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Hot n Sexy Frogs. Mostly Wet Ones :)

  1. frogdropping profile image83
    frogdroppingposted 8 years ago

    Get 'em while they're wet. Hot n sexy froggy babes (I'm assuming they're babes) and even better - all still have their legs attached big_smile

    http://www.artuproar.com/uploads/skins/previews_m/froggyy.jpg Great tongue action smile


    http://surpriseme.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/kissing-frogs.jpg Uuuuaaaaa! Rated R for Ribbit!

  2. tantrum profile image60
    tantrumposted 8 years ago

    lol lol lol

    1. emievil profile image80
      emievilposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I second that lol. ROFL lol

  3. Eaglekiwi profile image80
    Eaglekiwiposted 8 years ago

    Hottie of the Month for sure lol

  4. Misha profile image73
    Mishaposted 8 years ago

    Soooo cute lol

    1. frogdropping profile image83
      frogdroppingposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Cute? CUTE? I took at least 3 minutes hunting for the most hot and happening froggies it was possible to find.

      In three minutes big_smilebig_smile

  5. emievil profile image80
    emievilposted 8 years ago

    Hey froggy, I don't think I can eat frog's legs anymore. When I see one, I'll remember these cool pics big_smile

  6. RooBee profile image76
    RooBeeposted 8 years ago

    Oh, yeah. Hot Frog shots!! lol lol

  7. Jane@CM profile image60
    Jane@CMposted 8 years ago

    Adorable.  Gotta love the hot sexy photos big_smile

  8. profile image0
    rednckwmnposted 8 years ago

    My ceramic frog coffee container is jealous...

  9. profile image0
    lynnechandlerposted 8 years ago


  10. frogdropping profile image83
    frogdroppingposted 8 years ago

    Don't be showing these pics around Red! You'll set the house alight - these are seriously the hottest frogs I could find in 180 seconds!

    Right I'm off back to work. Some of us are not yet tinterweb millionaires and have to work harder than others big_smile

  11. mayhmong profile image66
    mayhmongposted 8 years ago

    Who knows, one of them could turn out to be the frog prince?!

  12. profile image0
    Janettaposted 8 years ago

    oh baby big_smile

  13. elisabethkcmo profile image76
    elisabethkcmoposted 8 years ago

    so what happens if you lick one of these frogs?

  14. lrohner profile image82
    lrohnerposted 8 years ago

    Aaaah, but are they hot, sexy Indian frogs? (No offense to the Indian folks in general -- just the photo spammers at large.)

  15. shamelabboush profile image69
    shamelabboushposted 8 years ago

    They are all cute smile

  16. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 8 years ago

    O FD lol that *ONE* of you smooching shouldn't be in public wink they are adoreable , lol

  17. shibashake profile image87
    shibashakeposted 8 years ago

    Love that first armpit-expose, tongue picture. Definitely gets my vote.

    The second one is very disturbing. Something about the hair and the white undies.

    The last one is very sweet, but points taken off for no armpits big_smile