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X Factor Auditions Week Five Part Two

Updated on February 14, 2015
Diva Fever
Diva Fever | Source
Harry Styles
Harry Styles | Source
Marlon McKenzie
Marlon McKenzie | Source

X factor Sunday Night

Well it's the final day of the auditions. The Judges are back in Manchester, along with guest Judge Nicole Scherzinger. Yes and we all know she is from the Pussycat Dolls, so there is no need for ITV to play 'Don't Cha' every time her name is mentioned.

Thousands of hopefuls are queuing outside waiting for their final chance of Boot camp. First up for Manchester is 19yr old Damien Devine, wearing clothes he designed himself, Is that a skirt he's wearing?

Damien sang Lady Gaga's Poker Face, his voice wasn't great and neither was his weird dance moves, needless to say he got three No's, although Louis did tell him to carry on with his clothes designing, Errr i would give up on that to mate, and please take off those ridiculous sunglasses.

Next we saw 24yr old Josh Moore, who wore a bumbag with a cuddly pig sticking out, apparently it was a childhood toy and he was hoping it would bring him some luck, Maybe he would have been better off with a rabbit as the pig bought him no luck when he also got three No's.

Next up was a 39yr old lifeguard, who danced more than he sang, and he too got three No's. So not a good start for Manchester then.

31yr old Polish guy Wojciech Piegat, was next to audition. He did a very strange dance with his gangly legs while singing 'Educational Lover' and although Simon gave him a very firm No, both Louis and Nicole said yes, and he went through to Boot Camp.

Next to take the stage was 20yr old Tobias Sumpton, who confesses to already having had twenty jobs, "I like change," he tells the Judges. Tobias went on to sing 'Your Song' by Elton John, he had a lovely voice, he just needed to believe in himself more.

Simon seemed to really like him, his only concern was that he had already had so many jobs, but Tobias told him "I'm Punctual" which made the Judges laugh, and he went through with all Yes's.

Following him was 17yr old Ramena Fahari, who sang 'You don't have to say you love me' with a stunning voice, and she to received three big yes's.

Next up was 25yr old Dental nurse Chrissie Pitt who has previously done tv and singing work, she sang 'Ain't no mountain' with a very soulful voice that got her three Yes's. Then we saw Lewis Hamilton look alike, 17yr old Karl Brown who also had a soulful voice and got three Yes's.

Next was 17yr old Charlene Dawson who sang with an amazingly powerful voice, and she to got three big Yes's which bought her to tears. Then we saw 16yr old Harry Styles, who sang Stevie Wonder's 'Isn't she lovely.'

Richard Thomas Audition

The Contestants

Harry was very cute and had a great voice too, Louis Walsh gave him a No saying that he wasn't ready, but Simon and Nicole both disagreed, and they each gave him a yes, securing Harry's place in Boot Camp.

We saw lots of Auditionees getting a No from Louis, who Simon branded Miserable. The camera showed Louis in black and white, and he remained miserable until group Diva Fever arrived on stage. Diva Fever made up of two lads Joseph and Craig, sang 'Let it Be' but Simon who was obviously expecting more asked them to sing something else, which resulted in the cheeky chappies deciding to put on a show and sang Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary' which was actually very entertaining.

Diva Fever had guest Judge Nicole, and the rest of the audience all dancing along, The lads went through with three Yes's.

Next up was 28yr old pub and club singer Richard Thomas, who wanting to take his singing career to the next level. He sang 'Higher and Higher' by Jackie Wilson.

I personally thought he sounded like a typical Karaoke singer, to be honest i was expecting more, the Judges told him that he didn't have a recording voice and had picked up to many bad habits, he walked away devastated and with three No's.

Ending the Auditions was 27yr old Marlon McKenzie from Manchester, he sang 'Ain't no sunshine' with a gorgeous unique voice. Simon loved the fact that he sang his own version of the song and made it current. Marlon got three huge Yes's.

That was the end of the Audition Process, next stop Boot camp. Tune into ITV on Saturday 25Th September at 7.30pm, and Sunday 26Th September at 7.45pm, for The Boot Camp Double Bill.


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    • profile image

      JLS Tickets 6 years ago

      I'm sorry to say this but Nicole is waaaaaay hotter than Cheryl!

    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 7 years ago from South England

      Thank you for your comment, I agree Rob, but i also like Gamu (girl with the flower in her hair) and i like Matt and Marlon in the boy section too :)

    • profile image

      Rob_Harris 7 years ago

      i'll make a prediction on Cher to win shes amazing XD