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What if there was a stock market for INDEPENDENT ARTS? Would you invest in a BAN

  1. irenev17 profile image60
    irenev17posted 8 years ago

    What if there was a stock market for INDEPENDENT ARTS? Would you invest in a BAND instead of stocks

  2. GAWjr profile image57
    GAWjrposted 8 years ago

    Yes, I would invest in Independent Arts, but as part of my total portfolio, not just one or the other.

    If we're talking about art in the for as physical art-work.  I believe there is already a tremendous art market, already.  And, buyers and sellers deal in that with the same basic principles of speculation, as with the stock market.
    Other-wise, if you're asking about performing artists; well, they have a price too.  And, investors may decide to sign them into some sort of contract, or another.
    Some investors may decide to back independent film-makers, by paying for some or all of the production costs.  Then, they hope they are able to sell the movie to a larger company, for a profit.

    I like the idea of owning a studio with artists that actually do some of their art-work there, at the studio where it's sold.

  3. irenev17 profile image60
    irenev17posted 8 years ago

    You right, this how it works right now. But we took this concept way beyond and actually created a STOCK EXCHANGE for Independent Arts. It is a pilot program we are testing. It is very new and sometimes, I doub't myself if it a a good idea. That is why I need to know people's feedback. Actually, if you can do me a favor and check it out and give me your honest opinion, especially since you are involved with internet buisiness.
    Here it is   www.soi360.com   
    Thank you and

    I appreciate your help.

  4. tinaweha profile image66
    tinawehaposted 7 years ago

    Are you crazy? I grew up around musicians.  The odds of making it big are next to nil.

    I love the idea...as I am an artist (painter) and sometimes...a writer, but you would need to have a large portfolio to play with.  If I had a fairly large amount of money, then it would be fun.  You need angel investor types.

  5. zebulum profile image79
    zebulumposted 6 years ago

    No. It would quickly become a shell game, like the worst of stock market scams. Also, rights-management is changing a lot all over the world and I would be loathe to invest in anything that relies on a strict control over the delivery systems for profits.