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Avatar Awards 2013 (in '14)

Updated on April 12, 2015
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Don't agree with award shows? Neither do I,

so I decided to do something about it & Made my own!!!!!

To me it always seems the most deserving show or Movie etc. usually doesn't get the credit it deserves, only the movie that made the most (which isn't always the case) As if the judges grade partially on hype, or those you never heard of it at all, so I decided to make up my own awards a few years back. I try my best to cover everything (but being as I don't really listen to the radio much, I don't include much music on here.

Another reason I hate awards shows... They aren't done for one whole year they have a little of 2 years in them. say summer 2012 & the first couple months of 2013.... Mine goes from the first of 2013 til the end with a sprinkling of what I didn't get to see in the previous year (as well other years via rental)

I've tried to get everything from 2013 at least mentioned in here from the first of January til the end of December before I officially 'broadcasted'... some of the nominees like movies I may want to see but have not yet had that chance to watch, so may likely turn up as well in the 2014 awards.

There's few new award categories, some may have nominees others I thought of too late.

If they are left Blank then there were no nominees I thought of (or though of too late)

Being this is MY awards 'show' The dress is casual, and anything can happen. So pull up in your jeans or shorts if you like, hell your PJs even! Have some Cocktails or beer, Pizza, Popcorn & funnel cake will be served.. & for the 'Dean Winchester a large gut busting Bacon Cheeseburger! Its an all night affair full of entertainment, Awards, concerts, comedy a little for all to go around.

most of what I've included is what I have watched, heard & read though I do include some I'm interested in that I have not yet been able to see yet. Please keep in mind that I may not have nominees or a winner for all the awards, etc. I may 'rotate' awards, or I just didn't find someone or soemthingthing worthy enough (in my point of view) for that category (or carelessly somehow lost the note)

I also include some of the actual TV award show winners (if I voted for them or watch/like the actor or show/Movie) esp. for music

Awards ABBR.

(PCA)= People's Choice Awards

(CC) Critics' Choice Awards

Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

Winners are listed First or otherwise are in Bold, CAPITALS or Underlined

(in case I didn't break between) & runners up usually in order thereafter

Should you see an award that's blank, without nominees that means we here didn't find any we deemed suitable, or we just decided not to do that this year. We like to try to keep you on your toes here, so Hopefully next year.

I am still trying to get this hub down to code, I did just root through the whole thing so if there are a few stray items please give me a bit as I will get them off here asap

— Myself

MARCH 13 2015.... 2014 Avatar Awards in 2015 VIP ticket

Come and be my special guest  Friday MARCH 13  @ 8 pm EST
Come and be my special guest Friday MARCH 13 @ 8 pm EST | Source

Your ticket to next years Show!

Avatar Awards Red Carpet - Not only do the Celebrities walk the carpet, but so do you!


Welcome to the Red Carpet! You get out of your limo... & see tons of security around a cluster of people, That was me... I pinched Chris Hemsworth's butt! (Girl...You know you wanted to!) Though cool & laid back, he, wifey & myself have a laugh. Then the rest of Australia showed up, Hugh Jackman, Sam Worthington, Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Kwanten, & Joel Edgerton & his brother Nash & I probably passed out from it getting too hot!

You can tap your favorites on the shoulder to say Hi and get a pic; & if they have time, they just might hang and talk a while. Please no asking for autographs, You can sign up at the table for tickets of who you'd like, a limit of 5 per (but all autographs are to be personalized). There's no charge just please donate a dollar or pocket change into the container at their table for their respective charities.

During the Awards we ask you to use #AvatarAwards

Thank you and I hope you have a fun night!

One You give one of the Usher's your Ticket

Ushered in

Avatar Awards 2014

and they show you to your seats you find your seats in the front row as my guest

The host comes out & who is it?.....

A Man who needs no introduction - Tho' may now need hearing aids

'Loki' Hiddleston
'Loki' Hiddleston

Avatar Award by Steve Thompson

Avatar Award by Steve Thompson
Avatar Award by Steve Thompson

Telly Tv Boob Tube

PCA=People's Choice Awards CC=Critics' Choice

This first one is a real hard one to choose though I was able to narrow it down to the last three; however it's sort of a three way tie. Each of them are great shows. Arrow's action, Vikings (well everything) but though I wouldn't shut up about Vikings I wouldn't either with the winner! (Forgetting Revoultion was on NBC) I said NBC finally found a hit show!

Best New show of 2013 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sleepy Hollow Dads Bates Motel Hannibal Arrow *Vikings

Returning Shows Game of Thrones (My Dragons I finally get my dragons!) Copper Arrow

Spring/Summer Copper True Blood Leverage White Collar Haven

Fall/Winter The Walking Dead Vampire Diaries Supernatural American Horror Story s3:Coven


You Look like a human maxi pad- Sale to 2 bloody ghost girls. on Being Human

I just met you, at least buy me a drink first- Hirshel to Milton (walking Dead) on asking to see his stump

It touches me where my bathing suit goes- Crowley in Supernatural

Growl all you want Bright Eyes -Bill to Alcide on True Blood s. 6 Finale

I'm through concerning myself with the growls of simple minded mangy little dogs- Matthew Freeman on Copper Downtown filth sometimes shines like a copper-Corky Copper <--This come in 2nd

Big Ball of Wibbly Wobbbly Timey Wimey Stuff- Doctor Who


Actor Stephen Amell-arrow Travis Fimmel-vikings Gustaf SkarsgÃrd (Vikings) Josh Charles (PCA)

Actress Katheryn Winnick-Vikings

Actor in a new series Giovanni Ribisi or Seth Green (Dads) Jonathan Rhys Myers (Dracula)

joseph Morgan (-pca) Danielle Gilles (the Originals) Tom Mison (Sleepy Hollow)

Actress in a new series- Sarah Michelle Gellar (The Crazy Ones) & she FINALLY gets to thank her Buffy fans Ming Na Wen (Agents of Shield)

Actor in Procedural- Johnny Lee Miller Alex O'Laughlin (Hawaii-5-0) Kevin bacon

Drama Hannibal The GoodWife (PCA) The Following

NEW Drama- Reign (pCA) Dracula The Originals Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hannibal

Drama Actor- Kevin Bacon Mads Mikleson- Hannibal Josh Charles (PCA) James Kaveizel Patrick Dempsey

Comedy Dads Subergatory 2 Broke Girls Big Bang Theory (PCA) Modern Family Melissa & Joey

Comedy Actor- Neil Patrick Harris Jim Parsons Joey Lawrence Seth Green Giovanni Ribisi

Comedy Actress- Jayne Lynch Zooey Dechanel Melissa McCarthy Kaley Cuoco (PCA) Melissa Joan Hart

NEW tv Comedy 2013 Super Fun Night (PCA) Mom THe Crazy Ones THe Millers Dads Michael J Fox Show The Goldbergs

Horror/Sci fi- Walking Dead True bLood American Horror Story: Coven Supernatural

Sci-fi/Fantasy show- Arrow Doctor Who Game of Thrones Haven Once Upon a Time True Blood Under the Dome Vampire Diaries twd(?) Defiance Lost Girl Beauty & THe Beast (PCA)

Sci-fi star- Andrew Lincoln (Walking dead) Anna Paquin Stephen Moyer (True Blood) Emilia Clarke (GOT) Jared & Jensen (Supernatural) Stephen Amell (Arrow) Ian Somerhalder (PCA) Paul Wesley (Vampire Diaries) Eric Balfour (haven)

Sci-fi/Fantasy Actress Emilia Clarke (GOT) Ginnifer Goodwin Kristin Kreuk(pCA) Nina Dobrev Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)

Period piece- Copper Vikings Dracula Copper Game of Thrones (? not sure if this fits)

Mini-series- Under the Dome American Horror Story (pCA)

TV-movie- Sharknado

This one is another hard winner to choose They are all great but even though I LOVE my Vikings and that cast there I can choose a few favorites from as well as the others this particular cast I wish I had a better introduction for them but they will see you coming,charm you, and then make you gasp.. The winner for this years....

