Help Identifying Two Early 1970's Horror Movies

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    MikeR1posted 5 years ago

    Help Identifying Two Early 1970's Horror Movies

    I remember seeing two very creepy horror movies on a Saturday afternoon TV show that showed scary movies while growing up. Here is the information I can give you for a few scenes if anyone can help me identify them. These two films were most likely produced back in the early 1970's.

    The first movie involved a creepy, old castle style home where someone's decrepit looking grandmother roams the caverns and the house at night because she is really a vampire. The other guests are warned to stay in their rooms at night but of course they don’t listen. The scenes at night when the vampire grandmother is on the move had a dark, greenish gray hue to them.

    The second movie involved a large old house out in the country and the people are warned to leave it who are staying there. Turns out the graveyard comes alive that night and out come the undead from their graves. They enter the house and kill the inhabitants. No this movie is not “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things.”

    If anyone feels they know which films these are I would be glad to see your answers to help me identify them from my childhood memories.