what's the movie where people are drving and find a baby and then take it to an

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    smtih8888posted 7 years ago

    what's the movie where people are drving and find a baby and then take it to an orphanage

    the babys clothes were all yellow from it peeing. and they were also driving down a dirt road when they found the baby

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    MystMoonstruckposted 6 years ago

    This is a shot in the dark, as I've only read about this one:
    Nobody's Baby (2001) The film opens by introducing the two main characters to us: Buford Dill played by Gary Oldman and Billy Raedeen played by Skeet Ulrich. We learn that Billy has been in Buford's care since they were kids in an orphanage. Evidently, they have lived their lives in and out of jail and seem very comfortable as long as they're together. When a frustrated judge decides to separate them for their next sentence, they stage a getaway during which Billy is separated from Buford anyway. During his hitching attempts, Billy "acquires" a baby rescued from a car wreck in which the mother was killed. The baby immediately proves to be a challenge, causing our hero to seek help in the form of a coffee shop waitress played by Radha Mitchell. She takes Billy to her trailer park in hopes that her friends can provide some assistance as well. Mary Steenburgen gives an unexpected but impressive performance as a bitter woman who recently gave up her own baby, using the justification that she had nothing to offer it. At this point, the film is now filled with an eclectic group of characters, including the token bad guy played by Peter Greene. Billy gets in touch with Buford, who rushes to the scene thinking the two of them can surely somehow profit from the baby. Things have changed, as Billy has now grown fond of the little bundle of joy. As if his hands aren't full enough, he also finds himself developing a strong attachment to his coffee shop sweetheart, who belongs to the aforementioned trailer park bully.

    Again, I've never gotten to see this one, so this is a very wild guess.