Best Ensemble cast - Game of Thrones Walking Dead Under the Dome Vikings American Horror Story:Coven

Tv Fan Following- Supernatural Vampire Diaries Game of Thrones Walking Dead (wow Dead Heads or Supes as I call them... That would be an interesting cage match!) I've been a Supe longer! Both shows keep changing in their own way One is more serious and the other well has an element of everything but this one has been around longer.

Best Newcomers Tom Weston Jones Stephen or Robbie Amell Tom Mison

Best Costumes Game of Thrones, Vikings Copper (but really they all win)

Best Set Designs Game of thrones Copper Supernatural Dracula

Best Character(s) Copper Game of Thrones Arrow

On screen Romance (movie or tv)

On screen Chemistry (Movie or tv cast ) Emma & Hook Once upon a time Oliver & Felicity (Arrow)

Booth & Bones (Bones) Holmes & Watson Damon & Elena Vampire Diaries (PCA)

Best FX - Walking Dead Supernatural Once Upon a Time

Best Cross Over-

Crime Drama- Elementary Hannibal Hawaii 5-0 Bones Castle (pCA) Criminal Minds The Mentalist NCIS

Cable tv Drama- Copper Vikings Sons of Anarchy Walking Dead(pCA) American Horror Story:Coven White Collar

Premium cable series Game of thrones True Blood DaVinci's Demons Vikings Doctor Who Homeland (pca)

Dramatic TV Vikings

Paranormal Show- Paranormal Witness Ghost Adventures Celebrity Ghost Stories

Cameo- Donel Logue Vikings as King Horik Samuel L Jackson S.H.I.E.l.D.

Best Presumed Death by major or minor character- Tommy Merlyn (Arrow) Impaled

Aja- Graduation decapitation Vampire Diaries

Eric Northman (True Blood s6 Finale)

This one you have to think You shouldn't like them (or definitely don't, at least at first) maybe you have a little love hate thing with the character but then you get to see a soft side, or something that gets them on your good side

but you still know that maybe you shouldn't trust them

Anti-hero- Jax (Sons of Anarchy) Jamie Lannister (GOT) Ragnar Lothbrock (Vikings) Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones Rich Grimes Walking Dead (pCA) Norman Bates- Bates Motel

Bromance- Arrow & Diggle Sam & Dean Winchesters & Castiel (Supernatural)(PCA) Steve & Danno (& Chin) Hawaii 5-0) Seth Green & Giovani Rimbisi's characters in Dads

Gal Pals- Caroline & Max 2 Broke Girls

Best 'Original' (New) series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Other than that all my most faves started in 2014 or possibilities have yet to start)

Best EpisodeSupernatural Hunter Heroici (with cartoon gags) & Dog Dean Days

Arrow Burn & Odyssey (I chose Supernatural and both because I can still remember the episodes well!)

Dads ep 16 'Warner's got it made" or as I call it 'Mafia Games' though YES it aired in 2014 (& may end up there as well) I don't think I stopped laughing at all during the episode.

(keep in mind I'm part Italian so it was that whole angle that had me laughing. Yes the show isn't Politically Correct & that's why it's funny. They don't make fun of one ethnicity or religion.. They make fun of everything and anything they think of! Not to mention when I'm feeling really crappy it's pretty much the only comedy on tv that actually cracks me up So lighten up (before I call you a DILLweed and throw a pie in your face)

Best Episode of a Series Ended Arsnic & Old Cake -Copper (season 1)

Commercials- Doritos- Little Girl with the large Dalmatian (paint nails & playing Dress Up)

Mineke- Little Mechanic boy

Streaming Series Orange is the New Black (pca)

Series we miss most- Breaking Bad (pca) I miss Copper most


Reality Competition- Face off EXIT Robot Combat League The Voice (PCA) Big Brother

Best Concept- House's Candy spotlight character with the Belly Mouth s.4 S.5 Tate

Reality Fight

Reality Couple

Reality Hottie-

Cartoon remakes-

Daytime Hosts- Ellen (pCA) The Chew The Talk Yes I know it's a food show but the only one I watch, and oddly its like a variety show in a way as well.

Night host- Jimmy Kimmel David Letterman Graham Norton(on BBCAmerica sat. nights) Stephen Colbert (PCA)

New Talk show host- Queen Latifa (pca)

Creative Arts (Movie & Tv) -

Stunts= Arrow

Make Up/FX- Walking Dead Greg Nicotero

Costume/set design



Script (writer)

Camera (Director)

Red Carpet Looks (dos) - Kat Dennings @ Thor 2 Premier

Golden Globes (2014) Kate Beckansale Mila Kunis & Jenifer Lawrence

Red Carpet DON'Ts- (2014 Golden Globes) Sandra Bullock Zooey Dechanel

Lena Dunham (wrong color for her skin tone, wrong style for her body)

Reese Witherspoon Beautiful color but just boring

When will the networks learn??- Just really WHY must there be a 2nd hiatus during the Olympics? As if EVERYONE is into watching sports. I try to catch 1 or 2 events for winter Snowboarding & if I hear about it and find it MEN's Hockey. As for Summer I don't think there's one thing I pay attention to. Once they get Bowling in it then I will watch because my cousin will bowl everyone back to their alley's

Welcome back (to tv) come 2014 Josh Holloway ('Sawyer' from Lost)

BEST Guest Stars Jorge Garcia & Desmond from Lost guest star in Hawaii 5-0

Honorable Mentions

2013 Final Farewells- House Merlin Breaking Bad Copper

Moments of Silence for Series (ended too early...Cancled) Cult 666 Pk Ave.

#3 Entertainers of the Year 2013~

Benedict Cumberbatch

The NEW Big things

Vikings, Witches Legends & Planes crashing in movies

Favorite Commercials ALL TIME - some old & new

The Slap Chop Guy CRACKS me Up...STILL But world wise.. I'd say the Darth Vader kid

& I was quite surprised to see Sam Worthington In a Commercial and FINALLY (tho only shown I think during Devils games) David Clarkson in one as well.

Trying to find the one with the Car Drifting & the Old man & woman come out & she smacks him on the butt

2012... & The Dorities Baby in the swing (couldn't find the video)

I don't have a drinking problem, I just like drinking

1.You're a writer,

2. you're from Ireland, it's your heritage You're F*ed

— Marty & Billy- 7 Psychopaths

Music & Sports

I'm not into pop (radio) music and barely listen. So I'm just going to go with nominees I saw on the people's choice awards.

Please remember 'Band = plays instruments & through entire concerts

not Boy groups

so any one of the first 4 (but then I'm not sure if Maroon 5 would actually be a band I've only seen them in one video playing instruments)

'Band' Maroon 5 Paramore Avenged Sevenfold Nine inch nails

One Direction(PCA)

Alt. Band Fall out boy (pCA) Imagine Dragons Mumford & Sons Muse

Country Artist- Taylor Swift(pCA)

Country Icon Tim McGraw (pca)

R&B artist- Justin Timberlake (PCA)


Single/SOng A7x Hail to the King Roar Katy Perry (pca)

Album- Hail to the King (a7x) Valkyria Tyr Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience (PCA)

Import- Valkyria Tyr


Music Video Katy Perry Roar (pCA)

Favorite pop artist Katy Perry Lady Gaga Selena Gomez Pink Rihanna

Male artist- Justin Timberlake (PCA) Bruno Mars

Female artist- Britney Spears(pCA) Katy Perry Lady Gaga Demi Lovato



Hockey- *Jaromir Jagr becomes devil (to my shagrin)

*Winter Classic Leafs beat Wings in Shoot out & it was snowing! + the Best Attendance above all the other Winter or Heritage classics

Wrestling- John Cena vs Rock @ WM 29

Orton Wins WWE title contract MITB Then Wins the 'UNIFIED' title at TLC

Nascar- Danica Patrick first step for women Pole Sitter Daytona 500 & First to lead on green


Book I'm the Vampire That's Why You Suck A Dirty Job (Christopher Moore)

Author Michelle Bardsley Christopher Moore L.J. Smith


Vamp book I'm the Vampire That's Why by Michelle Bardley Dark Nights Christine Feehan

Romance Broken Heart, OK books (#1) Viking Heat Sandra Hill



Mystery / Crime Who'sKitten Who (by Cynthia Baxter) Before I wake (Steven Spurill)

Series Broken Heart, OK Night World Wicked Necroscope


Anthology/Short Story

Coolest Title Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove

Quotes by characters -

Having a BF with a Neck biting fetish is definitely NOT sane-Joie in Dark Decent by Christine Feehan

*"If you weren't a freak prehstoric vampire, you'd probably kill to taste my triple mocha latte"-Diana -Vampires have Curves

I've seen more intelligence in the crotch lice of heram whores' Practical demonkeeping (i forget what character)

I always say it... You go to College to become stupid. or at least it seems some of my friends have lost about half their brains after.

