How Has Alfred HItchcock Influenced the Thriller Genre? with reference to Rear W

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    connorjjacksonposted 7 years ago

    How Has Alfred HItchcock Influenced the Thriller Genre? with reference to Rear WIndow and Disturbia

    Dear Sir
    My name is Connor Jackson and I live in Hampshire in the south of England, I am currently at college studying Media.  For my final years coursework we have been asked to write about something that interests us to do with media and my chosen title is ‘How has Alfred Hitchcock Influenced the Thriller Genre?’ I am particularly interested in the case of Rear Window and Disturbia. I was wondering if at all possible could you please give a quote on how you think Hitchcock has had an impact on the Thriller genre as it would be invaluable to my coursework.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Connor Jackson

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    Powerful Pierreposted 7 years ago

    Hey Connor I will say this and I am a huge AH fan, NO one was able at AH's time to make the macabre dark movies like Hitchcock. He was in great demand.  Do a Google search on him and see how many movies he had a part in as director and/or producer. The genre itself would not have the same effect without AH. He started using techniques that now are quite common like strange noises, fade outs, locked in scenes, and loud music to bring things to a climactic ending or crescendo and his choices of music were always dark eerie and left your spine tingling film after film. The man had an insatiable appetite for new ways to scare the public and continually refined his craft using a knife thru a curtain  like in "Psycho", a flock of peaceful birds going amok in "The Birds", twisted people and plots in all his movies, runaway thoroughbred horse in "Marnie" and more dead human and animal corpes to entice the audience. HE, is the Master of the Thriller genre, the rest are mostly copy cats.