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What are some TV series that are very similar to 'Fringe'?

  1. BritInTexas profile image75
    BritInTexasposted 5 years ago

    What are some TV series that are very similar to 'Fringe'?

    I've fallen in love with Fringe!  It has taken this long for my husband and I to watch the last 3 seasons, and now we're on the last one, I want to find another series that's very similar.  Something that has an on-going storyline (not predictable shows like Bones, or CSI) - something 'nitty gritty'!  Any suggestions?  I don't mind re-runs!


  2. brittanytodd profile image92
    brittanytoddposted 5 years ago

    The X-Files and some episodes of the Twilight Zone have similar aspects to them.  I love Fringe too!  I also really enjoyed Lost, which was created by the same producer as Fringe, JJ Abrams.

    1. BritInTexas profile image75
      BritInTexasposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks Brittany, yes, I watched the X-files years ago, from start to finish, and loved it!  Not as keen on Twilight Zone, though.  As for Fringe, I am just so in love with Walter! (not romantically, lol).  He rocks!

  3. charliecrews38 profile image89
    charliecrews38posted 4 years ago

    i was in the same position trying to find shows like fringe after it finished, i love fringe and lost and any shows that keep you excited for next week and hanging on for more, i agree with you about walter, i love the australians on the show, if you are still looking for something very similar to fringe i would recommend trying a 90s show called nowhere man and another show called john doe from 2002, they have mystery, conspiracy and sci-fi, to be honest i don't think you will find anything quite like fringe that mixes human stories with great sc-fi elements, yet