Check ut this dialog..

Mavis: "What, you three got thirty years of college between you and not enough smarts to dial a phone without a blueprint?"

Howard: "Astute Observation

Catfish: " I ain't got no College"

Mavis "Well cheers to you for being just naturally stupid"

Favorite Line(s) froma Book Surfers don wetsuits against chill of storm waves and "white sharks adjust their diets to include shrink wrapped dude snacks on fiberglass crackers"

'While a tarryton extra long dangles from her lips dropping long ashes down the front of her sweater like the smoking terds of a tiny ghost poodle' (this one gave me a chuckle when I first read it

Comic Book Writer-

Comic book/Graphic Novel-

Comic Book Artist-

Comic-Con Icon-

#2 Entertainer of the year

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Fads - Loom bracelets, Pretzel Rolls (seems like every fast food place had one)

Movie Awards

Best Genre movie

Horror Evil Dead ABCs of Death The Collection Warm Bodies The Conjuring

Carrie (pCA)

Action Kick ass 2 Man of steel Red Dawn Iron Man 3 (PCA) White house down Olympus has fallen The Wolverine Lone Survivor (CC)

Sci-fi Star Trek: Into Darkness Pacific Rim (enjoyed it more)

Fantasy Oz the great & Powerful Hobbit 2 Beautiful Creaters Mortal instruments:City of Bones

Thriller or Mystery Now you see me (PCA) The Collection Premium Rush(2012) White house down 6 souls

Comedy- 21 jump Street (2012) Silver Linings Playbook (2012) 7 Psychopaths Frankie Go Boom Farce of the Penguins Grown ups 2 This is the end The to-do list The heat (pca)


Drama- Argo What Maise Knew Gravity (pCA)


Family/Animated- Frankenweenie (2012) Wreck it Ralph Hotel Transylvania The Croods

Despicable Me 2 (pCA) Frozen (CC)

Animated Charater The Minions -Depicable me 2 The Croods

(based)True Story - Lone Survivor Argo

Superhero (actor) Chris hems worth Thor Henry Cavill Man of Steel Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 3

Hugh Jackman (wolverine)

Comic Book Inspired: Ironman 3, Thor 2: the Dark world Man of Steel The Wolverine

Most Improved Sequel (from last) THe Wolverine

Most under used/estimated Character Pepper Potts War Machine

Most under used actor-

Fave Face of Heroism- Henry Cavill Vin Disel (Fast 6)

Movie/Cult following- Sharknado

Favorite movie actor - Hugh Jackman Bradley Cooper Johnny Depp (PCA)

Leo DiCaprio Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Movie Actress- Sandra Bullock (PCA)

Young actor

Young Actress

Best lead

Male Ben Affleck- Argo Robert Downey Jr -Ironman 3 Hugh Jackman Matt McConahey (CC)

(I can't believe I'm doing this but ) Mark Wahlberg

Female Jennifer Lawrence Sandra Bullock Cate Blanchette (CC)


Actor Paul Walker Idris Elba (Pacific Rim) Jared Leto Dallas Buyers Club ( CC)

Actress Lapita 12 Years a Slave (CC)

Breakout Performance

Male Pacific rim(True Blood) Daniel Bruhl (Rush the fifth estate)


Comedic Performance (solo, duo or group) Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock The Heat

Channing Tatum & Jamie Foxx -White House Down

Best Remake-

Movie Evil Dead

Book (haven't read the books that came to film this year)


Most F-ed up or coolest name

QUOTE(s)- I'm The Mother Fucker who Found the Place- Maya in Zero Dark Thirty

Are you the man that makes the donuts - Wreck it Ralph to King Candy

Children of the Candy Corn -Wreck it Ralph same convo to King Candy

Marty: I don't have a drinking problem; I just like drinking.

Billy:1. You're a writer & 2. You're from Ireland, it's your heritage You're F*ed.

Argo F* yourself -various characters

So you come to California to look like a big shot without doing anything? You'llfit right in!- John Goodman in Argo

I can handle a nightmare; You’re a nightmare every day for me.” – This is 40 (the baby daughter)

Best Cameo(s)Johnny Depp & Peter Deluise in 21 jump st. & Melissa McCarthy The Hangover

Ensemble cast Lone Survivor Star Trek 2 Pacific Rim American Hustle (CC) Fast & Furious 6

Director Peter Jackson -The Hobbit:Desolation of Smaug Alfonso Curon (Gravity (cc)


Screen Writer

Sequel The Collection Star Trek into darkness Iron man 3 Thro 2

Foreign import Voices (jap Psycho thriller) Blue is the Warmest Color (CC)

Best FX TIE! Pacific Rim for the Jagers & Esp. The Kaiju The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug esp. for SMAUG

Stunt Bridge in FF6

3-D movie Pacific Rim

Hollywood Hottie Benedict Cumberbach (CC) Leo DiCaprio Mark Wahlberg Taylor Kitsch Emile Hirsch Liam Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth but really (if you choose one.. Then they have to share because there's too much hottness coming off the both of them)

Best Villain/ Dirtbag /Evil Genius Luke Evans FF6 John Harrison (Cumberbach) ST Into darkness

Screen (Scream) Play Branded 7 Psychopaths Antiviral upsidedown

Badass Character

WTF Moment/ Holy $h!+ performance

Holy $4!+ scene of YearHangover 3 Credits gag Convoy surprise FF6 Elysium- Kreuger grenade face (this part we had to rewind & watch in slow mo')

Indy Movie

Movie Duo Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto Star Trek Into Darkness Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy The Heat Taylor Kitsch & Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor (PLEASE give me 2 more movies with them in it!) Robert Downey Jr. & Gwyneth Paltrow Iron Man 3

Best Fight Star trek 2 Spock & John Harrison Cyborg Kreuger & Max fight (Elysium) Rock & Diesel Tag Team (fast n furious 6) The Underground (FF6) Bullet Train - Wolverine

Chase Beginning or Letty through Undergrond FF6

Best (presumed) Death Hansel & Gretel Treed & quartered and 2 others

Krueger Elysium

Scared as shit performance

Memorable Mutilation Evil Dead Arm in kitchen Handcuff piercing or Wood Chipper & Clipboard -

No one lives

LMAO moment

Best Kiss Spock & Uhura

Global Star

Fantasy/ Sci-fi Actress Zoe Saldana

Fantasy/ Sci-fi Actor Zachary Quinto

Action Movie Star Brad Pitt Channing Tatum Hugh Jackman Vin Deisel Robert Downey Jr.(PCA) Mark Wahlberg Lone Survivor (CC) I'm also including him for 2 Guns

Action Movie Actress - Michelle Rodriguez Milla Jovovich Sandra Bullock (CC)

Comedic Actor- Ed helms Adam Sandler (pCA) Zack Gandalfiakis Chris Rock Bradley Cooper

Chris Rock Leonardo DiCaprio (Wolf of wallstreet (CC)

Comedic Actress- Sandra Bullock (PCA) Melissa McCarthy Amy Adams American Hustle (cc)

Dramtic Movie Actor- Leo DiCaprio (pCA)

Dramatic Movie Actress Sandra Bullock (PCA)

Horror Actress

Horror actor

Sexiest Beastie (include tv) Rob Kazinsky (Fairy Vampire)

