should wb make a Batman vs. Superman film before justice league?

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    Stevennix2001posted 4 years ago

    In a recent interview with Henry Cavill about the upcoming "Man of Steel" film, Henry was asked about what he thinks about the possibility of a "Batman" vs. Superman movie someday, and he was actually very intrigued by the idea.  Saying how they're both essentially two sides of the same coin, yet they're clearly as different as night and day.  They both have different idealogies on how to do things, and he thinks it might be interesting seeing that come out on the big screen; where it inevitably leads to them becoming good friends.

    According one of AMC Movie News' editors, he claims that doing a "Batman vs. Superman" movie would hurt the Justice League's box office success if it came out first.  Why?  Because part of the draw behind a "Justice League" film is the idea of seeing batman and superman interact with each other, and seeing that happen in a "Batman vs Superman" film before a Justice League movie comes out would kill off most of that allure. 

    I honestly disagree as I think in terms of story wise, it would be not only a great new way to reboot batman again, but it might actually draw in more interest in a possible justice league; while making wb's strategy differ from their competitors.  however, what do i know?  what are your thoughts? 

    do you think it would kill off justice league's hype if a superman vs batman film was done first?  Or do you think that it might actually help?  what are your thoughts, and why?

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      A Troubled Manposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Perhaps, they should interact for an entire movie before going at each other, brought together fighting a common enemy with the Justice League, setting the whole thing up, first. The whole movie could be littered with all kinds of scenarios where they annoy the hell out of each other.

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    rmcmillenposted 4 years ago

    Actually...... while I would LOVE to see a great Superman Vs. Batman movie, but it would have to be done right....... and "right" is a tricky little thing.

    I say do it after a Justice League ride.

    I'm not talking about a Justice League movie...

    I'm not even talking about a Justice League trilogy.....

    I'm talkin' about a 6 movie journey that IF DONE RIGHT.... could blow my nerdy little mind.... but that's IF they did it right.
    (in my last 4 hubs I kind of lay out what I think "right" is.)

    If they went about making the movies as I envisioned in those hubs?

    I think it could be more amazing than anyone had ever hoped...... even me.
    And the best part? It could still lead up to a Batman/Superman Showdown in movie 8 with #7 being the lead up to the battle of all battles.

    THAT is the only way I could see such a movie having any sort of JUSTICE to it (pun intended.... I know.... I'm a moron)

    However,.......... I am probably wrong and they could easily spit out a Batman Vs. Superman movie that would leave me in a geek-coma for a week and a half (doing so while spitting that movie out within the next year or two)..... but doing it after traveling down such a road as I lay out?

    Would dang near kill me..... and could rake in money for DC like Marvel only HOPES to make (although they seem to be rolling in Scrooge McDucks pool as it is right now while laughing at DC actually)