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Will You Sing for Me?

Updated on August 14, 2016
Oscarlites profile image

Writing Poetry has filled a large portion of my life beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment for me.


Sing Your Sweetest Love for Me~

I would give anything to hear you sing.

I wonder would I be what your song needed?

And I would strum my old guitar out on the porch,

Singing together a good old song in harmony;

And walking in the yard with the one I love,

Memories of happiness when you are near;

Your beauty shining inside, as your heart speaks out.

I would give anything to hear you sing,

Sweet melodies, with tenors quiet refrain.

How long would I love to listen,

To hear your sweet voice ring loud clear notes;

While making the angels rejoice and dance,

Hanging on the edge of yonder cloud

I would give anything to hear you sing,

Yes, friend of mine so patient and dear;

Mystery of life in so soft and lovely skin,

So fresh, so happy is your voice in soprano.

If I could fly away and visit with you one night,

To know in your softness another glad tear.

Shed in happiness of giving your love song.

If I were to just hear you sing, my heart would pound.

My face would shine, my blood rushing high;

Until I was very near you, embraced you and loved you;

And knew that you were mine, heart to heart.

Flying together in starlight sky, and in the Milky Way;

Our loves found and knitted, meteors blasting to Saturn;

In Neptune’s Star Dust, In Venus’s Rings of Love;

Where is the moment your song took my breathe away?

Give me just one second, one moment in your radiance.

When I hear you sing, Life will stand still,

It will slow my heart and race it up, Vroom!

In moments of suspense as I take in your aura, your scent;

Music and talent mesh together, to be a song of soul;

From the only one that could wake me like this,

Dreams of my life seem to fit with you, dearest girl,

Oh, now I would give anything to hear you sing!


April 19, 2006

North Pole, Ak


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