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How many movies you can remember?

  1. sarovai profile image76
    sarovaiposted 8 years ago

    Some movies, never come out from our mind. Name some of the movies.

    1. Kadmiels profile image54
      Kadmielsposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Dazed and confused smile

  2. Gennifer profile image61
    Genniferposted 8 years ago

    I adore the film of Russian director Mikhalkov "12"!! I even dedicated a hub to this film; it's really a film that is worth watching! smile


    1. sarovai profile image76
      sarovaiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Hello gennifer, welcome. I read the Hub.The hub shows, your concentration in each and every part of movie. I hope such a kind of person only comment of film.

  3. profile image0
    \Brenda Scullyposted 8 years ago

    The film Notebook made a lasting impression on me ...... it's a good film

    1. sarovai profile image76
      sarovaiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Hi brenda, I thought of no of films.

  4. thranax profile image53
    thranaxposted 8 years ago

    The Lion King was my favorite classic Disney movie.

    Pirates of the Caribbean was my favorite pirate movie.

    Borat was my favorite random movie.

    G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra was the last movie I seen.

    I can remember a lot of movies for some reason.


    1. sarovai profile image76
      sarovaiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Can you brief, the some reasons.

  5. chrissie123 profile image60
    chrissie123posted 8 years ago

    Obsessed lol I really liked it and it brought a new meaning to crazy bitch lol XD

  6. William F. Torpey profile image76
    William F. Torpeyposted 8 years ago

    Gunga Din (1939)

    In my opinion one of the top five movies ever made. It was based on Damon Runyon's epic poem.

    If you'd like to know more about it, here's the URL for a hub a did a while back:


    1. profile image0
      sneakorocksolidposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Gunga Din!? Gunga Din!? E-mail me your address I'll send you a movie. Gunga Din!?

      1. William F. Torpey profile image76
        William F. Torpeyposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Have you seen Gunga Din? There's none better! Today's movies are too psychedelic for me. I get dizzy watching all those scene changes every two seconds. I'll stick to the movies they made in the Golden Age of Hollywood when they knew how to make them. Thanks.

  7. Luciendasky profile image73
    Luciendaskyposted 8 years ago

    I like Amelie. It always makes me smile

  8. Colebabie profile image59
    Colebabieposted 8 years ago

    Invisible Children: The Rough Cut
    & Shark Water

  9. A2shley profile image57
    A2shleyposted 8 years ago

    I always remember "Jaws".  I was a kid when I first saw it and have seen it probably a hundred times since. The line "We're gonna need a bigger boat" is priceless.  The best statement of the obvious I have ever heard in a movie.

  10. profile image0
    Crazdwriterposted 8 years ago

    Newsies is the most memorable movie for myself and one of my best friends. kick butt movie/musical. We can sing the songs and say lines from it too. it's classic!

  11. dohn121 profile image82
    dohn121posted 8 years ago

    Forrest Gump definitely comes to mind.  It's got one of the best soundtracks ever, cataloging the best American music of the 50's, 60's and 70's.  Of course it also showcases every single important event during that same time period.  Awesome.

  12. profile image0
    sneakorocksolidposted 8 years ago

    There is only one movie that matters the rest are pookie! The only movie that matters is 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly'! The rest are just average.

  13. profile image0
    Ghost32posted 8 years ago

    Plenty memory-stickers, but the first such was African Queen.  I was six, we didn't get to go to the theater very often, they had all-day grape suckers (lollipops) that sometimes allowed you to win a second such...and as far as the movie itself was concerned, the leeches were awesome.

  14. sarovai profile image76
    sarovaiposted 8 years ago

    I like and remember comedy movies only; I do not like action movies.

  15. forlan profile image59
    forlanposted 8 years ago

    thousand perhaps but I like In front of the class

  16. tuffturf profile image55
    tuffturfposted 8 years ago

    I am a movie fanatic.  If I had to choose one movie off the top of my head it would have to be 12 Monkeys which a lot of people didn't like.  It's one of those movies that makes you think and it brings up the constant debate of time travel.  Can you ever truly change the past, or have whatever you decided already made the future what it will be so you can therefore never truly change the past?  Boggles the mind.  Almost as much as the ending of that film.  I won't ruin it to those who haven't seen it.  If you like movies, please check out my main hub. 

  17. AEvans profile image80
    AEvansposted 8 years ago

    The Notebook, Under The Tuscan Sun, Mama Mia', Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke, Diary of A Mad Black Woman, I can do bad all by myself, My Fair Lady I can list more if you wish. smile

  18. donotfear profile image88
    donotfearposted 8 years ago

    Older movies tend to make a lasting impression on me. I most remember Westward the Women! Wow, awesome movie. Then there was To Kill a Mockingbird, another movie that made a lasting impression.  And I'll never forget Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window"....ooooooohhh. that was scary, then The Birds. I could go on and on, but won't.

    1. sarovai profile image76
      sarovaiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      hello donotfear
      how many times you saw the same movie? Is it different occassion or continued way? Some people are crazy to watch their favourite movie everyday basis.