Will the internet replace the television or will the TV soon replace the interne

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  1. flashmakeit profile image62
    flashmakeitposted 9 years ago

    Will the internet replace the television or will the TV soon replace the internet?

  2. WryLilt profile image88
    WryLiltposted 9 years ago

    I usually watch missed TV shows on the internet - usually when they're on TV I have a screaming child or have to go out, so the internet is easier.

  3. Mitch Alan profile image82
    Mitch Alanposted 9 years ago

    I think that with the advent of smart tablets and smart TVs we will see a shift to these two interfaces and away from more traditional computers...to an extent. I think more people will begin to watch media on tablets and surf the web on smart TVs. As these two mediums continue to evolve and expand we will see more people move away from traditional PCs. Smart TVs and Window based tablets are in their infancy, but will quickly take market share from PCs and standard TV.

  4. Laura Schneider profile image89
    Laura Schneiderposted 8 years ago

    As with most technologies, I don't think that the "new" internet/computer technologies will replace the television any time soon. After all, records, tapes, and CDs didn't replace the radio, and neither did the TV. And, importantly, none of the above have replaced physical or electronic books (I hope that never becomes the case)!

    Some technologies that WERE replaced (or nearly completely replaced)  in recent decades by newer technology: LED-screen calculators, laser discs, 8-track tapes, Super 8s, manually lit stoves and furnaces (electronic ignition is the current way), manually winding watches, carpet beaters (by vacuum cleaners), stoves and microwave ovens live happily together now, etc. One on the way out: incandescent lightbulbs, in favor of compact fluorescents which in turn are being replaced almost immediately by the brighter and more earth-friendy and safe LED bulbs.

    Rarely does a technology replace, completely, its predecessor. Over time, they settle into a general relationship that works for each person (cooking in the microwave versus on the stove, for example, is a personal choice). One that has totally replaced another, however, (with the exception of the Amish) is the replacement of horse-and-buggy travel with car/truck/bicycle/ motorcycle/other vehicle travel.

    Cordless products are also replacing their corded siblings as battery technology, in terms of strength, size, weight, and especially power output and longevity, improves. Soon they will have not only kinetic (arm movement-winding) watches but ones that can recharge from the tiny amounts of electricity in your skin.


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