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brimancandy profile image

Brian (brimancandy)

Joined 8 years ago from Northern Michigan




I am a 52 year old man from Michigan. I am interested in being a writer. I have been interested in writing since I was in grade school, and have written many short stories since then. I also recently became a published writer of adult fiction at another website. And, I also have a few short videos on as Brimancandy.

I am somewhat of an artist. I do mostly pencil drawings as a hobby, and, I also dabble in cartoons. I am fairly creative in that area, and I might look into being a cartoonist in a field that interests me. I am also interested in creating those funny t-shirts, and getting into things like greeting cards and novelties.

My hobbies include: walking on the beach at Lake Michigan, and watching the sunset, I also love visiting amusement parks and riding roller coasters. I enjoy swimming, bike riding, and camping. I also like going to various events, concerts, fairs, and art festivals. I really enjoy being around lots of people who are interested in what I am interested in.... makes for great conversation.

My future hubs may include: travel, music reviews, movie reviews, and reviews on television shows. For example.

Lady Ga Gas latest CD. is excellent

Adam Lamberts Latest CD is excellent

KISS Monster CD is Great!

Recent Movies:


This is probably one of the most creative movies I have seen in a long time. It is visually stunning, and a great story. The more I watched it the more it hit home with what our government was doing around the world under the Bush administration, making up excuses and trying to use the american people to get sympathy as an excuse to attack a nation. Just as this operation duped scientists into believing that the powers above wanted to relocate the inhabitants of this world, when all they were really doing was looking for an entrance strategy to take what they wanted and leave. Sound familiar?

I have been a member of hubpages for a couple years now. I hope you are enjoying what I have written so far!

If you would like to visit some of my other sites, I would love it if you would stop by

You can now find me on Ebay. my username on Ebay is Briguydude69_8 if you doe a goodle search for my user name you will find my sales. Thanks!

News: As of February 2012, I have relocated to northern Michigan to live with my mom and brother. Hard times have left me with no money to continue living in the city. So, my writing will be put on hold due to lack of high speed internet access. (I have a dial up connection and it SUCKS!!)

But, that will not stop me from writing. I still have access to a computer, and printer. So, as soon as I can get access to better internet, I will add a few new hubs as soon as I can. That's if my luck holds out. and I come into some money, or find a rich husband!! LOL!! Until then, back to the old drawing board. I'm thinking tie-dye t-shirts!!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I am also a member of Redage. People have been commenting on my photos, so I have decided to join this site and post them there. It is a pretty cool place, where you can also earn money.

I would be happy if you want to check it out.

2016 update.

I have not updated my profile in a long time. Some things have happened in my family since 2012. The most important news is that my mom and my brother Dennis both passed away. My brother died in April of 2012, and my mom died in April of 2014. To make matters worse, my sister Linda followed my mom in November of 2014.

I am currently living alone in my mom's house, with complicated issues that may end up leaving me homeless. So please visit as many of my pages as you can. I have my own health issues, and I am currently getting state disability.

If you can help, please visit my youtube page, by searching youtube for Brimancandy. My donation video is on the list. I have older videos there as well.

2017 Update. I lost my mom's house this year, and I am now couch surfing at friends houses until I can save up money to get another place to live. If anyone would like to help me out, I have a paypal account, if you want to donate to help me get back on my feet.

Thanks for looking!

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    5 years ago

    This is a photo of me at work, making gourmet pizza at a former employer. This is a job I had for over 8 years, and I learned how to make many different kinds of pizza. I was told by many of my customers that I made the best pizzas they ever had!



    5 years ago

    Queer camping is a very social event. On the big event weekends, someone will host a party, where all campers are welcome. A good place to meet your fellow campers, and socialize. Well to be honest, there is no such thing as queer camping. But,...



    5 years ago

    I wasn't planning on writing a new hub, but since I could not add this video to my Gay Questions, Gay Answers hub, I decided to write one anyways. And, what a better subject than gay pride celebrations themselves, and how you can get involved. If...



    5 years ago

    Since I joined Hubpages 3 years ago, I have been active in the forums, and reading about what most people think is important to them. One of those subjects is issues and questions for gay men. Some lead to an interesting debate about those...

  • Top 10 Gay Themed Movies & Films

    Top 10 Gay Themed Movies & Films

    5 years ago

    If you have read any of my other hubs, you know that most are pretty descriptive, and I am involved with every topic I submit. So, I have no problem being somewhat informative when it comes to movie reviews. However, at this point I just want to get...

  • Donating Money To Charity: My Story

    Donating Money To Charity: My Story

    2 years ago

     I started this hub with the idea that I was going to write an informative article on my personal experience with donating to charity, and, how hard I am trying to keep myself from being the next person on the street. However, the more I wrote,...

  • A Lazy Man's Guide To Walking: Saugatuck

    A Lazy Man's Guide To Walking: Saugatuck

    5 years ago

    Let me start off this hub by mentioning that I am not in any way involved with the health care system. I have never been on a diet, or cared a big deal about my weight. This is just some basic information to get you off you butt, and do something...

  • Monsters! What scares you 2!

    Monsters! What scares you 2!

    5 years ago

    Just thought I would add a photo to this hub. I have monsters on the brain! I created this creature with the "Spore" Creature creator. One thing I learned about being a writer, is that you have to do something to get a readers attention....

  • Music Reviews: KISS Sonic Boom

    Music Reviews: KISS Sonic Boom

    5 years ago

    This is the KISS set from the 1996 REUNION tour, when the original 4 member of KISS decided to get back together and tour the world. It was an Awesome show! I kind of debated about doing a review of the latest release by the newly reformed...

  • Monsters! What scares you?

    Monsters! What scares you?

    5 years ago

    looks like Zombies are coming. Wait, maybe they're just dancing. They're drunk! Looks like the press has found images of the dismembered, being made ready for further clue hunting. You didn't investigate! Now Johnny's dead! We have all watched...

  • Music Reviews: Adam Lambert

    Music Reviews: Adam Lambert

    6 years ago

    Are you an Adam Lambert fan? Check out Brimancandy's review of Adams recent "For Your Entertainment" CD. Includes track list, and a few Adam Lambert videos. I aslo recommend that you get "Glam Nation Live" Adam's lastest CD and Live Concert DVD!

  • Music Reviews: Lady Gaga

    Music Reviews: Lady Gaga

    5 years ago

    Here it is, all you have wanted to know about Lady Gaga's recent Fame Monster CD, including track list in order of favorites, as well as videos of same great Lady Gaga live performances.