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Brave the Movie Info, Toys, Dolls, and Books

Updated on May 8, 2013

Brave The Movie from Pixar and Disney

Brave is the story of a Scottish Princess, named Merida, a beautiful red-headed tomboy. She is deadly with a bow and has a warrior's heart. Princess Merida must decide between choosing her own destiny and submitting to the one defined by society.

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Brave was formerly known as The Bear and the Bow.

Recommended Viewing Age for Brave

Brave Is Rated PG

Many people are wondering if Brave is appropriate for their child. Brave is rate PG for "scary action and rude humor". From the trailers and commercials for Brave, it is easy to see that there are some very scary parts. Whether or not that is ok for your child is totally up to you. My four year old wants to see it, but I am going to watch it first before letting her watch it.

While this is certainly not an official recommendation, I think Brave is probably fine for kids 8 and up, and maybe okay for 6 and 7 year olds as long as they normally don't have problems with movies with scary situations. For kids under 6 you might want to watch it first, read a review like this one, or get advice from a friend that has already seen it. Movies are expensive and you don't want to have to leave early!

Princess Merida Brave Movie
Princess Merida Brave Movie

The Story of Brave the Movie

Disney Princess Merida and her Family

Brave is a story of Merida, a young girl who is the first born of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. It is a custom in the land that the first-born of each ruler participate in a contest of skill. It is understood it will be the first-born son and the winner will have the hand of the princess.

Image CreditMerida defies convention by taking part. She wishes to choose her own destiny. Unfortunately, her decision has huge ramifications for both her family and the kingdom.

She consults an old witch about what to do and makes an ill-fated wish. She gets her wish, but not in the way she intended, so she must go on a dangerous quest requiring courage and skill to break the resulting curse.

Brave is 100 minutes long.

Brave Movie Scottish Lords
Brave Movie Scottish Lords

The Cast of Brave

Brave the Movie

Merida ~ Kelly MacDonald

King Fergus ~ Billy Connolly

Queen Elinor ~ Emma Thompson

Lord MacGuffin - Kevin McKidd

Lord MacIntosh ~ Craig Ferguson

Lord Dingwall ~ Robbie Coltrane

Wise Woman ~ Julie Walters

Image Credit

Brave The Movie Review

My Review Of Brave

I really enjoyed this movie. It is a great story of being careful what you wish for, just in case you get it!

I thought they did a wonderful job of portraying a strong, young girl. She is a talented archer, pretty fearless, smart, and she knows what she wants. My kind of Disney Princess.

Brave depicts a loving relationship between two parents, which I thought was nice. Several times the movie highlights the respect that the other Lords and their clans show the Queen. It was quite obvious that it had nothing to do with her beauty, though she is quite beautiful. It is just those qualities that Queen Elinor is trying to teach Merida, with mixed results. Pixar did a great job with the classic mother/daughter conflict and the concept of parents and teenagers not listening to one another.

As for the movie, plot aside, the animation is simply amazing. I had read how amazing Merida's hair looked and I was still stunned by how beautiful it looked on the big screen. The landscapes and action scenes were breathtaking. (I feel like I need more adjectives!!). If you love animation you should watch it for the artistry alone.

As I wrote previously on this site, this animated film from Disney Pixar has some difficult themes in it and plenty of frightening moment. Even putting aside the scary action scenes, the conflict between mother and daughter would have had my little girl hiding her head in hands. Depending on your particular child, I recommend this movie for ages 8 and up. If you purchase it or rent it you always have the option of zooming through the scarier parts, too.

Dolls from Brave

Disney / Pixar BRAVE Movie Exclusive LIMITED EDITION 18 Inch Deluxe Doll Merida

This is a limited edition Disney Princess Merida doll from the move Brave. Only 7000 of these beautiful dolls were made and each one is number and includes a certificate of authenticity. This doll is a true collector's item.

Princess Merida's gorgeous red curls and beautiful dress have been lovingly recreated with fine materials and details. She carries her bow and also a sword. You must look at this wonderful doll!

Merida Disney Princess Doll - Disney Princess Merida

This lovely doll of Disney Princess Merida is 16 inches high and is perfect for ages 3 and up. Princess Merida is beautifully costumed and very appealing to girls that love princesses.

Princess Merida Doll - Merida Doll by Mattel

Princess Merida is beautifully dressed and carries her silver bow. She has fiery red hair and is ready for any adventure. Her cloak is removable and so is her archery glove, shoes, bow, and arrows.This doll is 11 inches high and her arms and legs are movable.

This doll ships from and is available for free Amazon Prime shipping or Amazon Super Saver Shipping.

Disney/Pixar Brave Gem Styling Merida Doll - Princess Merida Doll

This lovely doll portrays Princess Merida from Brave the new movie from Pixar and Disney. Merida is dressed in her beautiful blue gown with a reversible cape. The doll comes with a bow and arrow and sparkly gems to decorate Merida's hair and dress.

This doll ships from and is available for free Amazon Prime shipping or Amazon Super Saver Shipping.

Brave Gem Styling Merida Doll
Brave Gem Styling Merida Doll
I have seen this doll and she looks like so much fun! I think little girls will love the doll and the sparkly gems make it a must-have doll!

Disney / Pixar BRAVE Movie Exclusive 20 Inch Soft Plush Doll Merida

A soft Disney Princess Merida plush doll. Princess Merida is wearing a satin gown with a velvet cape. She has gorgeous red hair made of soft boa. She is 20 inches high.

