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How people sing effectively at bathroom but why not singing in public place

Updated on November 11, 2013

Why people sing effectively at bathroom but not in public.

It is noted that some people sing loudly and eloquently at bathroom or in their private room. But they'll fail in singing at public. A study conducted found that, when people sing at private places, they open their mouth widely and sing without any fear of the people around them. They are free of mind. No fear, No onlookers, etc. So they perform very good. But when they are in public, they fear people and would not open their mouth widely as they sing in privately. It may be due to inferiority complex or shy or fear of people. Very often people tempt to have this question in their mind "What people think about me if I open the mouth widely? They are very conscious about the movement of their tongue and lips. They try to control their face movements due to fear of people around them.

If you look at the people who perform very well in public singing, they open their mouth widely to sing. They are confident and concentrated on their song. Watching videos of people good at private and bad at public shows that, they are bound with fear of the people around them and they are more concentrated on their face movements and onlookers. They are not able to devote their concentration on their song. And they fail in their attempt to Sing. Once you find out the problem and correct it, you would be able to sing very good in public as wall as in private. It is to be noted that onlookers are very least bothered about your tongue and lips. They are listening your song only. If you perform very well they will appreciate it. It is also noted that being cheerful will increase the sound clarity while singing. Nervousness will reduce the clarity. So try to be cheerful while singing.

To overcome the fear of public singing is to be afraid and sing anyway as it's the most reliable way to gain confidence in public singing. Be nervous, be afraid, be hesitant, but do it anyway. For the first few times you won't be very good at it and don't expect it to be. Simply make it a goal and do it and finish it. After you have done it a few times, you realize that it hasn't killed you and you will be less afraid to do it the next time.

If you keep doing it, eventually you may learn to enjoy it and you will start to get good at it. Expecting too much of themselves is the one of the reasons people fear public singing. You may feel nervous in the first time, but doing it give you experience. Failure is one of the best way to learn it. That is how we learned to talk and walk. We stutter and stumble until we get it right. You won't expect a first-time public singer to sing like Michel Jackson. But many of us expect ourselves if we are going to sing, we must better be outstanding and since it is not going to happen, it generates fear. Setting a realistic expectation is the key to master your public singing.

Enjoy singing. While singing in private place, you really love it and enjoy it. What about when you are in public? Are you enjoying it? It could also make a difference.

Relax: Before start singing at public place or standing before the microphone to sing, take few moments to relax. Calm your body and mind. Imagine that you are alone and no one watching you. This will help you to improve your singing. Then start the song with right pitch. Use your natural sound, It also will improve your singing. Smile slightly while singing, this will increase the effect on the onlookers.

All the more you need to practice your song again and again. The more you practice, your singing will get better and better. So make it a point to practice as much as you can.

Singing needs a lot of air in your lungs. Breathing exercises will help you to improve this area.

Understand the mistake and correct it. Then you will be able to perform very well in public.

What you think about it? Express your views at comments box below

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Many uses of a bathroom, Things we do at a bathroom

Many uses of a bathroom

However, bathroom is a good place to spend time alone. Many people who have to spend a lot of time in the bathroom due to the medical problems use it as a good place to read. Bathroom is the one of the few rooms where privacy is routinely respected. A spouse may share the bed room or a living room. A child may burst into a reading room unannounced. There are a number of reasons, including privacy to use bathroom for reading or singing.

Some people use their bathroom for thinking about solving their problems. Many find solutions or a way forward to their problem while spending time in the bathroom. CEO's and Managers are using their toilet to think about the steps to be taken during the day for a particular situation. They think and find ideas to solve their problems. An accountant can derive ideas to save tax. Entrepreneurs find it a best place to derive new business ideas or remodeling their business where privacy is guaranteed.

So modern bathroom is not designed to spend a few minutes of the day. The concept of the design of a bathroom is changed considerably over the years. It is now designed to spend more time and derive most of the benefit it can provide. Ladies spend more time in the bathroom than the gents.

Bathtubs placed in the bathroom are a better way to relax. By using hot and cold water, you can beat the hot and cold season and relax in your bathroom. Reading a good book while soaking yourself in a bathtub is a really enjoyable pass time for the affluent people in the society.

A husband, who do not wish to disturb his wife by using bead room reading lamp late at night will use the bathroom for reading his favorite fiction. If you need more concentration, you can use bathroom where privacy is protected. There won't the disturbance of telephone bells or TV, stereo sounds or a moving child. Importance and uses of a bathroom is gradually increasing now a days.

It is a place to express our emotions. A mother who want to cry or express her emotions will shut herself alone in a bathroom. She find the necessary comfort in being alone.

Gadgets like mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, amazon kindle, e-book readers, laptops etc. increased the number of bathroom lovers. Some students who are preparing for their exam find it convenient to use bathroom to giving more concentrated attention to their subject.


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    • profile image

      Charlie 5 years ago

      I'm an aspiring singer, and I've been having this problem for a while, and I really hope that I can overcome this and naturally sing worry free, just sing. big big big THANK YOU to the writers of this article (and those who made it possible) thanks!

    • profile image

      Crabbe 6 years ago

      This is nothing like me this advice sucks.

    • Rusticliving profile image

      Elizabeth Rayen 6 years ago from California

      I have been a vocal and musical theatre director for nearly thirty years. It's always refreshing to hear or read when someone thoroughly understands the purpose of relaxation before one performs. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to reading more of your Hubs.

      Lisa~ Rustic Living

    • profile image

      meshaila marionne ten 6 years ago

      its a great idea..

      i think thats me..


      afraid singing around the public.

      ill try to do it to sing in front of my classmates..


    • profile image

      icandoit 7 years ago

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. Absolutely the advice I was needing. Years ago I read a book called "Feel the fear and do it anyway" and have tried to apply that philosophy to most things but singing in public still terrified me and I never did myself credit but having read your advice I feel inspired to get on with it and enjoy it!

    • profile image

      Kristina 7 years ago

      Thank you for the advices :) I wish I had read the article before my first live performance :P I was afraid that I might forget the lyrics - well I did but I got over it and kept going; I was also afraid of failing when singing the chorus - I did that too on the first one, but I sang the rest of the song good.And when I think about it I'm happy that theese things happened :) Now I know making mistakes is not as scary as it seems and I think that this is a valuable lesson. The same day I had to sing infront of a smaller audience but they were people I know and some of them were about to hear me sing for the first time. Well it didn't have microphones and it can't be called a real performance but I sang the same song great and everyone likes me. So don't be afraid to make mistakes :D

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 7 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks all for your visit and comment

    • profile image

      Mary Harrison 7 years ago

      I have found this article really useful Singing at home on your own is qute different from singing in public, but I find your advice about keeping on with it useful

    • pinkboxer profile image

      pinkboxer 7 years ago from Louisiana

      Great hub! I am a fan.

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 8 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks all for your visits and comments

    • SunShineSnow profile image

      SunShineSnow 8 years ago from Texas

      My biggest fear of singing in public is that other people will think I am not as good as I think I am. And as you said what people are looking at when they should be listening. I did sing with the choir in school, with a group it didn't seem to bother me nearly as much.