Joseph Morgan- Klaus or Daniel Gillies - Elija The originals

Biggest bad-ass star Idris Elba (I still hear that speech from Pacific Rim in my head) Oh & He's the Guardian of Asgard

Villain Make over Star Trek 2

Fashion Comeback

Evil Dead

Most Anticipated Movie Godzilla Warcraft Captain America Winter's Soldier Batman 2014 50 Shades

Best WORST Movie Sharknado

Shameless Product Placement Bad Grandpa ...Starbucks

Ultimate Scream

Scream Queen

Moldy (came out 1 or more years previous)

Best 1 word Emote Benedict Cumberbach Zachary Quinto Toss up... really but guess

New CULT Following Sharknado blew up the soci sphere

Battle of "Remove casting of___" petitions Charlie Hunnam (50 Shades) (he did pull out of the project) Ben Affleck (Batman)

Year end movie Hunger Games Catching Fire (pCA) Hobbit :Smaug Thor Dark World Frozen

I can handle a nightmare- you're a nightmare everyday for me

— (baby daughter) -this is 40


Robert Kazinsky

Colin O'Donoghue

2013 in review with Io9

My Avatar

My Avatar
My Avatar

TRIBUTES Icons & Acheivements

Movie Icon-

Lifetime Acheivement award- Christopher Lee

Favorite humanitarian Award- Angelina jolie

Movies continued

Tributes etc

Wish I could do that award- Percy Jackson's Controlled wave

Genius Award (CC) for the "Before" series Director Richard Linklater Ethan Hawke & Julie Delphi

Inaugural SCREAM's HEROINE Award-


Scream's Maverick Award-


Tribute to - Paul Walker

Movie Icon-

Favorite humanitarian Award- Angelina Jolie (work w/ U.N) Jennifer Hudson (PCA) Forest Whitaker (CC)

Lifetime Achievement - Christopher Lee 250 roles including Dracula, A Bond Villain & Lord of the Rings

Best Rentals

Fire w/ fire

The Deaths of Ian Stone

6 Souls

1.2.3.. Frankie Go Boom



Baytown Outlaws

Best Movie of 2013

Best movie of 2013 (must be at least 1 movie per month among noms)

Jan- Zero Dark Thirty

Feb Warm Bodies

Mar Upside Down Love & Honor Dead Man Down The Croods

April- Disconnect

May - Iron Man 3(pCA) No one Lives Aftershock The Iceman Star Trek:Into Darkness Fast & Furious 6 Now you see Me

June- Man of Steel White house down Monsters University

July- Pacific Rim The Conjuring The to-do list The Wolverine Drift

Aug- Elysium You'e Next

Sept- Insidious 2 Rush

Oct- Gravity Capt Phillips The Fifth Estate (& never got to see ANY October films)

Nov - Thor 2

Dec- Hobbit 2 American Hustle Lone Survivor




Narrowed Down to: Now you see me White House down Pacific Rim The Hobbit Lone Survivor




and the Winner Is...


(dislclaimer: movie items image credit to the clip art site watermarked on the image)

Entertainer of the Year #1

Tom Hiddleston

Entertainment by your host

So you come to California to look like a big shot without doing anything?

You'll fit right in.

— John Goodman's character- Argo


Squidoo article of the Year (weeks at top plus ranking & Likes)

#1 Zi's Weight Loss

#2 Zak Bagans

#3 How to use a journal

#4 The Man Bag

#5 Creative Writing 101

Most Likes - Henry Cavill Hot Tea January Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld Arrow Stephen Amell Noble Norse Norns

Awarded Purple Star 'Trophies' for my Lenses in 2013

Zi's Weight Loss August 30

Zi's Crafts April 16

Unveiling my Story July 7


Dracula Day

How to make ink

Lyrically Instramental Musings

Argo F* yourself

— Various characters- Argo

Vampire v FANG v awards

Vampire SMackdown

Best Vampire WARLOW -true bLood

Vampire book (or series) Broken Heart Ok.

Movie Twilighters denied Only NOMINEES with Fangs apply

Was there one? If so Obviously it was forgettable & not worthy

Show The Originals Dracula True Blood Vamp Diaries Being Human (syfy)

Fangs Warlow -True Blood Alexander Greyston (jonathan Rhys Meyer) -Dracula

Damon Salvatore (or maybe Colin Ferrel's in fright night) Paul Wesley-TVD Alexander Skarsgard

Actor Daniell Gilles or Joseph Morgan - The Originals/Vampire Diaries Robert Kazinsky-True Blood Johnathan Rhys Meyer -Dracula Colin Farrell -jerry in Fright Night Ian Somerhalder Damon Salvatore or Paul Wesley's Stefan Vampire Diaries Robert Kazinsky as Warlow Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman or Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton True Blood

Runner up- Danielle Gilles

Actress Nina Dobrev as katherine Petrova TVD Rose in TVD Rebekah (Originals/Vampire DIaries)

The True Blood Girls - Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica (Tue Blood) Kristin bauer as Pam De Beaufort(true Blood) or Tara

The FIGHTERS For your Consideration (remember the older the vamp the more powerful)

Elija, Rebekah & Klaus, (Bronze age 3300-2100 BC)

The Salvatores from 1800s Vampire Diaries

Aiden & Henry from being Human (u.s.)

Eric (789-1066) & Bill Jessica Pam & Tara & Warlow (True Blood)

Colin Farrell's Jerry in Fright Night (babylonian times ?)

Vampire Smackdown

Aiden is put to ground for punishment, Damon, Eric Klaus teamed up for the self loathing bore that he is just as the match started. The flu pestilence passed through the city that, even if the human gets better, feeding upon them is fatal to vampires an so I guess the vampire flu ? So thanks to Aiden chasing off 'son' Henry's 'girlfriend' Henry is now dead. Stefan is fully viciously Vamped out & Doesn't know where to star first.

Klaus is supposed to be a thousand years old, though I think Viking Vamp Eric would be more than able to take him out (come on he can fly & Klaus.. is he even abkle to turn into a wolf again yet? Billith takes on Elija. The girls Pam, Tara, Elena, Rebekah & Jessica just watch in dumbfounded shock & amazement. Damon has been What I'm calling ZOmbie Vamped' as he's been 'drugged' to feed on vampires instead of human.

Also keep in mind.. THe OLDER the vampire, the more powerful

Vampire Diaries

Klaus (Bronze age 3300-2100 BC)

Klaus being he's a hybrid being a werewolf & the 'first' ever vampire he can also compell the other vamps in the show

Elija (Klaus' brother) He super Charged quarters (or whatever you want to call it) to blast open a cafe window (see season 2)

Rose can't remember any particular powers but was the ONLY vamp chic I could stand!

Katherine Pierce wicked, Caniving and so much more.

Tyler Klaus' first successful hybrid wolf & vamp

The Salvatores 1800s (Stefan is 162 & damon a few years older)

Damon can turn into a Crow (done in the books & the first season of the show, they haven't shown this lately)

Stefan normally feeds off animals so has weaker powers, but Since Klaus took away his humanity.. I haven't seen anything special.

True Blood's

Godric sired eric

Viking Vamp Eric Northman(789-1066) Eric Can Levitate/fly

Bill ComptonTrue Blood (around during American Revolution)


Pam De Beaufort

Colin Ferrell's Jerry in Fright Night (need to rewatch for the info,) but not only does he look like the 'normal' vampires above.. He also has "Teeth like 'Jaws'" (the ghoulish form of vampires (think of the movie Langoliers or critters) the breed of vampire said in movie to have originated in Mediterranean (which as far as my collection goes in Greece there's the Vrykolokas) in the movie they also mention they nest in the earth, are 'snackers' (keeping their food alive for days) they are tribal & a 'strong breed' Jerry can also shape shift from his human looking self to a full on 'creature' form.

Aiden from Being Human

TVD=Vampire Diries TB= True Blood Being Human

(a fan fic that if only we could have cross overs of all of the Vampire shows on tv)

Aiden has gone to ground …Damon, Eric & Klaus got rid of him just as the match started. (for those of us that watch TVD.. know s.3 will show us a side of Stefan we only got a short glimpse of for a few eps. So Stefan is fully viciously Vamped out & chillin' with Klaus. Tho' I forget how old Klaus is suppose to be So Viking Vamp Eric I think would more likely be able to take him out and Bill can take on Elija & Cole with Damon

Who's your fave vamp here?