The Princess Merida doll ships from and is available for free Amazon Prime shipping or Amazon Super Saver Shipping.

Disney Princess Brave - Merida with Bear Brothers - Princess Merida Doll With Plush Bear Brothers

A special 15 inch high Disney Princess Merida doll. Princess Merida is beautifully costumed and ready for imaginative play. Three plush "bear brothers" are also included.

This doll set is shipped from and qualifies for free Amazon Prime shipping or Amazon Super Saver Shipping.

Disney Princess Brave - Merida - Forest Adventure Set

Another gorgeous 15 inch Disney Princess Merida doll. This doll is ready to re-enact scenes from the movie. She is wearing her action dress, tiara, and boots. The doll also includes a bow and quiver with three arrows.

This Princess Merida Doll Forest Adventure set is shipped from It qualifies for free Amazon Prime shipping or free Amazon Super Saver Shipping.

Disney Princess Brave - Merida - Forest Adventure Set
Disney Princess Brave - Merida - Forest Adventure Set
Another great choice from Disney! I prefer the doll with the bear brothers, but this one is nice too. They have done a great job on dressing all the dolls.

Disney / Pixar BRAVE Movie Exclusive 12 Inch Deluxe Doll 2Pack with Sound Merida Angus

Imagine racing through the magnificent Scottish Highlands during playtime with Merida and her faithful horse, Angus! Princess Merida is wearing her Formal Dress with lovely curled hair, and is carrying her bow and arrow. Angus makes sounds when pressing his nose!

Disney Brave Angus Plush Toy

Angus is Princess Merida's powerful and handsome horse. He is Merida's most trusted confidante from Brave the movie, and now he can be all yours. Angus is a large stuffed animal, about 17 inches 14 inches.

Disney Reversible Brave Plush Toy

An adorable reversible plush toy from the new move Brave. This doll features one of Disney Princess Merida's triplet brothers. This clever plush can also be reversed into a bear cub, just like in the movie. This plush doll measures about 13 inches.

More Brave Dolls and Playsets - Includes Merida's Troublesome Brothers

Check out these Merida dolls and play sets from Brave the movie. Great options including Disney Princess Merida with her horse Angus, mini Princess Merida dolls and play sets, and the cursed bear brothers. I love the transforming triplets!

Vote for your favorite Brave toy!

Story Books, Coloring Books, and Sticker Sets from Brave

Princess Merida Books - Brave Books

There is something here for every age group and the items appeal to both girls and boys. There are easy to read books, chapter books, sticker sets, coloring books, and more. Share more adventures with Princess Merida, her brothers, and the rest of her family!

These make great gifts for Princess Merida and Brave fans. Books are always the perfect gift!

The Art of Brave - Brave the Movie

The Art of Brave
The Art of Brave
Pre-order this beautiful book about the artwork in Pixar's new movie - Brave. The book is in stock on May 21, 2012. The book contains interviews with the creators of the film, concept art, scripts, and many more exciting things related to Brave the movie.

Brave Video Games for Nintendo DS, Wii, XBOX, and Sony Playstation 3

Brave Video Games

Brave video games are now available for pre-order. Order today and Amazon will guarantee the price. If the price goes down before release then you will pay the cheaper price!

Brave - Playstation 3
Brave - Playstation 3
Play this PlayStation 3 game as Merida, a Will 'o the Wisp, or other characters from the upcoming Disney Pixar movie. Travel through mythical Scotland, over wild landscapes on a great quest. Game by Disney Interactive Studios.
Brave - Nintendo Wii
Brave - Nintendo Wii
Pre-order Brave for the Nintendo Wii! This exciting game from Disney Interactive Studios is rated for age 10+. Battle your way through Scotland as Merida and take part in her epic quest.
Brave - Xbox 360
Brave - Xbox 360
Brave the video game brought to the XBOX 360 by Disney Interactive Studios. Play this exciting game as Merida or other characters from the movie Brave. Travel through the rugged Scottish landscape with a bow and arrow. Mini archery quests included.
Brave - Nintendo DS
Brave - Nintendo DS
A third person action adventure from Disney Interactive Studios. This version is for the Nintendo DS. Pre-order it today!

Upcoming Brave Dolls and Costumes - Brave the Movie

Disney Princess Merida costumes are now available, along with Princess Merida dolls. There will also be a doll of her mother Queen Elinor, her horse Angus, and a castle playset. Check out the links below for more information.

Two Minute Clip from Brave

This movie looks so beautiful! This clip really shows off Merida's spirit and her relationship with her parents. I can't wait to see the movie.

Japanese Trailer of Brave with Subtitles - Brave the Movie

I just found this on Reddit today. I was blown away. It looks like such a stronger movie with the clips in this trailer. I am even more excited to see it than before. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Below the Japanese trailer is the English one. Watch them both and do the poll below. I want to know which Brave trailer you like best!

Trailer for Brave - Brave the Movie

Which Brave trailer do you prefer?

Which Brave trailer made you want to watch the Brave the movie more?

After watching both trailers, which one made the movie more interesting and made your more likely to watch it?

See results

Brave the Movie Poll - Brave from Pixar

Are you planning on going to see Brave in the theater?

See results

More Info on Movies

Check out the links below to find information on other upcoming movies and videos.

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