I need topics people ..any suggestions?

  1. HudeieG profile image60
    HudeieGposted 7 years ago

    I need topics people ..any suggestions?

    I have been asked to write about personal stories because people like things they can relate to and I'm just wondering if there are any topics others would like to hear my opinion on.

  2. dl53acy profile image72
    dl53acyposted 7 years ago

    1) Would you invite your Ex over for the holidays?
    2) Where are all the good men these days?
    3) Who do you have a crush on?
    4) Do you like Poetry?
    5) Any interest in what's ging on in the world today?
    6) A religious quote or sermon you've heard and want to talk about.
    7) Are you interested in any fashion of some sort?
    8) Want to share your favorite special recipe?
    9) Do you write short stories such as fiction or nonfiction stories that entail child abuse, a young adult that strung out on crack (Drugs), a struggling family that hits rock bottom due to our depressed economy, a relationship that is struggling, a young kid trying to cope in a new enviroment, an absent parent, a woman struggling with cancer, a girl who is obsessed with eating (Eating disorder) anorexia, or write about some place you've been or would like to go.  The list can go on and on just be creative and use your imagination.  Also you can pick from topics to write about if there is anything there that interest you there. Good luck!

  3. gail641 profile image67
    gail641posted 5 years ago

    You could write about pets, health. history and world events, fashion, relationships, family, ancient history, movies that you've seen or are going to see, TV Shows, and people. People (famous or otherwise) would be a good subject matter to write about. Recipes are another good topic. There's a lot of topics to write about. Comedy is a good topic, for example sitcoms, or any show that is funny.