Men and False Presentations

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    realtalk247posted 2 years ago

    Be Honest When Dating Guys, For Men 30+

    Why do men lie when dating?  I don't mean just verbally, I mean false presentation of status levels or where they are in life? I know that men are going to fire back and ask the same question of women but we're not discussing women right now. 

    If you don't have money: don't present the total package if you aren't there yet.  Women can respect you more if you are honest about who you are instead of faking a presentation just to disappoint her later.  Everyone can respect a person pursuing a better life or more stability especially if you are mature and seeking to get married and have a family.  Is it all about the money?-No! 
    (Fact. No woman wants a broke man unless she has issues.)

    If a woman is a gold-digger then you shouldn't take the time to present an image that is not true because if that's all she wants from you is money and you don't have it-Move on!  If you meet a decent woman making plans for her life, attempting to secure her future, and you are doing the same it would be better for you to present yourself as such.  At least the woman would respect you and your pursuit in life.

    Frustration: Men attempting to portray an image that they can't support. 
    If you can't afford the latest BMW then why do you have it?  Clean BMW, living with 3 roommates while telling a woman that it is better to eat at home and you don't like to go out -B.S.  This is just my rant for today but I can't understand men who are so interested in presenting themselves as liars because not all women are interested, or fooled, by a dishonest presentation. 

    MindBodyGreen revealed the top 5 qualities that are attractive to women:
    1. Presence
    2. Purpose
    3. Direction
    4. Honesty and Truth
    5. Humor

    If I'm trying to be the best co-pilot on the plane and you don't know your direction, purpose, or destination in life......Houston we have a problem.  If I'm co-pilot and you keep going on and on about how many hours you flew, your accolades/achievements and I ask you to explain the wind speeds at  certain altitudes and you draw a blank. Problem.  If I'm planning for my future and you are running around purchasing the latest vehicles and living above your means (no home ownership, 401k investments, business ventures, savings, preparation for the future) trying to impress someone and can't afford to order lemonade-Problem!

    P.S. It shows lack of money management and priorities to spend what you don't have and present false images. Lack of Respect and Lack of Interest is the result.  Life can throw you a curve ball sometimes and everyone understands that but that should be a detour from the road you have chosen to travel and not a new permanent destination.  I'm just saying. 

    I thought most people over the age of 30 already realized it's in no one's best interest to present a false image and lie.  At some age you are supposed to be too old to sell a dream and are comfortable with your reality enough to eliminate those who are not.