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What do you think about this as a sitcom?

With more and more people who age slower physically it gave me an idea for a sitcom, Jim a 28 years old successful bachelor's life is turn up side down, when his mother decided to move in with him and in addition, his mum is one of those old people who don't age. My idea of the cast Zac Efron (age 27) as Jim and sex and the city's kristin davis (age 50) play the mother. The photo below is a photo of her taken last year, don't look 50 at all, right?

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Best Answer Nicholas Daly (NonCopyBook) says

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2 years ago
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    peter565 2 years ago

    What about Jennifer Jason Leigh? She is 53 but she still look like girl next door. I don't think we should go old cougar, cause we done that already, maybe more like Marie from Everybody got Raymond, but look young. Maybe Ray Ramano as the dad too?

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