What do you guys think of Josh Hartnett playing 'Gambit'?

  1. Kevina Oyatedor profile image70
    Kevina Oyatedorposted 3 years ago

    Since the new X-Men movie came out and I read online on Yahoo that its going to continue with a new character named Apocalyspe. I have not watched it yet but I really want to. They say they have cast Channing Tatum as Gambit. I love him but I don't think he's the right person for him. I have watched the x-men cartoons and besides Wolverine, Gambit was one of my fave character. I was talking to my sister like four days ago and she said suggested that Josh Hartnett should be Gambit. I think he would be the perfect fit, because he could portray that dark, playful smirking personality that Gambit has. What do you guys think?