MIchael jacksons Autospy released!!!!!!!!!!!

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    MIchael jacksons Autospy released!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cause of death: ET Syndrome. Read on...
    How Michael Jackson Died

    According to inside news sources the Los Angeles coroner's office has released the body of Michael Jackson and has finally announced the cause of death: ETS, also known as Extremely Talented Syndrome.
    Extremely Talented Syndrome is very rare

    While Extremely Talented Syndrome is not very well understood even by America's the most astute researchers, it's widely believed that around on in 75 million Americans are born with the syndrome, making it extremely rare.
    Kids with ETS often excel in music and acting

    Although Extremely Talented Syndrome can develop with environmental factors it's widely believed to be influenced by genetic factors. From infancy to the childhood and adolescent years, those with ETS most often display that they're extremely gifted, most often in the areas of music and acting.
    People with ETS usually have a positive influence on millions of people everywhere

    While ETS usually does not cause any serious consequences in early life signs of touble can start to emerge later in life. The first things that experts say to look out for are the person with ETS reaching out and inspiring millions of people all over the world with his or her talent, causing a huge fan base and consequently earning millions of dollars in album sales.
    ETS is harmless in the beginning but can lead to big trouble later in life

    ETS can seem harmless during the person's early years but as time goes by it can manifest itself into a very serious condition. As time goes by the person with ETS can start to feel extreme pressure from society due to increased expectations to always out do the previous success. In addition to expectations from society, huge pressure brought on my the media can make the person with ETS eventually become self-destructive later in life, often turning to substances to cope with the increased stress.
    Scores of famous people have died from ETS

    What can we learn from Michael Jackson's death?

    The people in these famous peoples' entourages must be able to recognize that their star is in trouble and maybe reaching out for help. And, in broader society as private citizens we must all think twice before heavily criticizing and putting unnecessary pressure on our favorite stars as it just might kill them.