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Do you think Micheal Jackson should be not only recognized as a very talented mu

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    Bewitched 38posted 8 years ago

    Do you think Micheal Jackson should be not only recognized as a very talented musician but also a pe

    I feel  our society gives more recognition of fame ,and money. This far out ways peoples moral and ethical beliefs of child molestation.

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    NotPCposted 8 years ago

    I think he is a creep.  Check out the hub I wrote about him.

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    Jersey Jessposted 8 years ago

    Our society definitely recognizes fame over morals.

    I think he is a very talented musician. I get very angry however when people still grieve over him. Many famous people have died and many people grieve over them for years after that. But, ever since he died he was become a legend, and it seems no one said these things before he died.

    This could be possible since he started his career so young and he did not really live out his childhood. I think that because of this he felt like he needed to be around children, which makes things creepy too. Whether those rumors are true or not... no one can really be sure.

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    D e a dposted 8 years ago

    The thing is, both cases of child molestation led to unlikely circumstances.  It's human for us to accuse someone who might be innocent, because of his character and strange ways.  I believe MJ liked to be around children because he could relate more with them, and he did not like adults very much.  His childhood wasn't very good, his father was abusive, and being a very sensitive soul it left a traumatizing impact on his life.  I believe he saw himself in the children he helped (the unfortunate, poor kids were invited to Neverland) as something innocent, something he once was.  I think he wanted them to have the childhood he never had, a place he was stuck in until the day he died.  Whether he was a pedafile, we may never know, but as a musician, he moved and inspired people.  For that, we must remember him, because that is what we know for certain.