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What is the best anime or manga for a 10 year old boy?

  1. GinnyLee profile image92
    GinnyLeeposted 6 years ago

    What is the best anime or manga for a 10 year old boy?

  2. teikounosenshi profile image61
    teikounosenshiposted 6 years ago

    There's plenty of kid-appropriate manga and anime available, the question would be best answered depending on the boy's interests. For example, my nephew, who's about the same age, would love a good sci-fi manga (can't think of any titles offhand, unfortunately) because of his love of astrology and science.
    My recommendation would be to look on amazon.com first by type (genre) and then by age group. They're pretty good at sorting such things.
    Another good place to look would be manga publisher sites such as Darkhorse or Tokyopop, since they do sort by genre and age usually. Then you have to take into account that something appropriate for a Japanese 10-year-old is usually translated for an older audience here in the states.
    Unfortunately, there really isn't a solid answer anyone else can offer to this question, since as I said it depends on the boy's interests. If he likes board games, a good one might be "Hikaru no Go." I haven't gone looking to see if that one's made it as an anime, but it's an interesting manga that includes a little Japanese history, since "Go" a chess-like game traditional in Japan.
    Anime is something that could easily be figured out through, again, publishers. Viz entertainment did a number of anime frequently for kids. The same for Pioneer and Dic. It's a matter of you doing the research based on his interests.

  3. liquidpanorama profile image59
    liquidpanoramaposted 6 years ago

    there are so many good series out there but like teikounosenshi says it depends on your kid's interests. i don't know many who did not like something like naruto, bleach and one piece. my nephew, who is now 14, loves them. they are all manga and there are anime out for them as well. its my personal preference to have manga whenever possible. if your kid likes sports i would highly recommend hajime no ippo. its a boxing manga. i hate boxing but i decided to give it a chance and was not disappointed. i have heard prince of tennis is good but was never inclined to read it since tennis in real life sucks to me lol...flame of recca and marchen awakens romance may also be good choices. they are favorites of mine anyway.

  4. MoiraCrochets profile image82
    MoiraCrochetsposted 6 years ago

    For me Naruto and One Piece are great anime for 10 year old boys. I can highly recommend both because I read them and I love the values that they teach such as "Home is where someone waits for you" (from Naruto Shipudden) and "I want to be free!" (from One Piece).

    These anime could be tearjerkers at times. But both are very great as guides to a young mind about what matters most in life.

  5. alwaysmarbella profile image61
    alwaysmarbellaposted 8 months ago

    Dragon Ball is great and teaches friendship, never to surrender, family importance, and that with hard job everything is possible

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    FoldingOperatorposted 4 months ago

    Recently I have been thinking a lot about Big-O! Don't ask why.. it's music related but I think a 10 year old boy could relate a lot of the story's protagonist with Bruce Wayne. Plus the music!

  7. Ravi Rox profile image61
    Ravi Roxposted 3 months ago

    i prefer manga to watch

    manga has best cartoons in its network and all cartoons from manga are the best