Why beauty becomes general, when in fact is personal?

  1. kknde profile image60
    kkndeposted 4 years ago

    Why beauty becomes general, when in fact is personal?

    By having a lot o advertisement around us, the beauty definition is done by the advertisers and in my opinion this should be a personal opinion

  2. Martin VK profile image75
    Martin VKposted 4 years ago

    We are free to maintain our personal opinion, but it is true that media affects us, and that we can hardly deny how it influences our idea of beauty. For me, it makes sense to look at two different kinds of beauty: The subjective beauty which is not only often very different from the ideals, but also relies on personality. By getting to know someone, their beauty and their outer appearance suddenly seems to change. The "objective beauty" is nothing but an idea of average properties of a human, for example a small nose, round eyes, long hair and clear skin - however this is a very uninteresting kind of beauty, and it hardly deserves to be called beauty - it is often very expressionless in itself (but does of course not have to be)