This movie came out in the late 80's/early 90s. A group of elite warriors are pr

  1. profile image51
    JBlackwoodposted 8 years ago

    This movie came out in the late 80's/early 90s. A group of elite warriors are protecting this...

    little kid against overwhelming odds. Everytime there is a challenge or confrontation, one of them dies, Krull style. I remember their leader cutting open a can so the kid can keep his pet bug into. Any ideas what this movie is?

  2. MystMoonstruck profile image78
    MystMoonstruckposted 7 years ago

    Space Raiders (1983) From Wikipedia: Hawk (Vince Edwards), a former military colonel turned space pirate, leads his crew on a mission to steal a freighter owned by an interstellar corporation simply referred to as The Company. During the theft, a 10-year-old Peter (David Mendenhall) slips aboard the freighter to hide, and the pirates steal the ship not knowing he is aboard. After the freighter meets with Hawk's ship, the crew fight to save the life of a comrade wounded during the shootout. Peter comes out of hiding and asks to be taken home. At first, Hawk considers ransoming the child, but, during a skirmish, his feelings change when Peter volunteers to squeeze into a compartment to fix a damaged power conduit that allows them to escape. Hawk promises to take Peter back to his home planet but first must stop at a space station owned by alien crimelord Zariatin (Ray Stewart). Meanwhile, Peter's father meets with The Company's security director who decides to track the boy with their robot ship, a massive, fully-automated battle cruiser that can home in on an identity tag Peter wears. Back at the station, bounty hunters spot Peter and realize he is a "company kid" worth a hefty ransom. When Peter wanders off, Flightplan (Thom Christopher), a psychic alien member of Hawk's crew, senses the boy is in danger.
    Here's Part 1 on YouTube: … re=related

    I quote this movie on my Hubpage: "We went in after our wildest dreams. We came out with a kid and a bug in a beer can!"

    Hooray! You're a "Krull" fan! I Love that movie and manage to watch it several times a year. I went to see it twice when it was in theaters, when they thought it was going to be a huge hit. They even made copies of the princess's wedding gown available. At least the film has developed a strong following. To me, the Crystal Web Spider is the best arachnid in film history~and the only beautiful one. (I HATE spiders!)


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