What historical story or incidence inspired you the most?

  1. LailaK profile image76
    LailaKposted 5 years ago

    What historical story or incidence inspired you the most?

  2. conradofontanilla profile image82
    conradofontanillaposted 5 years ago

    The Philippine revolution of 1896 has inspired me the most. The Filipinos staged a revolution against Spain, the erstwhile colonizer. It was spearheaded by the poor led by Andres Bonifacio, a plebeian. We had already gained our independence, we were installing a government when the Americans snapped our independence with a ruse of purchasing the Philippines from Spain. Spain could not have sold what it had already lost. The Americans were then expanding, toward Asia in an spate of imperialism and annexed the Philippines as jumping board to the great market of China. We have regained our independence from America in 1946 but has remained a neocolony as per design of the U.S. The Philippine revolution of 1896 continue to inspires us. Today, the United States has its dream come true of making China its market since 1900. But China has awakened from its slumber in the hands of the West and is now competing as world economic power.

  3. mtd profile image59
    mtdposted 5 years ago

    After Christ, I'd have to say Anne Frank.