". My only question is what is Vijay thinking in his mind. He can never come near Rajini. He can never be a good actor forget about becoming a super star. My only advise to Vijay is to forget competing with Ajith and really concentrate on your acting. You dont show any expressions in your face. Please note that i am not an Ajith fan either. I hate them both. Vijay please get rid of your head weight, you are not GOD but just another human being. Stop acting like a retarded. we are not fools watching you on TV.

    • profile image

      PRAKASH 9 years ago


    • profile image

      villu 9 years ago

      Hi i am villu .. (Vijay) .. I totally suck at acting .............

      Please dont watch this movie .......... i was blackmailed by nayantara to act in this movie ........... she forced me to act ..............

      Next time .. i will act in a better movie ... probably some movie where ...

      There are only jokers n no villans ............

      And we all jokers will go for a picnic ... n suddenly get attacked by veerappan (Yes. Veerappan is dead, may be for u. But i still beleive he is alive).

      An then .. Veerappan takes me away and will ask all my fans for some money.

      Isn' t it obvious that all my fans are ready to give their life for my sake.

      So ........ Then All you people out there ... Will collect few million dollars (Veerappan doesnt know to count in rupees) for my sake and then i will successfully get out of veerappan.

    • profile image

      anand 9 years ago

      the review given is not that fair..this movie is much better than kuruvi and i will say that,this movie is worth watchin once for general audience and vj fans can enjoy it..wat a person expects enterin a theatre..he needs 2 and half hours of entertainment makin him forget his sorrows..this film guarantees it..thats for sure..

    • profile image

      jay 9 years ago

      i am personally a major fan of vijay.... n so far i hv supported all his moviez...but truthfully villu was the worst i hv ever seen....vj had put himself too low in d movie and nayanthara's horrible dressing was an eyesore.... storyline was completely sorry to say....i will forever b hiz fan...but i can neva say yes to villu!!

    • profile image

      p.r.karthick 9 years ago

      next next next is who the great Dr. ILAYATHALAPATHI GILLI KURUVI NEXT SUPER STAR VIJAY. . . . . . . . . . ...........

    • profile image

      navin 9 years ago

      what the hell??? u are asked about movie review.. not about vijay or ajith.. i personally feel movie is ok, except last 20 minutes.. so, u vijay and ajith fans stop fighting first.. watch the movie and put ur real comments.. dont overreact..

    • profile image

      kavin 9 years ago

      i hope the film could have been better instead of copyibg and vijay looks very nice in the bond type of scenes and nayanthara is gorgeou sonly in songs. she doesnt have a big role in the film but she has acted well. she is only skin shows and in those skin shows she looks -----------

    • profile image

      arun 9 years ago

      Next super star (thalapathy) vijay.

    • profile image

      suresh 9 years ago

      worst movie i hv seen yet.....! dont waste your money and time...!

    • profile image

      Prashanth 9 years ago

      man that was some nice info for a person not to spoil his pongal holz :P

      good goin buddy am hopin that prabhu deva quits this shit ass direction and continues with his choregraphy


    • weblog profile image

      weblog 9 years ago from 1India

      USauthor -

      Hey there's already a WAR going on in comments here. I didn't read your review, because I want to enjoy the movie and perhaps I will come back to this hub to register my opinion.

      Congrats and cheers to your quick review that you made as soon as it got released.

    • profile image

      naresh 9 years ago

      waste of time,money and energy to watch the movie

    • profile image

      Nagaraj 9 years ago

      Villu is an excellent entertainer movie as it includes good songs, comedies, fights, beautiful locales… its really treat to vijay’s fans… thanks to the director and Vijay for giving good masala entertainment for the audience…

    • profile image

      Aswin 9 years ago

      Villu movie is worse than Vijay's "Kuruvi" . its a hatric flop for vijay ...

    • profile image

      Ashok 9 years ago

      rajusundaram gave Agean wrost movie of 2008 and his younger brother followed his style and given wrost movie of 2009.

    • profile image

      rajesh 9 years ago

      comedy movie of the year 2009..

      i thought its an action movie ..but its a comedy movie..

    • profile image

      raja_boss 9 years ago

      After Pokkiri, Prabhu Deva and Vijay are back with 'Villu' a 'Power pack Pongal' for Vijay Fans. Vijay Fans in USA are thrilled to taste the feast two days prior to release in India. After two not so good movies such as ATM and Kuruvi, Vijay is back in form. As a rigid formula everyone in the theatre expect only a Mass entertainer from 'Pugazh'-Vijay, and Prabhu Deva has done his best to maintain all the elements needed to give a complete Vijay movie - with super hero intro, romance ,comedy, several fights, item songs and finally hero wins over the baddies.

    • profile image

      Ajith 9 years ago

      hey jus shut up mohamed meeran.... u idiot have no rights to speak about vijay n his fans.... the person who blames n criticises others should his own back first....

    • profile image

      sam neo 9 years ago

      Plz dont waste your time!.....

    • profile image

      Nithya 9 years ago

      Villu stills are gorgeous.... Vijay looks awesome in the picture... Sure the film s gonna rock... come on Vijay fans another Gilli for us...

    • profile image

      mohamed meeran 9 years ago

      villu-the worst movie i hav ever seen and i never hope to see such a movie in the past.i m not even an ajith fan and i dint even like billa expect its making style.but villu hav nothing to offer.when every one praised prabhu deva after pokiri ,i m not convinced bcoz any 3rd class director with the support of vijay and huge money can copy ,the original pokiri frame by frame.soi waited for his own idea but this time even he shamelessly copied frmhindisoldier he cant even deliver a masala he proved himself a worst director and i even think perarasu and so many directors r better than prabhu deva and i think better he should go back to his department.again vijay is convinced that his fans r fools and he delivered a worst movie to entertain themand if his fans r really entertained by this movie ,i would think better they can go and fellinside the well along with vijay and nayantara.

    • profile image

      Ashok Choutry 9 years ago

      Villu -Another Ghilli in vijay's career.It is more stylish film ever seen by tamilnadu.It challenges the stylish cool look which is given by the film Billa.Ravi varman's excellent cinematography beats and exceeds Niravshav's magic in Billa.

    • profile image

      arun 9 years ago


    • profile image

      movie_critic 9 years ago

      The director Prabhu deva is brain drained with absolutely no story. The movie has its typical masalas - tiring fights and dances. The comedy sucks!Its time Vadivelu sheds some lbs before he can see himself on another movie. Nayan can do a better job just walking around with Victoria secret undergarments than barely dressing up and trying to act. Her facial expressions are horrible especially in dances and when she tries hard to say a dialogue. How long she can continue to just expose herself without even making an attempt to act. She can try that in different kind of sleezy movies, probably doubling her salary. Its time movies like this should be totally boycotted so actors stop bankrupting more producers. If at all, let them gamble with their own investments. Surprised how Vijay is lucky to be even among the top tamil actors. Wonder if at all the actors get to watch their own movie after completion even once. The movie is a total WASTE of time & money.