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I decided on a title change for these awards.. you can leave your title ideas, in the guest book or Tweet them using the #Hashtag included here

Please give me some suggestions

So the Razzies are already an official award... for the bad stuff hollywood has kicked out over the year so I'm using the morgue awards as a temporary title I am looking for something that there will not be a problem with any age. Hopefully something witty, yet sarcastic and Brash

Make a suggestion in the guest book or better yet tweet it on Tweet #AvatarAwards with your ideas for the name for our version of the Razzies

  1. Movie Branded Kiss of the Damned R.I.P.D.

    Movie Disappointment Branded (great idea but falls short) a good day to die hard Identity Thief

    Hammer of the Gods

    Movie Sequel Silent Hill Revelations Texas Chainsaw 3d 12 Rounds Reloaded

    Worst FX or 3-D

  2. TV -

    Worst Tv series

    Worst Reality tv Honey Boo Boo

    Worst Cartoon Remake I don't know when the remakes started but

    Pound Puppies do not look like the pound puppies & My little Pony they look like they are being starved

  3. WORST Book/series or trilogy Out of Silent Planet (C.S. Lewis) or maybe it was just the writing

    Brian Lumley Necroscope (good story but the writing is just trecherous!) TIE


    Worst Writing

    (story may have been good just the writing made it dull or something) C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy

    Brian Lumley's NecroScope

    Chrstine Feehan Carpathian series (- 1)

  4. Artist-

    Song Rumor Has it (let me give you $10 to buy some lyrics other than the repetitive)



  5. 'Nothing Happening award' (worst acting, casting, etc)
  6. Moldy Oldie=
  7. worst Vampire Makeover
  8. Worst casting Ben Afflak as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  9. Movie or Tv remake


Comedian Jeff Dunham

In Entertainment weekly's 'Fall Tv 2011 Double issue" They have a page of the Summer's Dearly Departed

a couple of Highlights That were my favorites, (hoping to include these next season)

Most Valuable cadaver,

'Oddest Trend: Homicidal Superheros",

Hilariously UNlikely Death

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows received the AFI Award

Final Farewell R.I.P.

Actors- - Now it's time to say goodbye/ To all our company/ M-I-C, (See you real soon) K-E-Y, (Why? Because we like you!) M-O-U-S-E Annette Funicello, R.I.P. You will be missed

Ester Williams

Conrad Baid Diff'rent strokes (dad) Valerie Harper James Gandolfini Sopranos

Corey Monteith Glee! Paul Walker Peter O'Toole Marcia Wallace

Musicians - Stomping Tom Connors writer of the Hockey Song

Lou Reed Phil Everly

Miscellany- Dear Abbby Paul Bearer Wrestling manager (for Undertaker & Kane) Ed Kotch (former NY Mayor) Robert Ebert- Movie critic Dr. Joyce Brothers Ray HarryHausen


Entertainer(s) of the Decade 2000-2009 (for those that missed it)

Johnny Depp (yes like everyone else..but .)

Personally Oooh this is HARD!!

VAMPIREs!! (think about it 2009 was the Year of the Vampire! Magazines on the shelf devoted to all the vampire shows, movies books etc. now if there can only be a Black Dagger Brothehood movie series! I'd be happy! (maybe Sam worthington can Play Rehvenge oh yeah I've got another fave in the seriss.. Rhage.. why cause HE turns into a PUPRLE Dragon!! Lol WANT TO SEE THAT!

All time favorites

Movies- Saw series Final Destination series Gladiator The Hangover Avatar Jaws Lost Boys Monster Squad

Tv- Lost has gave 'acid' flash backs, forwards & a Time Traveling headache 2009 & in its 6th & 'The FINAL Season of 2010 Sideways Flashes. Friday Night Lights The TudorsThe Gilmore Girls Buffy angel Roseanne The Simpsons

Characters- Maximus (Gladiator) Capt. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) Miranda Presley (Devil Wears Prada) House (from'House') The Gilmore Girls, Stewie (Family Guy) Golum (Lord of the Rings) Harry Potter & friends (& enemies as well) Heath Leger's JOKER, Harold & Kumar, Buffy, Angel, 'The Charmed ones' of Charmed, Roseanne, Beavis & Butthead, The Simpsons esp. Bart


Stephen Dorff Johnny Depp Joey Lawrence

Bottom of the Bag & Best Swag

You see 4 wrapped boxes

The Reviews

Including 2012 Highlights What this critic wrote

Highlights 2012- 2013

Premium Rush-Ok this is ONE of THE BEST movies of 2012! And No idea where to put it between Avengers, Savages & Battleship! It WAS thrilling, really never a dull moment and DAMN! Do cops ever move fast enough to catch anyone on any transportation? Aside from Inception I think this is Joseph Gordon Levitt's best movie but then I have yet to see Looper. But Its one for the collection dad & I are both going to watch it a 2nd time! Which speaks volumes! So with that I don't think I need to say more! A

BRAVE- This was a cute story & is Pixar part of Disney (or is that Dreamworks?) well I think Princess Merida is my Favorite Princess (& if she's not Disney then screw them! Their princesses are wooses! It's great for kids & Parents not like some other animated movies that make you want to run out of the room holding your ears (one reason they make ipads I guess!) There's a nice few lessons here (for children & AHEM parents alike!) as well funny parts for all! An oh & after writing this watching the Golden Globes (or was it the Critics' choice awards I forget) it got best Animated movie award)

Total Recall- Colin Ferrell & Kate Beckinsale

I heard the critics trashing it in favor of the older version., which to me came off as campy & dated. Yes there were good make-up FX and so forth in it for the that time but I like the new one better as the action sequences are faster and (in a good way) hard to follow. To me the new one looks more futuristic, evening out the gritty depressive dive look with that bright future executive look. Kate Beckinsale plays one of the villains & she is one wicked Bad ass in here. Not one of the best but not one of the worst of the 2012 movies either it was reasonable and I think it would have been better seeing it in the theater (or a larger tv in blu-ray) C+

The Odd Life of Timothy Green- I'm not usually one that likes (let alone purposely watches) Disney movies. This one had me sold on Joel Edgerton playing the dad in it. Aside from that I thought it looked like a cute movie from the trailer. I don't remember how it did in the theaters but I can tell you it's a great family movie. Sweet, innocent, funny, silly and a great moral. B

Django Unchained - I rented this for dad as I'm not one for westerns (or so my impression from the trailers was) but thought to give it a try being Leo Di Caprio is in it. The Former dentist bounty hunter played by Christoph Waltz well has a ite joke atop his wagon that is distracting but may give you a few chuckles. There's a Holy crap death, and some big explosions for those who like that kind of thing, but if you can't take hearing the word nigger uttered I'm sure more than 100 times (probably about 20 of them in every conversation) then don't bother your ears will be ringing! If there's any reason to see it, I think I have to say Samuel L. Jackson stole the show once he arrived on screen (though I didn't recognize him at first, I thought he looked like Lurch from the Addams Family only as a Black dude! Di Caprio seems to have just too much make-up on, made me think of the Oompa loompas! Jamie Foxx's Outfit his character chooses Love the blue but looks like something from 3 musketeers or something like that. Though he did sort of look like a fancy valet! For a 2 hour and 45 minute movie there's never really a dull moment & felt like the normal 2 hour fair. I'm surprised I liked it, and if not for the rest of the movie the Climax gets an A+

Seen in 2013 & for one category or another Nominee for an Avatar Award

Fire with Fire- 2013 Avatar Awards Rental of Year Nominee!)Josh Duhamel, Bruce Willis & Rosario Dawson star in this Thrilling Crime drama. 50 cent, Julian McMahon, & Vinnie Jones make appearances as well. Josh who plays Jeremy, a firefighter is the lone survivor of a convenience store shooting . He's put into witness protection, to testify against David Hagman the scum on defense. While on relocation Jeremy ends up in a relationship, and ends up a ghost on the run to end Hagman's employees and Hagman. B

21 Jump Street- Honestly I so did not want to see it & was DEAD against it. I then heard Johnny Depp had a cameo & was the only reason I saw it. I can't stand the 'Not so slim shady' guy and though I don't have a problem with curing etc. WAY too much in this. There's more than just 1 cameo and unless you watched the original tv series you won't pick it up. (esp. The guy next to Johnny Depp when his cameo comes up I almost didn't even realize it was him) As much as I was SO ready to give this a D or less.. It's killing me that I have to give it a B!!

