Best source for downloading mp3 music tracks?

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  1. dennismays profile image56
    dennismaysposted 8 years ago

    Best source for downloading mp3 music tracks?

    Just wondering, since I need to get some new cool music, what's the best place  I could go to download mp3 music tracks?

    I know I can just stream and listen online to tons of music on all sorts of music streaming sites and web radios but I also like to download mp3 music for easy listening when I am on the go.

    Any fresh ideas on this whole music thing?

  2. profile image65
    Megan's Thoughtsposted 8 years ago

    if you have an android phone, you should download the gtunes music downloads, and u can put them on your computer, and into your itunes also if you have an ipod.

  3. laarnoi profile image60
    laarnoiposted 8 years ago


    Learn to play guitar with ease and passion visit or you can also search in here: … ioncentre/

  4. profile image51
    tuckerlissaposted 8 years ago

    Dunno if there's something like the best source from where to download mp3 music tracks, it's pretty subjective cause not everyone likes the same music genre or artist or places that let you download mp3s.

    Guess amazon is a good place to start  if you wanna  find and download mp3 music songs to your hard disk, noticed a lot of people use this one.

    There are also on the web a lot of sites that let you download mp3 tracks legally I think; just google up download mp3 music or something like this.

  5. profile image50
    darylsjeepposted 8 years ago

    Best source to download mp3 music tracks?

    Plenty of mp3 music downloads sites round the internet, if you ask me, just look here for example: … +mp3+music

    Think there are some music streaming services that let you stream music on the go even on mobile devices,without the need to download mp3 tracks from them.

    Just get yourself one of these online music streaming subscriptions and you don't have to worry about mp3 downloads anymore, at least that's what I'd do.

  6. dennismays profile image56
    dennismaysposted 8 years ago

    Well I see, thank you for the suggestions on sources for mp3 music downloads so far guys.

    @Megan well thanks for the tip on the free mp3 music downloads, don't have an android phone but will keep it in mind if I get one.

    @laarnoi Myeah, knew about that one but I was thinking to stick only to legal sources from where to get or download mp3 music tracks, don't wanna mess up my computer right now.

    I know it's rather subjective to ask for the best place to get or download mp3 music tracks since not everyone likes the same thing as me, but nonetheless it's a good start to find out some new mp3 music downloads sources that I might have missed till now.

  7. irenevie profile image56
    irenevieposted 8 years ago

    Are you interested only in downloading mp3 music tracks?

    What I mean is that downloading mp3 music is not the only way to listen to new music, you can always go the online streaming sites or web radios music streaming stations  listening or anything like this.

    Plenty of web streaming radios on the internet that stream  a large selection of music, think you can also find a couple of sites that round up web streaming radio stations according to genre for easier access.

    I guess this is worth a shot as well.

  8. mellvineblu profile image54
    mellvinebluposted 8 years ago

    I subscribe to the internet music streaming radio stations suggestion as well, there a  lot of online radios on the internet that are quite good plus you can find all kinds of music genres on web radios.

    There are also a couple of website that gather streaming radio stations from all around the web in their database for easier access, shoutcast is one of they.

    Think they must have more than 45,000 web radios in the database. As for the getting mp3 tracks on mobile, think there's a winamp app for the android that lets you stream shoutcast radios straight on the mobile.

    If u have some android mobile, should be a good option besides having to download and transfer mp3 tracks to cell phone.

  9. profile image51
    krissmissposted 8 years ago

    +1 from me for internet music streaming radio stations, way cooler than running round downloading mp3s from everywhere.

    You can look at it this way: tons and tons of online streaming radios on the web plus these days even regular radio has an online streaming version of their broadcast for easier access so you can't miss any of the favorite shows or music or whatever else you'd like to listen on the radio.

    Think besides shoutcast, there's also that has quite a large database with online radio stations.Bet you can also find some apps for the cell that let you stream music online straight on it.

  10. profile image48
    sidnelsontheoneposted 8 years ago

    Think I can also help you with an idea that can help you solve the problem with mp3 music downloads.

    Since web streaming radios can be an excellent source for new music from almost any genre possible but not every web radio station can be streamed directly on the cell or not everyone has a fancy phone that can handle web radio streaming and apps for streaming online radio, one solution that would still let you get new mp3 music downloads would be to record web radios streaming.

    Can be quite efficient, there's an Audials little proggy that I use for the job for example: … party.html

    This one works as a stream recorder and can capture, record and convert internet streaming radios music to mp3 tracks and save then to your computer without any issues and in excellent quality.

    Easy to use plus you get the chance to download all the mp3 music you would ever need simply by recording web radios.

    Worth a shot, I for one use it almost every day to get favorite music from the web.

    As long as you don't share the music anywhere and keep it for yourself, should do wonders for you

  11. irfan470 profile image60
    irfan470posted 2 years ago

    Here are few sources for downloading mp3 music tracks Music  |  |  |


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