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What do u think about this thriller movie idea?

A black geek, that can't get a girl, one day suddenly got a hot girl friend, they were happy together, till angry KKK saw it, because his GF is white. One day, she gone missing, he called the cops, but the prejudice lead detective insist that he killed her and arrest him, without evidence after finding she had a cup of tea with her ex, a week ago, the detective conclude the motive is jealous. In the same time, the GF, was in fact captured by one of those KKK guys, who is in love with her, while her BF was been executed and cops, close the case, not even bothering to try find her.


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Lois Ryan (LoisRyan13903) says

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4 months ago
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    peter565 4 months ago

    Or another idea the kidnapper, worn a mask and voice disguise the whole movie, till after the BF is executed, it was reveal the detective is the one who truly kidnap the GF, because he is obsessed with her.and she is still lock in his basement.