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Why do people are so quick to believe fake news on one hand - but not real news

  1. ptosis profile image81
    ptosisposted 7 years ago

    Why do people are so quick to believe fake news on one hand - but not real news on the other hand?

    It's amazing that there are people who DON'T believe that the tape recording of Mel Gibson - yet are so readily able to believe about the fake Al-Queda magazine when one of the authors has been in Gitmo for 5 years?!?

    Evil's best defense is man's denial of its existence.

    Disappointing hubbers!

    So Mel Gibson is you fantasy hero  and pooh pooh the recording of a raging lunatic who has done this before with the DUI police stop? Fake recording? Spliced to discredit him?  So - the truth truly comes out. Abusive males are excused by society - and blame the victim for "discrediting' him.

  2. Hurley Project profile image60
    Hurley Projectposted 7 years ago

    It would seem that your assertions are true and well put, but there is a vast segment of many societies that do not adhere to the abusive and derogatory ranting of Mel Gibson. Gibson is a celebrity, and much of the disappointing dispatching of his actions are merely a produce of his fans buying into the characters he portrays, and not the man.

  3. wilmiers77 profile image61
    wilmiers77posted 7 years ago

    Quick news is always fabricated to what people want to believe or hear, and real news is usually a harsh reality that people don't want to think about.

  4. Motor leathers profile image57
    Motor leathersposted 7 years ago

    You know, when you have been fed with fake stuff (which is 99.9% of our media) for all your life, you begin to think everything is fake. And sometimes it is really hard to tell a usual lie from the truth, especially if the information is being changed and remade for several time. Still, the most people believe in TV-news and all that crap. For exapmle I cut it off.

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