What is a good product to use to make an actor's face green?

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    xxfourthelementposted 7 years ago

    What is a good product to use to make an actor's face green?

    I'm working on a film project, and one character turns green.  It's a parody, but we still want the green skin to look at least a little realistic.  What type of product should we use to color his skin on-screen?

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    nirbarposted 7 years ago

    I have some tips to get the same.....


      - 2 Tbsp cornstarch
      - 1 Tbsp solid shortening (cooking shortening)
      - food color drops - don't use too much because it can stain the face.

    Mix the first two ingredients.  One batch is enough to cover a child's face -- the recipe can easily be doubled. 

    To make different colors, divide the white makeup into small portions on old margarine container lids.  Add drops of food coloring (a bit at a time) and stir with a plastic spoon or popsicle stick.

    Apply makeup to the skin using fingers, cotton balls, makeup sponges or even clean paint brushes.

    After applying makeup pat the skin gently with baby powder (use cotton balls or makeup sponges).

    and now the main thing --  Green Color :

    - Make a full batch of icky green (green + a smidge of red should do it) to cover a witch's face.
    - Make a very, very light green for a forest fairy or sprite.
    - Also good for many pokemon (squirtle, for example)

    this are the tips to make green face... hope you will find this helpful...