DC Characters Making It To The Big Screen

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  1. profile image0
    AaronHubb89posted 11 years ago

    Just wanted some thoughts on who in the DC Comics realm, needs to make an appearance to the big screen. Obviously, Batman's been done as well as Superman. In my opinion, Flash needs to be done, Green Lantern needs re-done, and Wonder Woman is long overdue for her big screen debut. Now Batman will obviously get a re-boot since Nolan is not going to continue his trilogy. But with the Man of Steel reportedly going to be the "hinge" for DC Comics' proposed Justice League movie in 2015, I think we need to start thinking about what we want to see. So, my first choice, would be Wonder Woman.

    1. Mitch Alan profile image78
      Mitch Alanposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      A Superman reboot is needed, as the "Return of Superman" was a dissapointment. Green Lantern could also be rebooted.  Hopefully Batman will continue in the same direction as the recent trilogy. A well done Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman would be great, but would also be easy to mess up. A Titan's movie (teen or otherwise) would be a great idea.  Justice League is inevitable and I agree that it should follow some of the formatting that was used in Avengers. I'd also like to see Lobo on the big screen as a lead character...FRAG!

  2. trusouldj profile image81
    trusouldjposted 11 years ago

    Golden age Flash would be interesting, Shazam, Batgirl, the original Firestorm, Black Lightning, Booster Gold could be interesting (probably comedic though considering his comic and his original appearances in Justice League --bwa ha ha era .... The list is endless I suppose.

  3. profile image0
    Stevennix2001posted 11 years ago

    Well I always thought the Green Lantern should be redone, as that character still has a lot of potential.  Flash might be good, even though most of his villains suck.  But then again, Iron Man has that same issue, but look at how successful his film franchise is.  I think Shazam would make a great movie if done correctly.  Your right that Wonder Woman is long overdue for a big screen appearance, but the only problem is who could pull off the role, and what director out there would be willing to take her on. 

    I'd love to see a "Teen Titans" film, but I'm not sure how that could be pulled off.  As far as a Justice League film goes, I think it could work if they approach it the same way Marvel Studios did with the Avengers.  Maybe not so much make the emphasis on escapism like "The Avengers", but more like make the solo films interconnect to feel like these characters could exist in the same movie universe before going on to create "Justice League."

    1. Mike Marks profile image56
      Mike Marksposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Joss Whedon was scripting a Wonder Woman film a year or two ago, between Avengers and Buffy and his pop culture love, he clearly could direct a great Wonder Woman film... Alan Moore did the best realistic take on Shazam when he wrote Miracleman.

    2. vmartinezwilson profile image77
      vmartinezwilsonposted 11 years ago

      I really do think they need to revamp it in the same way that The Avengers did.  It can be done if written, directed and marketed correctly.  Justice League had a much better name recognition until films came out that made The Avengers the big thing.  The movie even pulled The Hulk, which wasn't nearly as successful a film and put him and his scene thrashing Loki into the forefront.

      I also agree that Wonder Woman should be the way to go.  I know that Joss Whedon's name was tossed around when they originally tossed a full feature film around, but now that's not possible.  Then it was Robert Rodriguez, which I like, because he can do acting, edgy and isn't afraid of tossing some comedy in there.  I also think J.J. Abrams would also be a good choice.  He has a good eye and already knows how to work good special effects and any movie with an invisible airplane is going to need someone who isn't afraid and is also proficient around CGI.  The biggest issue is who would be the lead?  5 years ago I would think Angelina Jolie (which is still possible), but now I don't know.  10 years ago, Lucy Lawless, but that time has passed.  Scarlett Johanson or go switch it up altogether and go Gabrielle Union?  Probably not, the fangirls would cry. 

      Shazam would also be a nice starter for Justice League.  I don't even remember the character, so they can have a little more leeway, which is nice. 

      They'll need to start anew with Superman, Batman and Green Lantern though.  The newest Superman didn't have a strong enough showing and since he's in the forefront, they'll need a stronger throughline and actor.  They'll need a new Batman since Nolan and Bale are done.  They'll probably need to make the new series slightly lighter in tone, but I don't know if everyone will be so hot on a revamp so soon, especially since The Dark Knight series was so well received.

      1. Mike Marks profile image56
        Mike Marksposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        attaching J.J. Abrams to Wonder Woman, how about Evangeline Lilly?  She has special beauty, perhaps not classical beauty but special, she's played "tough" well, has a bit of a little girl quality mixed with maturity, and she has the hair.

    3. rahul0324 profile image76
      rahul0324posted 11 years ago

      I think with the high level of expectation Marvel has generated among the viewers with their Avengers.. landing up with an entirely new age strategy of " Connecting Cinema", the work has to be carefully done....and well planned.... Apart from superman and batman... and a very old and frugal Justice league which very few remember..... DC has not delved into developing better cinema for a number of its heroes... Wonder woman and Flash being the most deserving of all... Green Lantern and Aqua man come after but the key factor is to plan how to sustain the highly increased hype and expectations from super hero movies these days....

      On a more personal note ... I would like to see Flash... smile

    4. A Troubled Man profile image58
      A Troubled Manposted 11 years ago


      1. Mike Marks profile image56
        Mike Marksposted 11 years agoin reply to this



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