Hotel Transylvania- If the monster in you is still there, like it is me alongside the kid in you… then you'll like this. The werewolf pups are more like Tazmanian Devil pups (of the Loony Toon variety) There is a sort of scary part of this. Dracula does it & I'm not sure how to explain it. but he bares his fangs & everything turns red, it's sort of scary. The 'Human' that looks like Frankenstein looks more like a Frankenstein voodoo doll to me. I think they show any monster you can think of: Big Foot, Yeti (the Snow version of Big Foot) as well as many others. There's too many big cartoon eyes batting though (no puns intended) Wish a certain parent of mine saw this when I was a kid.. maybe they would have gotten a clue long ago! B

Seven Psychopaths- What to make of this? Well not sure, though I liked it. It was funny, had dramatic tension, some action and a bunch of nuts in it! I mean that on the loony level. Colin Farrell as Marty is writing a screenplay that he's title, "Seven Psychopaths' his friend Billy I think is who alone the movie should be about. I love Colin's line "I don't have a drinking problem; I just like to drink" There's also a bit of a story we are told that is being written into the book which really happened though Marty does not exactly know this. There's another part of one of the psychos that Marty is trying to write up, but would be too violent which he doesn't want, so Hans (Christopher Walken) helps him out with that. Maybe I like it because I'm a bit stuck on a story I'm writing (thought not with a character but just a scene itself) I thought this was pretty cool nothing that seems run of the mill so enjoy B

Wreck-it Ralph- I would have seen this in the movies but being its animated and mostly kids would be there I can't take it. I like silence when I watch a movie. So I waited and I'm guessing because I did so that I enjoyed it more (especially being no one in the house made a peep. I even watched some of the special features!) I like when you pause it, it has an 'easter egg' of sorts. That it gives you a bit of a brush up on who & what games the character is from. They also note that in Disney movies are 'Hidden Mickeys" look where anything is a circle you just might find the 3 circular logo of the famous Mouse silhouette. Oh yeah & Chris Hardwick (of Talking Dead) does these little factoid things. I forget how many there are but I waited until they looped back before I went to the bathroom or did anything. I also think this might be a great bonding movie for the parents & kids as there's old & new in this but I liked trying to remember as well as noticing some of the old 80s characters & games though I don't remember Fix it Felix. I hope there will be another one, as the Wreck it Ralph game (er Fix-it Felix) reminded me of Rampage which was my favorite arcade game. Maybe they can work in asteroids, and centipede in some way other than just showing the game console. A-

The Collection-2013 Avatar Awards Rental of Year Nominee!) I'm thinking this is the sequel to the Collector which I saw not long ago. I do not see anything on IMDB or Netflix that it is. Upon watching, this has definitely got to be a sequel as it more or less takes place not long after the end of the last. Honestly I like this one better. Think of it as a new form of jig saw, the places are rigged with booby traps (how & when this new breed of slasher gets this done I wish I knew) and from every massacre scene one victim is taken, normally in a trunk. The survivor from the last movie is in it and tries to help others to help save the latest victim. In a way I secretly envy this 'trapper' some are so elaborate going through a semi-public building, another in an old hotel that while watching seems like a morbid Hall of Mirrors maze, just without mirrors and where every turn may be your last. B

Argo- It's not all seriousness.. there's a few witty lines in here some true & some well.. may become pop cult legend ie: ARGO F* yourself! LMAO! The 60s/70s look suits Ben Affleck well. As sully as the plan sounded it was a good plan (& better to have one work on getting 'hostages' out than more as when the government (or just a group) get involved more can & will likely go wrong. I can see the reason it won an Oscar or 2. I know I always say this but when it comes to Oscar movies, usually it's a 1:10 or 1:20 ratio as to how often I like any in the year. Normally I don't go to see them in the theater, but this year well Argo & Zero Dark Thirty I've both saw & enjoyed. Definitely an A & the movie doesn't have to ARGO F itself.!

Rise of the Guardians- Oh so THAT's how the Northern Lights work! I think having Santa with a Russian accent was cool. The only option would be a deep Canadian one. I watched one or 2 of the Special features and it was Alec Baldwin that was the voice of Santa! Pitch I thought sounded familiar and it was driving me nuts. I knew it was an English actor but I couldn't figure out who, I was thinking The guy who played Voldermort in Harry Potter but I knew that wasn't quite it, then I said maybe The Malfoy father.. wrong It was Jude Law. Anyway there's these tall furry things that just as I was thinking "What praytell are those furry, (Thinking Yeti)...Santa literally answered me mid question. They indeed were what I thought they might be, Yeti. I liked the toothfairies loking like hummingbirds. I will never be able to look at one without thinking oh it's a toothfairy same goes for the Easter Kangaroo ah bunny! ol. Voiced by Hugh Jackman, the bunny isn't all cutsie wootsie he's can be a bad ass. I think this will make anyone believe in the magic we did as children again. (even if you have all your adult teeth!) A

Iron man 3- 1 word...EPIC Oh there was an attack of the warm fuzzies, but I don't remember for what scene,.. I do know it was after the 1 hour mark though. There's quite a few 'Hot Heads' That need to be cooled off. (Why not throw them in the water?) There's parts where RDJ looks younger in it. A+

Pacific Rim- With Monsters and robots of this size I had to see it in the theater. I've told at least one person after seeing it that unless you have a tv bigger than a theater screen, then see it in the theater. I know I wouldn't have enjoyed this as much just watching it as a dvd or blu-ray on one of the tvs in my house, and I'm glad that tho' my leg was killing me & was limping but I'm so sick of being in pain I took the risk of making it work & went to see it in the theater. Well when they say go big this is HUGE, and if it comes down to these Kiju or Zombies… I will definitely take the zombies! (at least they are more likely my size. I can deal with on my own). I loved there was FINALLY a monster movie the likes of Godzilla (or at least for this era, unlike that J.J. Abrams one that was out years ago & I can't even remember the name of it!) Not only do we have creepy monsters from below the earth beside the Monolithic Robots we also have drama, some dojo action in finding a partner best compatible to our hero when he's called back to action. The fight scenes are pretty quick and for me were not long enough. I hope there will be a sequel so long as Charlie Hunnam will be in it. It was enjoyable, more so here I am sure than it would have been if I had waited for rental. (Wouldn't have been as 'star struck' so to speak. With the big huge eyes when we see the first Jaeger robot (meaning Hunter) as well as the Kaiju which means big Monster or Large Beast. I say go see it in the theater while you have the chance. I went back to being a wondrous kid again seeing the Robots and 'aliens' even though I'm quite sure how they made them. B

Star Trek Into Darkness- Well this is definitely getting an Avatar Award nomination for best fight scene. Pine, Quinto & the rest of their Star fleet company put just enough of the character of yore by the actors that preceded them (or well those I remember seeing snippets of as I never watched the original moves & show) yet at the same time…they make the roles their own. Pine downplaying yet yukking it up with the hamminess of shatner at the same time. Even though I don't check out spoilers being as I don't want the movies ruined for me, some of it still was. There were rumblings as to who the villain would be so there was no surprise just wonder if it was true and no surprise when I heard the name. Myself not having a clue I figure I note that Entertainment weekly has noted the villain has a new twist or their word 'Retrofitted' to throw audience & fans alike off guard. It was with the previous movie that got me into Star Trek (though I doubt I'll watch the pre-2009 movies as well as TV. 2 words I can say will describe the movie or the characters of the lessons learned..(or so what I took it to be) Humility & Humanity. As for the Avatar Award nomination, it's the fight toward the end of the movie) Zoe Saldana as well as 'Scottie' & Bones as well as Oh what is the Russian character played by Anton Yelchin gets more face time as well. The movie was cool however something felt missing to me maybe it wasn't that satisfying as the first one and I feel gypped but I really am not able to place what it is. I waited until I saw the movie & writing my review before reading Entertainment weekly's review in which they note "Abrams positioned this as a prequel to the original tv series and movies' predating the 2009 reboot of the franchise but it also "lifts & twists element from the sacred text' which if I mention would (well might) spoil things for you. Another lesson is "to listen or not to listen' Ew calls the movie a "Sleek thrilling epic that also triumphantly witty and everything you could want in a Star Trek movie" Also I am giving Cumberbach & Quinto Avatar award Nominations for their roles in the movie as well. B

