What kind of wierd experiences have you had?

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    Treasured Pastsposted 8 years ago

    What kind of wierd experiences have you had?

    Once while on a long raod trip, I was listening to a cassette (now you knpw how long ago). I got tired of it and popped it out in th emiddle of a song to listen to the radio. The station I was tuned to was playing the same song at the same point in the song. It never missed a beat. Another time when metal detecting I kept passing a house i had permission to hunt. I kept getting a feeling I would find silver there. when I finally stopped, the only thing I found was a sterling silver ring shaped like a saddle. Nothing else.

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    tinkerbell09posted 8 years ago

    When I was about 5 years old, me and my brother (9 at the time) went to church with my mom.  I don't quite remember what the sermon was about, but I know that afterwards, we started walking toward my aunt's house for some reason.  Suddenly, my mom stopped me and my brother in our tracks and told us to wait where we were.  I was really attatched to my mom, so I started to protest and cry for mom to come back but she just kept on walking.  My brother tried to stop me from crying, saying "she'll be right back, stop crying".   This did not console me and I kept crying.

    The next thing I remember, is being back inside my house in my bed.  I had regular clothes on, no pajamas, no church clothes.  I remembered that my mom left me and my brother and immediately got up out of bed to see where she was.  My brother was no where to be found, neither was my mom.  But my dad was home.

    I'm not sure to this day if what happened was my first very intense dream or if it really happened.  My brother can't remember back that far, neither can my mom.  My dad and mom divorced shortly after that so I didn't even think to ask him if this activity really happened.  It bugs me not knowing if this truly happened or not, it bugs me even more to know that I will never find out if it really happened.

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