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What's the scariest sci-fi film ever made?

  1. profile image58
    johnrasposted 7 years ago

    What's the scariest sci-fi film ever made?

  2. SpanStar profile image60
    SpanStarposted 7 years ago

    For me I would say the First Predator with Arnold S.

  3. jondav profile image77
    jondavposted 7 years ago

    i'm going to go with Poltergeist or possibly Demon (from the 80's)

  4. Mary Merriment profile image88
    Mary Merrimentposted 7 years ago


    I still get freaked out by the idea of those creatures *shudder*!

  5. Glimmer515 profile image74
    Glimmer515posted 7 years ago

    ALIEN for sure! Aliens was a better film as a whole but the first film i think kept you on the edge of your seat more.