How to choose the perfect guitar

  1. Julie-Ann Amos profile image63
    Julie-Ann Amosposted 8 years ago

    How to choose the perfect guitar

  2. MakeEasyCash profile image76
    MakeEasyCashposted 8 years ago

    When it comes to guitars it depends on the style of music you like to play and the feel and sound you want. Your best bet is to go to a guitar shop and play around until you find the one that best fits you and feels the best and produces the sounds that you like. Good luck!

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    guitarman4godposted 8 years ago

    There are a number of factors that come into play when you chose the perfect guitar! First of all, there really is no ONE perfect guitar. Each guitar player has his (or her!) own style--and not only style of music, but also style of play. The best advice for chosing the perfect guitar is to go to a shop and play several. Find the one (or ones!) that fit your style and body size/shape. Then come home and research them online! Never let a sales person talk you into buying the guitar before checking out the reviews! If budget is a concern (and who isn't it for these days!) Be sure to check around. Call local guitar "super stores" as well as local music stores. Although buying online is an option, I personally don't recommend it, especially for new guitar players