6 Souls-also known as 'Shelter' is a psychological thriller starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as various personalities & Julianne Moore as forensic psychologist Cara Harding. I thought this way an interesting movie with how she solves more than one murder and the various personalities and the supernatural twist that ties it all in. (when I selected the movie I had no idea there was any supernatural elements in it) Jon is great with the different personalities and accents especially. B

Frankie go Boom- OMG Charlie Hunnam looks so different without the whole Sons of Anarchy biker look but then I knew that after seeing Pacific Rim. This was a comedy from 2012 that dad & I enjoyed even though it was quite Cheeky (I think would be the word) His brother Bruce has a bad habit of filming people without their knowledge (& thinks that makes him a director) Sibling Rivalry with 2 adult men as if they are still children. Gorilla Face Ron Pearlman is in this in Drag! (if you thought he was ugly before wait til you see him as a woman! So anyway Bruce films Frankie in bed with a woman that hits him with her bike after Bruces meeting and it all unfolds from there. B

Deaths of Ian Stone- starring Mike Vogel as Ian Stone, who keeps dying and waking up in different places. These 'Dementor' like things are after him for what reason, if I reveal there goes the movie. The opening scene however shows a scoreboard and I'm thinking I'm going to see Death By Slapshot or slice & dice by a hockey skate. Wrong (but that would have been a REALLY cool one for Final Destination) But sadly no, but I wasn't wrong on the Hockey, and he just had to be wearing #17! (My favorite now former Devils' number) These 'Dementor' things or as I call them Reapers feed of I think the same as the Harry Potter counter parts, Fear but they were corrupted and started to feed off pain as well. We take a trip back to the 'Matric' with the garb half hour to end, and I honestly didn't see the twist (if it can be called that) coming. I'd say C+ or B. I liked that it was original (at least for me) plus the mystery of it, and those reaper dementor things are a bit scary when they are up close. Though the make-up,up close at least on one of them you can see (at least I can thanks to face off) looks like its made of the Foam Latex and therefore can tell it's a mask. (People USE the Silicone it may be heavier, but it's more realistic looking and you get the slight sheen not muted dull surface, I realize if something is dead (if these things are supposed to be) and withered yeah its supposed to look dry but there is such a thing as too dry)

Aftershock- starring Eli Roth (wait I thought this guy was a director? Ok whatever it's directed by Nicolás López Well half hour in we've done nothing but party with a side trip cemetery walk and a little over half an hour just when I start to B*** & Moan time to shake rattle & roll chaos ensues and good deeds don't go unpublished, oh the carnage. This was a pretty good thriller and hour and a half long just perfect timing right now as I'm watching the end I'm giving it a B… but there's something possibly missing, so if what If it ended the way I hoped it would have gotten an A, and just as the mention passes my finger tips.. it's turns to an A

Upside Down- 2 planets close to each other that share the same sun, one side dark and dreary, the other bright and rich (of course). IT's freaky looking when there's a corridor but they are where it's normal gravity and upside down one as well that when someone goes through one door & ends up being upside down on the other I wonder what technique they used; CG, upside down set piece or upside-down camera or what. Another that gets a nom for original Screen play for Avatar Awards I think it's well worth a watch A

NO one Lives- stars Luke Evans who well is a very interesting character. This is from the WWE studios (yes one of the wrestlers makes a cameo). There are a few surprising things I enjoyed in here! So I will say Nice use of Handcuffs as well as someone plays Elizabeth Bathory in a body suit (or would you pref. calling it meat suit?) What a SADISTIC Mofo Luke Evan plays and I LOVE it! Honestly he was one of the only reasons I wanted to see it when I saw that it was from the studio it came from. I liked it but the ending falls short of Bliss! They could have made it so much better, not to mention actually climatic! Luke's American accent in the film reminds me of someone else's but I cannot place who. It's sounds part Mob-ish for one. Not sure what elsetehre's a few other elements to his voice and accent that I cannot place. Oh & he runs like the T2 terminator in it. It's a cool thriller and the last 15 minutes well slow fight Kick ..pause iWHO fights like that? Also WHY would there be a pit the size of a car in a junk yard (that would just collect rain) ? IF the ending was better I would have gave it a B but not everything else was good C+

The Iceman- stars Michael Shannon (Man of steel) and man is his character stone cold, never showing emotion. Not really my type of movie but it was interesting and suspenseful thriller. I was surprised to see a cameo of a certain favorite actor I've loved since I was little I almost didn't realize it was him, but then he had a 'porn tash' and that really did throw me off, plus his hairline has receeded a bit more since the last movie I've seen him in. At first I didn't notice him at all, then when I heard a certain note in his voice I was like is that and then he did his (or what I say is) trademark psycho yelling and I knew it was definitely him. That person plays Joey) There's a few others that I didn't realize it was them at all! Like David Schwimmer as Josh Rosenthal oh & one person that still looks the same (since the 80s! and his stint in the Goonies) is the guy that played Jake Fratelli! So that was a surprise when I realized who it was. Overall for the movie between the make-up, costumes (70s - 86) as well as the movie itself for all of that I'd give it a B! (movie alone C+)

Twixt- written produces & directed by Francis Ford Coppola. (can you say headling ho bag?) Val Kilmer plays a novelist on his latest book tour, and in the current town there’s a clock tower with seven faces and all are a different time (WTF?). The down has a dark past of 13 children having been buried under the hotel floor. He’s dubbed ‘The Bargain basement Stephen King’ as one of the townies calls him. At some point he enters what I believe is the twilight zone but it just ends up being a drunken stupor dream (or is it really?) Well its not all dark, there is a nice funny part (& possibly typical of writer) with Hal in the hotel room and he’s drinking and trying to write the first line of his new novel. (good or bad thing.. well could be both at once!) He says it aloud a few times, varying ways… then different accents start to come out the drunker he gets. There’s a cameo of sorts & I’ll just says its from the ‘Dead Poets Society’. I liked the movie in ways and others were just so so.. I’m not sure if they answered about the clock tower but do explain the story of the 13 children and everything else (I think) by the end of the movie it all ties together. IT was a nice mystery story; I don’t recall seeing anything like it before. C

Now you see me- I t hink the trailers called it ‘The thrill ride of the year” and I think I might have to agree with that. Finally something fresh (different) from all the other “haven’t I seen this movie before (with another title)’ PlotAside from knowing this was all movie magic, I wondered how some of the tricks were (er would be) done, or at least if it were possible. You also have a mystery as to who hired our ‘four horsemen’ and a variety of other elements, besides the did I really see what I think I saw. Also I can’t believe there’s actually a Franco that The kid CAN actually act, The younger bro of James Franco isn’t a Wooden Bore of an actor like his brother and can actually pull off a joke. I predict a sequel. A

Needle - a college student inherits some box called Le Vaunt du Mort (or something like that, I wasn't able to get a good look at the V word) but basically its some sort of death box. upon me seeing that a photo goes in it, I started to call it the voodoo box which well considering what it does is quite fitting. If that is what it means in french then AWesome for me which knows little & never heard of that term before if its not... then I'd love to know. a horror mystery that's just missing theScooby gang though Travis Fimmel (Vikings Ragnar Lothbrock) does a good job of taking over for them as in all in one. This was a treat to me anyway but for those with sensitive stomachs, I think it was the 2nd 'incident' you might want to look away.

