Did Rick Sanchez get what he deserved for his rant against Jon Stewart and Jews

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    JayDeckposted 7 years ago

    Did Rick Sanchez get what he deserved for his rant against Jon Stewart and Jews in the media?

    It seems that Rick had quite a persecution complex, maybe justified, and it really colored his remarks.

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    wingedcentaurposted 7 years ago

    Despite what's happening in Palestine, the Jews have been, historically, one of the most persecuted peoples (especially in Europe -- indeed they were the first targets of the Inquisition in Spain). I don't know if Sanchez can be described as having a "persecution complex" in the face of very real and ongoing discrimination and marginalization of "Hispanics" in this country (observe the Arizona law empowering police to check immigration status of crimes involving Hispanic people, and in that same state "ethnic" studies have been banned, I understand).

    I think it is never helpful for marginalized people to engage in martyr competitions between themselves. That anger should be focused on the system itself that creates those divisions, which divides and conquers.

    As a hubber called Paraglider said in a slightly different context, this inter-group snipping among non-white peoples of color and other non-Anglo-Saxon ethnic groups, and the lower classes (in some cases, castes), only provides "spectacle for the controllers."

    Did Sanchez deserve to be fired? If I were the powers-that-be I probably wouldn't have gone that far. I might have had him disciplined, perhaps suspended for a couple of weeks with pay.

  3. JayDeck profile image73
    JayDeckposted 7 years ago

    I agree with almost everything you say here, winged. However, I listened to the entire interview and he rails against everyone. He starts out with each rant at a 10 of 10 intensity level and then dials it back to about a 7 each time. This is a guy used to flying off the handle. This is also a guy who made it to a professional level that few, who aspire to it, attain, hispanic or otherwise. I have no doubt he has been victimized by discrimination, but he has gone from identifying and dealing with it, as it happens, to seeing bigots behind every corner.
    CNN could have been nice, suspended him, and gotten him help, but my sense of Sanchez is that he's a very difficult man to get along with. Now, I don't know this, but I get this feeling from watching him and listening to the recording of his rant.
    Otherwise, we are in complete agreement, especially about the martyr competitions which only serve "the man."

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