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I'm looking for this old movie, black and white (1950's or 60's max) and not ver

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    Liiannaaposted 7 years ago

    I'm looking for this old movie, black and white (1950's or 60's max) and not very popular....


    young woman is either kidnapped by this gruff man or she lets him into her home and he hold her hostage, and she stays with him willingly at the end. The majority (if not the whole) of the film takes place in a studio apartment with only the man and woman. I thought the woman was played by Lee Remick, but I can't find it under any of her titles. Its driving me crazy - please help

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    KKalmesposted 7 years ago

    I have seen this movie and thought about it many times over the years... I have looked for about an hour and can't find it, but I will continue to search unless the actress name comes to me... I'll be back.

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    MystMoonstruckposted 6 years ago

    Beware My Lovely (1952)
    IMDb review: This is an experimental studio film from the early Fifties and was directed by Harry Horner, better known for his set designs. Robert Ryan plays a handyman who is hired by a widow, played by Ida Lupino, to do some housework for her. The problem is that he is a psychopathic murderer and doesn't know it. The woman is an empathetic soul and tries to win him over, to little avail. He is not the sort of man compassion could help or cure. Thus, we have an interesting situation of two people who basically mean well, but one of them can't do well because there is something wrong with him. He suffers periodic blackouts during which he commits acts of violence, which he later forgets. Essentially, the effect he has on her is that of hunter and prey. The audience finds out early on that he is a mad killer, but it takes her much longer. Thus we must live with this knowledge as we watch the poor woman try everything in her power to win him over in order to make things work, get the job done, get on with life. But getting on with things isn't in his makeup, as he is incapable of any but the most rudimentary forms of normality. As soon as there is an opening, his paranoia asserts itself.
    TCM airs this occasionally.

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    Delta Kingposted 5 years ago

    I have also been trying to find this movie. This is what I remember of the movie. A women is going to jump off a bridge in NY city. A man stops her and they end up back at his apartment which is below ground. He become obsessed with her and holds her hostage in his dark and dingy studio apartment. He then goes out one night and comes back drunk. He tries to do something to her and she kicks him in his eye and he screams. He now has permanent damage to his eye and gets it covered up by a doctor. In the end she escapes, only to come back to him while he's alone and depressed in his apartment. They fix up the dark and dingy apartment and eventually stay together or get married.

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      MystMoonstruckposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Something Wild (1964) starring Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker
      IMDb synopsis: Mary Ann Robinson, a young woman living in The Bronx, New York, with her neurotic, overbearing mother and kindly but ineffectual stepfather, is raped while walking home one