Grown ups 2- Burp sneeze fart.. lol. Now normally I wouldn’t laugh at something like that but maybe it was the timing or the sound or a cross between both but the times they did that gag.. it just came across funny. OMG Shaq plays the really tall cop (first I thought it was Hightower from Police academy! Lol) Steve Austin has a short part as a dancer’s boyfriend and wolf boy Taylor Lautner is an A-hole Frat guy. Basically the guys are looking to the past and missing their youth or wishing they had done something in theirs like one of them is jumping off a cliff into the river. Oh Loved this..

Adam Sandler's character: Cure for Anger

Doctor: That's Jack Daniels (well apparently I'm a doctor in my own right lol)

The 80s party at the end the costumes were great Loved Chris Rock as.. well.. I'm not going to ruin that surprise. The cake was cool too! It was a Rubik's Cube (for those of you too young to remember those) oh and there's a When wild animals attack in the last half hour. Jacob of Twilight fans.. hide your eyes.

And by the end of the movie the Burp sneeze fart gag still not old or annoying yet! C+

Grown ups 2- Burp sneeze fart.. lol. Now normally I wouldn’t laugh at something like that but maybe it was the timing or the sound or a cross between both but the times they did that gag.. it just came across funny. OMG Shaq plays the really tall cop (first I thought it was Hightower from Police academy! Lol) Steve Austin has a short part as a dancer’s boyfriend and wolf boy Taylor Lautner is an A-hole Frat guy. Basically the guys are looking to the past and missing their youth or wishing they had done something in theirs like one of them is jumping off a cliff into the river. Oh Loved this..

Adam Sandler's character: Cure for Anger

Doctor: That's Jack Daniels (well apparently I'm a doctor in my own right lol)

The 80s party at the end the costumes were great Loved Chris Rock as.. well.. I'm not going to ruin that surprise. The cake was cool too! It was a Rubik's Cube (for those of you too young to remember those) oh and there's a When wild animals attack in the last half hour. Jacob of Twilight fans.. hide your eyes.

And by the end of the movie the Burp sneeze fart gag still not old or annoying yet! C+

The Conjuring- (not bad, better than the last few paranormal activity movies but not as creepy as Insidious (esp the first) but does star the dad from insidious & Norma Bates from the A&E series Bates Motel. IT was a nice rainy dark gloomy day to watch,a and would be all the more spookier. Of course once I put the disk in it starts to get sunny (grrr). For full creepiness turn up the volume a bit more, turn out the lights and I advise watching at night (when its just getting dark. Just be sure there is no one there that will ruin it for you. B

The Heat- Love the Odd couple basis of this comedy which was actually funny! McCarthy's frumpy bad cop to Bullock's clean, crisp & uptight good cop FBI agent were great contrasts. The bar was I think the funniest of the movie & a certain line ahem "Tattle Tits" nerly made me spit out what I was drinking.. (not only through mouth but nose as well) SO much better than the Rom Coms (esp. Bridesmaids) give McCarthy MORE movies like this or at least just comedies with Bullock! B

Silver Linings Playbook- I'd call this somewhat of a dark comedy (if they don't already) There's some sort of morbid jokes among others. Loved Cooper's Character's rant about the Hemingway book, if you did that to me I'd throw a damn hard cover at your head! He's got this tortured or maybe its traumatized look (maybe both?!!? Can they both look the same?) The movie was enjoyable but I don't think it deserved as much Hype as they gave it. I also question the wins that & Jen Lawrence received. She's good, believable etc. but I've seen better. The movie is worth a watch and a B+

THe 2013 Reviews Cont'd

The To- Do List- Character Brandy Klarck is a nerd girl graduate class of ’93 living in Idaho with her parents and sis. During the summer before school she works at a local pool and decides to ‘research’ different aspects of sex planning to top it off with The Hunky character that Friday Night Lights Album Scott Porter plays. It was nice to hear (but weird to) the songs from the 90s again, but did they really have to ruin Pour some Sugar on me? It’s bad enough That Rock of Ages movie did. (Hello Scott Porter with a bad wig) Clark Gregg (agent Coulson from Marvel) plays the dad & Connie Britton the mom. The movie ends up being an awkward oments highlight reel and when it could have ended up being a vulgar joke it is funny and lighthearted. B

THe Croods-Cute movie funny (well chuckles at least) Some of the animals looks like those weird ones that taxidermists splice together; for instance one looks like an owl head feathers etc but it’s a cat that runs on 4 legs and has a tail. Then there are some kind of birds that have a turtle shell, and a sabertooth with parrot colors. They travel to beautifully vivid new places to try to get away from ‘The end’ The scenery is almost Avatar like B

Straight A's - starring Ryan Phillippe as Scott & Anna Paquin as Katherine with Luke Wilson Co-starring as her husband William ( Ryan Phillippe’s brother Scott who dated her in High school.) William Plans to leave her when he gets home from a business meeting and Scott shows up out of nowhere wants to talk to his brother and is seeing & hearing his (dead) mother. This leads me to think Scott is somehow sick and dying. The son Charlie is a trip sounds like a 40 year old aside from that a nice drama. I miss seeing Ryan & Reese together but I think he & Anna should make another couple movies together. C

The Baytown Outlaws- Ok not sure why I'm asking.. but I want a sequel!

Travis Fimmel plays McQueen alongside Clayne Crawford as Brick and a very quiet Daniel Cudmore as Lincoln who are the oosie Brothers. They're a redneck sort of bounty hunters (but I don't think they are official) Eva Longoria hires them to get back her nephew who the canniving Carlos (pl;ayed by Billy Bob Thorton) wants for his trust. Andre Brauher (from Brooklyn 9-9) also stars as (not sure if he was the) sheriff or captain of the County Police Dept. He ends up under investigation by an ATF agent played by the Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley. (I started laughing as I had no idea he was in this and its hard for me to watch him in something now other than the show)

These are crazy guys that aren't too bright just enough but seem to have fun while they are doing their job, or at least have a good humor about it. Go on a crazy adventure with these guys to 'rescue' the kid and try to keep him safe from certain obsticles that come along. This was light & humorous as well as dramatic in parts but I really enjoyed the whole 'adventure' of it. B

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug- at the start I was a bit confused but then it righted iself as it starts with oakenshield in a pub when Gandalf joins him but he doesn't know Gandalf yet. The Rapids in a barrel scenes were great but as they get farther away you can tell its CG Fx. I don't care what anyone says I think Evangeline Lily (aka Freckles from Lost) was great as Thirial (not sure of spelling) but I think she did a great part, esp having to play a lot opposite 'Legolas'! Which brings me to It felt nice to see Orlando bloom as Legolas again but... to me soemthing looked off about the make-up (like it wasn't consistent with something Ithink make-up wise in the first 3 movies. Maybe the eyes were bluer or something I don't remember and OMG one of the Dwarves in this is Gimli. Well aside from the FX of things when they are farther away being able to tell it is and its herkey jerkey, also a some of the moves Legolas does either the way it's edited or I don't know what but I could tell there was some sort of CG going on but.... Smaug the Dragon for me MORE than made up for it! Aside from Reign of Fire I don't remember any other dragons that looked so good! Oh yeah not to mention it's close up and talks and I was getting the creeps I get when I see a snake when I'd watch it's mouth move. Are there Smaug toys I must find one. There are parts that are slow then others that are very enjoyable what I don't like is that it ends on the oh um note. Where they edited the last 2 parts (or would be anyway) I also Loved besides the dragon when they were under the mountain (though I think they should have went somewhere they actually metled gold to see how it flows as that was sort of 'cartoonish' looking to me. Yes these last 2 movies were made up storyline by Peter Jackson (who makes a cameo in this watch in the beginning outside the pub) using the information in the appendix and I think he did a good job with what I hear was little I'm anxious to see how the last one goes. B-


Thank you for checking out my Avatar Awards, I hope you enjoyed the show... Come again next year.. (link is at top of page for 2014 Avatar Awards in 2015)


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