What about krull? Any opinions?

  1. brimancandy profile image81
    brimancandyposted 8 years ago

    I saw this movie a long time ago. I think Krull was very inventive for it's time. The mountain that could move to a different location at a certain time of the day, the unusual creatures. and, those disgusting creatures that could assume any form.

    Even though some of the costumes could have been less corny, I think it had a very good story. If they were to remake this movie using todays special effects, I think people would probably want to see it.

    What's your opinion?

    1. GUNDERSTONE profile image78
      GUNDERSTONEposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I remember watching it many years ago; it was a little confusing to follow at times but I enjoyed it just the same.

      I would agree that if the story was updated for today's audiences and with more current special effects that it would be worth seeing again.

      I am not sure if it would be a smash in the theaters (it wasn't the first time around) but for SyFy to remake it or perhaps a direct tot DVD release it might have a good following.

  2. bat115 profile image77
    bat115posted 7 years ago

    It was an alright movie. was there a line of toys released with the film? I would have loved to own a few of those figures. I have the marvel comic book adaptation